DKC – Chapter 1340

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Chapter 1340 – A freak combination of factors (6)

Zi Yan was also depressed to the extreme: “Don’t curse the Heavens, in case it becomes unhappy and gives you another freak accident. At that time, it’ll certainly be tragic oh.”

“What you said is also right.” Beichen Ying readily followed good advice, with a glance behind his body, he was scared into jumping by those soldiers chasing them that were surging up violently behind them, “Where should we run to?”

“Northern Mo’s army camp!” Zi Yan was gnashing her teeth, a spirited light flashed through her eyes: “Dare to chase after us, humph humph, if I don’t stir up their army camp into complete confusion, then I am not Zi Yan!”

Can’t help but say, Zi Yan and Su Luo, these beautiful sisters, really thought of the same thing. So to speak, one shouldn’t provoke a woman ah.

The two people ran very fast, but, what made them miserable was that chief from earlier had already reported this matter to First Elder.

Last night, First Elder was frozen over by the Old Madman, so he very fortunately escaped a calamity. After a night’s great effort, First Elder used up his full mental and physical strength to finally break through the layer of ice and come out from inside.

Seeing the messy desolated aftermath of a disaster scene filling his eyes from all around, First Elder was unable to hold it in as he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Just at this moment, someone outside hurriedly came to report, saying that Central Palace’s core disciple had come to the imperial capital. That chief added more oil to the fire and said how arrogant and despotic those Central Palace’s core disciple were, how high and mighty, how they looked down on Northern Mo’s royal family.

After the First Elder heard this, his anger grew without restraint. On the spot, he handed over the matters here to Third Elder and he, himself, then personally showed up to pursue those two bastards!

Beichen Ying, this baby, was too miserable. Zi Yan following beside him, was also infected by his constitution of bad luck.

The two people ran ah, ran ah. They had just shaken off a huge pile of shadowy killers, they didn’t even have time to take a coarse breath before First Elder’s voice could be heard coming from over there.

“Damn, isn’t that Northern Mo’s imperial family’s First Eder? Why did he personally run over?” Beichen Ying yelled in bewilderment.

“You recognize him?” Zi Yan curiously asked.

“I recognize him but he doesn’t recognize me ah! Quickly run, quickly run!” If they were overtaken, at that time, it would certainly be tragic.

However, with First Elder having personally set out, Beichen Ying also didn’t have Su Luo’s kind of nature-defying good luck. Naturally, they were caught by First Elder after a few moves. They were lifted in his hands like an eagle lifting little chicks.

“Central Palace’s core disciples?” The corner of First Elder’s mouth hooked into a gloomy and crafty smile, grabbing Beichen Ying, he was about to slap down.

Beichen Ying was suddenly struck with an inspiration, he loudly shouted: “First Elder, we are wrongly accused ah! You guys found the wrong people! My grandfather is Beichen Lin!”

Now, it’s all risked on grandfather, with something to risk, why not risk?

Beichen Lin? First Elder’s gaze was correctly cold, he swept a sharp glance at Beichen Ying, with this glance, Beichen Ying frankly felt nervous.

Although First Elder had never met Beichen Lin before, but Beichen Palace’s Ancestor, he had certainly heard of. Hearing Beichen Ying say this, his hand that was slapping down paused.

“What ways do you have to prove you are Beichen Ying?” First Eder’s cold and detached voice revealed a trace of cold frost. The Xuanyuan family and Central Palace had already argued till it was like this. If he really killed Beichen Palace’s direct line of descent, at that time, it would be even more troublesome.

Beichen Ying’s heart howled in grief, if he had a way to prove he was Beichen Palace’s Beichen Ying, before, when he entered the city, how could he have impersonated the name of Central Palace’s core disciple?

Seeing Beichen Ying immediately turn mute, the corner of First Elder’s mouth hooked into a cold smile. His smile was like a demon, sinister and ruthless: “Dare to pass off as Beichen Palace’s people, the two of you are simply tired of living! Now, just let this old man send you off to heaven!”

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