DKC – Chapter 1326

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Chapter 1326 – Final decisive battle (1)

Ancestor Mo swept a disdainful glance at Great Commander Zhao, and in passing, sent an explosive attack towards him.

The pitiful Great Commander Zhao, no matter what, he was still a great general that controlled an army of millions of soldiers, but under Ancestor Mo’s slight sweep of his sleeves, his entire person seemed to have fallen into an icehouse. Snow-white frost covered his whole body, Great Commander Zhao still maintained that pleading posture, then, he was turned into an ice sculpture.

Great Commander Zhao’s eyes were opened wide, looking at Ancestor Mo with disbelief.

He, just like this, he was freezed over?

The troop of bodyguards at Great Commander Zhao’s side was all dumbfounded, staring foolishly. After they returned to their senses, they all started shouting from panic.

“Great Commander! What’s wrong with you!”

“Great Commander! Quickly come out ah!”

A group of twenty bodyguards enfolded Great Commander Zhao on all sides, they carried long broadswords and chopped at that thick layer of ice.

However, what made them give up all hope was that even if they used all their strength to chop down, that layer of ice didn’t have a trace of cracking. Their little bit of attack power was completely useless.

Before these bodyguards could figure out what to do next, another violent hailstorm fell from the sky, speed fast as artillery shells, crowding together like torrents of rain. These bodyguards were unable to tend to themselves, one by one, they got hit on the head and were crushed on the spot.

The frozen over Great Commander Zhao could only helplessly watch as the bodyguards he was so proud of once, all died tragically. The muscles on his face violently trembled because of anger.

“Ancestor Mo, you madman! Madman!!!” Great Commander Zhao wanted to scream loudly, but he was frozen over, so his voice couldn’t pass out of the ice.

The only thing he could do was watch helplessly as his million soldiers-strong army, in an instant, fell down like mustard grass, dead without an intact corpse!

Eastern Ling army.

Mu Zifeng, with great difficulty, nursed his injuries a bit better. He had just opened his rested eyes, when excited shouts came from outside.

He stood up and took large strides to walk over.

At this time, Deputy general A and Deputy General B excitedly ran over, their faces bright red with excitement.

“Great General! Great joy ah! Great joy ah!” Deputy General A was so excited, he could barely speak.

“In the end, what happened?” Mu Zifeng’s face was cold, as he strictly looked at the two excited, capable subordinates.

“Great General, you quickly look that way!” Deputy General B excitedly dragged Mu Zifeng over, in two to three movement, he dragged him over to a small hilltop, pointing at Northern Mo’s army camp on the opposite side. His voice was shaking with excitement.

Mu Zifeng followed his line of sight to look that way.

This glance, his face turned sluggish.

In the end, what happened? Could it be that the heavens showed its might to come specifically to punish Northern Mo’s army?

One could only see in the sky above Northern Mo’s ten kilometers-sized camp, neverending hailstones smashed down in succession. A countless number of soldiers were smashed into meat patty, momentarily the whole scene was in chaos, extremely frenetic.

“This, this is…” Mu Zifeng’s pair of eyes was at a loss, speechless to the extreme.

“This is retribution ah! Even the heavens couldn’t stand Northern Mo’s conducts and deeds, so dropped from the heavens to punish them!” Deputy General A excitedly shook his fist, almost couldn’t control himself.

“How was this Heaven’s punishment? Aren’t you overthinking it?” Deputy General B pointed at that figure emitting rays of light suspended in mid-air and excitedly said, “You guys look, the hailstones were all made by that strong expert.”

Mu Zifeng nodded his head to say: “Don’t know who this strong expert is, could it be he is our Eastern Ling’s people?”

Mu Zifeng couldn’t be blamed for thinking this way. Because Eastern Ling had sunk into such a predicament, on the verge of being completely wiped out, when so coincidentally, this deity appeared, with the strength of one person, destroying a whole army of million soldiers. A person with such strength, it was hard to find a few in the entire world.

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