DKC – Chapter 1316

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Chapter 1316 – Frantic along the whole way (1)

Seeing two small horns gradually grow out from Ancestor Mo’s head, a trace of ecstasy flashed through Su Luo’s eyes!

What did this mean?

This meant, little fox’s Transform into Sheep Technique was effective ah!

Su Luo still remembered at that time in the Nine Different Palace Halls, Li Yaoyao was changed into a lamb by the little fox, that scene was extremely funny.

However, the smile had just appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth when it became rigid again.


That tiny sheep horn, in the speed that the eyes could see, quickly shrank back.

Su Luo’s heart was suddenly jolted, she had no time to think, in one grab, she swept up the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox that was tossed to the ground. She then silently mouthed ‘teleport’ and her figure flashed far away.

At this moment, the surroundings were silent.

Ancestor Mo slowly opened his eyes. His bewildered gaze swept the surroundings, while his brows were knotted tightly.

He shook his head, with great difficulty, he became clear-headed.

After becoming clear-headed, Ancestor Mo simply was about to go insane!

Just now, he was actually changed to the weakest little lamb. How could he, as a stately saint rank expert, endure it?

Ancestor Mo, in the midst of rage, his throat seemed to contain an intense explosive force. His qi sunk into his Dantain and traveled up, and his throat gave a furious cry: “Ahhhh!!!”

This lion-like roar seemed to contain the endless energy of heaven and earth, the surrounding mountains exploding one after another. The rock from the mountain and mud rolled down. Hundred- and thousand-year old ancient trees, in a flash, became fine powder and drifted in the air——

In an instant, thousands of mountain birds disappeared, and ten thousand footprints by men were wiped out.

Within a range of five thousand meters, it was an area of deathly stillness.

Although Su Luo slipped away very quickly, she still suffered the effect from the residual power. Her foot staggered, almost falling to the ground.

Su Luo turned around to look, and saw the mountain range that was leveled to the ground behind her, a terrified expression flashing through her eyes. This old madman was simply not human ah. Fortunately, she ran very quickly, otherwise, she would suffer a similar fate as those trees and become fine powder.

Su Luo, with lingering fear, wiped away the sweat on her forehead. Afterwards, she fished out a Spirit Restoration Pill from her space and swallowed it. Then, she quickly ran away.

Inside her space, the little stone speechlessly sighed: “Spirit Restoration Pill doesn’t have any effect on your mind strength, you swallowing can be considered not having swallowed it.”

While Su Luo ran, she also sighed in despair: “This is because there’s nothing else to be done okay? That old madman is about to chase over, at that time, I still don’t know what to do, okay?”

“The medicine and drug ingredients are all in here.”

It wasn’t that Su Luo didn’t want to teleport, rather, her mental strength needed to recover. Her mental strength had no way to support her continued limitless use of teleport.

The little stone thought a bit, deciding to give Su Luo a slight pointer: “In fact, you can refine a Speed Medicine.”

“Speed Medicine?” Su Luo was somewhat puzzled, “Isn’t it a medicine that only an Elite Apothecary can refine?”

Su Luo did know about Speed Medicine, once you drank a bottle, you could maintain a speed ten times the original within two hours when running at high speed. If she had Speed Medicine in hand, Su Luo might really be able to escape Old Madman’s pursuit.

The little stone’s eyes narrowed in a smile: “The drug ingredients you plundered from Mo family have the formula and drug ingredients to make Speed Medicine. Moreover, these were already half-made already.”

Su Luo thought a bit, finally making a fist, and made a firm resolution: “Okay, refine, then I’ll just refine!”

Su Luo checked the surroundings once over, then found an ancient tree in the middle that had a large hole in its trunk. After going in, she restored the entrance to its original state. If no one carefully examined it, it would be very difficult to discover that a person hid inside this ancient tree.

This tree was the size that took five people hugging it to encircle it. After Su Luo entered, she discovered that the inside was very spacious. There was no problem in space whether she sat or lay inside.

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