DKC – Chapter 1339

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Chapter 1339 – A freak combination of factors (5)

The youngster looked at Beichen Ying with a gaze of looking at an idiot: “Last night, the entire imperial palace was razed to the ground, you say what’s going on?”

Beichen Ying’s mouth immediately formed an ‘O’ shape, Zi Yan, at the side, was also dumbstruck. The two people exchanged glances, their eyes both had a disbelieving expression.

They originally thought Nangong and Su Luo were captured, but they never expected it was that Xuanyuan’s imperial palace was destroyed.

“This……Do you know who destroyed it?” Beichen Ying’s heart had a not-so-good premonition.

The youngster lowered his voice, leaning close to Beichen Ying’s ear to say: “I heard it was an old madman.”

“Old madman?” Beichen Ying and Zi Yan searched in their minds for an old madman on this continent with the strength to destroy Northern Mo’s imperial palace into dregs. However, thinking it over and over again, they couldn’t recall any such person that existed. Because they had ran away relatively early, they simply didn’t know that Mo family’s Elder Ancestor had already gone mad.

“This is impossible right?” Beichen Ying questioned.

After being called into question, the young man suddenly wasn’t happy: “Hey, I told you and you still don’t believe it. Last night, the entire imperial capital’s people also saw this! That old madman stood high up in the sky like a giant. He smashed one fist after another at the imperial palace, not long after, the imperial palace was razed to the ground. If you don’t believe it, just ask the people on the street, everyone saw it with their own eyes!”

Last night, with such a big movement, in the entire imperial capital practically no one fell asleep peacefully. On top of that, Ancestor Mo flew in the air, so a lot of people really did personally see it.

An old man passing by on the side also echoed “This old man has lived for so many years and never experienced that kind of frightening matter like last night. Really was terrifying.”

At this moment, another person butted in: “That’s right, didn’t someone say that that old madman was the legendary one from Central Palace?”

“Don’t Central Palace and our Northern Mo have the most stable alliance, how could it be?”

“God knows, moreover, there are rumors that say, that old madman is Central Palace’s Elder Ancestor!”

Hearing these words, even if Beichen Ying and Zi Yan were stupid, they once again returned to their senses. That day, the first time after Su Luo returned from the Treasure Storage Pavilion and was invited over, they remembered at that time, Su Luo had said she was going to donate blood to Central Palace’s Elder Ancestor. At that time, Central Palace’s Elder Ancestor already had some problems……

Beichen Ying lowered his voice and said to Zi Yan: “This absolutely is Luo Luo’s style.”

Zi Yan expressed her agreement: “Worthy of being Luo Luo, us bringing Mo Yunfeng to fly like a kite was already incredibly tiring. Luo Luo actually dared to bring Elder Ancestor Mo to fly like a kite and even used him to destroy Northern Mo’s imperial palace.”

For a moment, the two people’s admiration for Su Luo was simply to the point of prostrating themselves in worship.

However, soon after, the two of them quickly returned to their senses again.

Northern Mo’s imperial family’s anger was difficult to eliminate, they were itching to raze Central Palace to the ground in the same way. Just at such a crucial moment, they held the jade pendant of Central Palace’s core disciples to enter the city! It’s no wonder just now that chief’s face was full of a strange smile. So, it turned out the two of them were big fat sheep that voluntarily delivered themselves to the door ah!

“Quickly run!” Beichen Ying didn’t have time to think, and brought Zi Yan to fly up on the roof. Quickly, they dashed towards the south city walls.

“Entered the city capital and you guys still want to run out? Must be dreaming!” At this moment, countless figures that were secretly hidden flew up in the air, quickly dashing towards the two people while calling loudly, “In front are Central Palace’s remaining evil members! Everyone quickly chase!”

Up ahead, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan, the two of them, wanted to cry but lacked the tears.

“The Heavens, why do you toy with me like this!” Beichen Ying felt so gloomy, he almost cried. He could have taken out anything, but he actually took out Mo Yunfeng’s jade pendant as Central Palace’s core disciple. Caused him to want to loudly shout that he was the second young master of Beichen Palace right now, but simply no one would believe him.

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