DKC – Chapter 1365

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Chapter 1365 – Returned as a king (5)

Mo family didn’t take Li Yaoyao back to Mo family, rather, they sent her back to Jade Lake’s Li family. Because at that time, Li Yaoyao’s situation was very bad, if she was to die in Mo family’s people’s hands, then it might have caused a huge misunderstanding between Li family and Mo family.

Actually, Mo family’s people really wanted to kill Li Yaoyao on the spot, so like this, wouldn’t Mo family be the only people who knew that Su Luo’s blood had the ability to revive the dead from human bones?

However, don’t know what Li Yaoyao had said that made their heart shake in fear, not daring to lift a hand against her. Finally, they obediently sent her back to Jade Lake’s Li family.

Li Yaoyao was seriously hurt.

Although Nangong Liuyun’s hit didn’t kill her directly, but it did cause severe internal damage to her heart and lungs.

Since returning to Jade Lake’s Li family, Li Yaoyao directly sunk into a coma and still hadn’t woken up yet.

Time passed gradually, this several dozen days, Jade Lake family’s group of elders had continuously used their spirit energy to restore her severely damaged body. With all three elders’ strength, they were finally able to stabilize her body.

Only, from today forward, Li Yaoyao’s body was still wasted. She couldn’t cultivate and couldn’t use force to fight again. Every winter, she would cough up blood non-stop.

Jade Lake’s Li family’s little princess was originally an alarmingly brillant gifted talent, now, she not only had become a waste at cultivation, moreover, she was even a sick, good-for-nothing waste.

After Li Yaoyao woke up, she almost broke down.

She locked herself in her room and cried loudly. She cried until she was dizzy and the sky turned black, then she fainted.

After three days, Li Yaoyao opened the door to her room.

The her right now had already restored her calm again.

“I want to see Father.” Li Yaoyao’s tone carried deep hatred.

As she wanted, Li Yaoyao met her father.

Li Yaoyuan looked at his daughter before him, a faint feeling of doting and regret flashing through his heart. For a short while, there was silence between father and daughter. Because after this, Li Yaoyuan’s talented daughter, from now on, could not enjoy the resources from the family anymore. Originally, she was held in the center of everyone’s palm and lifted up high in the position of princess, now, it was also far away from her.

From far up high to fall into the dirt, this was what she was about to face. Moreover, it was a plight she would have to face for the rest of her life.

“Father, I only want to tell you one thing.” Li Yaoyao raised her hand to stop Li Yaoyuan from opening his mouth to say some words of comfort.

“If you have any requests, do not hesitate to say so. This father will do his best to satisfy you.” Li Yaoyuan sighed. As head of the family, he also had things he had no choice but to do. From now on, he could only search for someone to marry her off to.

“Father, daughter has no other requests. This daughter only wants to tell you one thing.” Li Yaoyao stood there, her body was like a soaring sharp sword, moreover, it was a poisonous snow sword!

“What do you want to say?” Li Yaoyuan casually asked without any expectations.

“Father, Su Luo obtained the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort.” Li yaoyao’s tone was unprecedentedly calm, her thin lips were pursed into a white line, and her eyes flickered with malicious hatred. The fists clenched at her side were so tight that her knuckles bones became white.

“Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort?” Li Yaoyuan couldn’t respond for a split second.

“Honorable Father, could it be you still don’t know? Su Luo ate the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, so her blood… “ Li Yaoyao’s lips curled into a twisted, sinister and horrible smirk.

Su Luo, now, I’m already a waste, I can’t kill you, but everyone under the sky might not necessarily be unable to kill you!

The you right now has become a moving treasured spirit medicine, not only capable of bring the dead back to life from bones, but also capable of prolonging a person’s life oh. After a person who cultivates drinks the blood, their cultivation levels could be promoted… such a miraculous blood ah. Li Yaoayo’s smile became more brilliant and dazzling.

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    oh this b*tch! She doesn’t even need cultivation skills or what not, as long as she opens her dirty mouth she could just anger someone to death. How could someone from a high family be so freaking disgusting? Guess she learned it from her family and ancestors. Why couldn’t she have been raped then get her tongue cut out then get her face scarred then get sold into slavery. That’s more fitting for her than being a princess. How is her family not ashamed of her? Oh wait that’s cause they have no shame. Their face is so thick that they use it to build a wall to keep in all their delusions!
    Seriously this book is giving me anger issues

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