DKC – Chapter 1364

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Chapter 1364 – Returned as a king (4)

“Since there’s no way to be certain, then don’t speak without thinking.” Nangong Liuyun sent him an indifferent glance, and picked up Su Luo’s hand, “Let’s go home.”

Su Luo speechlessly touched her nose. Nangong Liuyun was too much, why did it feel as if he was targeting Senior Brother Zi Ran?

In fact, Su Luo never thought that when Nangong Liuyun knew that during the two years on the Cloud Mist Peak, from the start, it was Zi Ran who personally instructed her, this jar of vinegar became bent against Zi Ran.

“Wait, wait.” Su Luo pulled her hand from within Nangong Liuyun’s large palm, she pulled Xuanyuan Rong over and said to Zi Ran, “Senior Brother living on the Cloud Mist Peak doesn’t even have a single person to talk to. Let this girl stay here and be your housemaid.”

“This Miss… huh, seems to be Northern Mo’s third princess?” Ziran did have some good eyesight, at one glance, he was able to recognize Xuanyuan Rong’s identity, and Zi Ran speechlessly smiled, “Little Junior Sister, you really are extravagant ah, how could Northern Mo’s third princess be a housemaid?”

If it was to go according to one’s status in the world, Su Luo was only a daughter birthed by a concubine from Su family, seeing this princess, she should have kneeled.

At this time, a confused expression flashed across Third Princess’s face, she held on tightly to Su Luo’s hand: “Master, I beg you not to abandon Rong Rong.”

“Ma-master…..” Ziran almost bit his own tongue. Northern Mo’s third princess really just called his home’s little junior sister ‘master’? Wouldn’t Northern Mo’s people go mad about this?

If Zi Ran knew that not only Northern Mo’s third princess, even Central Palace’s elder ancestor followed by Su Luo’s side to be her hired thug, wouldn’t he get a heart attack from being frightened? Out of consideration for his health, Su Luo didn’t bring out Ancestor Mo.

“Senior Brother, I’m handing Xuanyuan Rong over to you, she is an ice and light system mage ah. You should look in Master’s library to see if there are any useful secret books, pick a few useful ones and teach her as you please. There’s no need to be polite.” Su Luo said in a very casual tone.

Zi Ran looked at Su Luo speechlessly.

This girl was still pretending to be innocent after having gotten an advantage ah, those secret books in Master’s study, take it out to the mundane world, which one of those books wouldn’t cause all experts in the martial arts world to rain blood, with the wind carrying its taste? She said it so easily, casually pick some that are useful to teach, and don’t be polite…

“Master…” Third Princess’s face was sullen and her eyes were tearful.

Ever since she took the Mind Pill, Third Princess’s heart only had Su Luo, this master, the rest of the people, in her eyes, were no different than bodies that could only move.

“Be obedient, stay here and cultivate with Senior Brother. When you have reached the eighth rank, then I’ll take you down the mountain.” Su Luo smilingly patted Third Princess’s head. She nurtured this girl, wasn’t to really use her as a housemaid. Rather, she wanted to make a big move in the chess game, naturally, she couldn’t say it now.

Third Princess realized that matters were already like this, so she could only silently accept the reality.

After handing Third Princess over to Senior Brother Zi Ran, Su Luos’ group of people went down the mountain majestically.

The Dragon Scaled Horse quickly sped towards Eastern Ling’s imperial capital.

At the same time, a matter that was unfavorable for Su Luo was just quietly taking place.

At that day when Li Yaoyao used the teleportation rock to run out from the Nine Different Palace Halls, she had directly sunk into a coma. However, it was the so-called good people don’t live long, scourges stay for millennium. Li Yaoyao was a typical model of a scourge, a cockroach that refused to die no matter what.

Although she was unconscious in a coma, her luck was so good as to defy the natural order. She just so happened to be picked up by people from the Mo family who were passing by.

Li Yaoyao used Su Luo’s blood’s secret as a bargaining price and obtained their assistance.

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