DKC – Chapter 1325

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Chapter 1325 – Frantic along the whole way (10)

Ancestor Mo followed tightly after Su Luo’s aura, now, he directly entered Northern Mo’s camp.

At this time, Ancestor Mo stood in mid-air, looking at the people going back and forth below, he immediately got angry!

Because he discovered that these people were all dressed the same.

Like this, he simply couldn’t find his delicious food ah!

Damn it!

Ancestor Mo was toyed by Su Luo all along the way, and his anger had already surged to the brink, now, seeing this hateful camp, his anger suddenly rushed out frantically like lava!

Momentarily, a strong pressure enveloped the whole camp.

Below, the originally happy Northern Mo’s soldiers sitting around bonfires barbecuing, immediately, each and every one of them felt as if being hit by death, their hearts were enveloped by the shadow of death.

“Go die——!!!” Ancestor Mo’s palm gathered an endless amount of cold air that rushed out wildly like waves!

A countless number of hailstones burst down from overhead.

“Oh Heavens! What’s going on in the end? How can there be hail now in the night?”

“Who’s that dirty old man in mid-air ah. Those hailstones were thrown down by him right?”

“Quickly run ah, quickly run ah!”

“Ah, my head——“


In a moment, the originally joyful camp became a ghostly prison, countless voices crying for help and shouting noises resounding.

It’s important to know, this was not a group of a hundred, also not tens of thousands of people, rather, a full million strong army ah! A whole million people fleeing in all directions, what kind of consequences would this create?

Being trampled on!

Without a doubt, being trampled!

The hailstones smashing vertically from mid-air contained strong murderous aura, if struck by it, these soldiers would be badly smashed, their entire person would disintegrate into slags.

Therefore, countless wanted to flee, countless wanted to run.

However, this densely-packed area of the entire camp was enveloped, where could they run to?

Now, the Great Commander Zhao, who was so complacent just now, looked at the scene before his eyes and immediately became dumbfounded.

“This, in the end, what is happening!!!” Great Commander Zhao nearly spit out blood.

This was a whole million people ah. In order to attack Eastern Ling, His Majesty had assembled all the elite troops and given it to him, but——

Great Commander Zhao looked at the countless number of corpses and blood in front of his eyes, and his entire face turned deathly pale. His figure could barely stand.

“Oh heavens, that is——“ When he clearly saw who that man in mid-air randomly throwing down hailstones was, Great Commander Zhao’s figure swayed, a mouthful of blood spraying out.

Wasn’t Central Palace’s Mo family in alliance with Northern Mo’s royal family? How could he take the lead to attack Northern Mo? Could it be that Mo family and Easter Ling’s Nangong royal family had joined hands? Also, for this mundane world’s war, they actually sent the Elder Ancestor of Mo family!

Great Commander Zhao was close to going insane. His pair of eyes turned red and was full of wisps of blood. His face became stiff because of being excessively frightened, muscles trembling in bursts.

“Mo, Ancestor Mo… I beg you to quickly stop, quickly stop ah!” Great Commander Zhao yelled in panic.

Despite being the commander-in-chief of a million soldier army, but in front of such a formidable, unique and strong expert, his tone couldn’t help but carry a trace of trembling, revealing the panic deep in his heart.

Great Commander Zhao’s tone carried a trace of spirit energy, in the noisy field, it was rather clear.

Ancestor Mo, was just releasing his spirit power to look for Su Luo, hearing this voice, he turned his head and looked over in disdain.

Seeing Ancestor Mo looking over, Great Commander Zhao immediately was exalted, he was so pleasantly surprised that he almost cried: “What does your venerable person want, you only need to instruct, please, I beg you, stop the hailstorm.”

Hailstorm was originally Heaven’s privilege, but how could Ancestor Mo not be in control of a portion of the world?

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