DKC – Chapter 1315

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Chapter 1315 – Nine-tailed Spirit Fox

Second Elder’s cries were miserable, but First Elder’s face was full of helplessness. He was so anxious that he wanted to speak, but considering Old Man Mo’s tyrannical abuse, he once again shut his mouth.

“Elder Brother! Save me ah!!!” Second Elder saw that First Elder didn’t have any intent to make a move to help, and he madly howled, as if tearing his heart and breaking his lungs. Because he had a very bad premonition.

First Elder, seeing this, muttered to himself, then summoned up the courage to smile obsequiously at Ancestor Mo: “Older Brother Mo….”

Ancestor Mo’s pair of tiger eyes that was snow sword-like slanted horizontally over. That boundless imposing manner, like madly rolling ocean waves, immediately threatened First Elder to a stop.

“Bang!” Ancestor Mo, without saying a word, directly sent Second Elder flying out!

What made Su Luo feel like she wanted to collapse was that the direction Second Elder was tossed in was the same direction First Elder was just tossed in!

Su Luo howled in grief in her heart…could it be that the heavens had preordained that she die? Could it be she was doomed to be smashed to death by Ancestor Mo? Could it really be the cycle of Heaven’s Law?

Just when Su Luo was observing a moment of silence in tribute to herself, First Elder condensed out a ball of light and wrapped up Second Elder who shot over, decreasing the power of his fall. So in this way, Second Elder escaped this calamity.

Although he was wounded slightly, with regards to his life, it was harmless.

Second Elder had escaped this calamity, and his butt sat down heavily on the rubble, patting his chest with lingering fear. Really a close call, a close call ah. Just now, his yin and yang were almost separated.

Second Elder continuously moaned in pain over there, and Su Luo was so depressed that she was about to smash against a wall. Because Second Elder’s butt sat down like this, just so happened to sit steadily on that bit of crack she was looking through, not even leaving a seam.

Su Luo complained endlessly in her heart, but under such an urgent situation, she could only grin and bear it. Don’t even need to mention how sullen her heart felt.

Second Elder escaped a calamity, but Ancestor Mo didn’t plan to let the people in the Imperial Palace go. One could only see his long arm move and grab the shivering Emperor Ming.

In front of Ancestor Mo, who was at the summit of the saint rank, the stately emperor of Northern Mo didn’t even dare to breathe.

“Hand over the person! Hand her over!” Ancestor Mo pinched Emperor Ming by the neck, shaking him in a frenzied manner.

“Cough, cough, cough——” Emperor Ming’s face swelled to a purplish-blue color, as if in the next moment, he would die.

First Elder, seeing this, his brows tightened even more. Emperor Ming was Northern Mo’s emperor, to be choked to death like this, and were it to be spread outside, how could Northern Mo’s Xuanyuan family still have the face to greet people? How could they still have a foot to stand in this world?

Not enough strength, so he could only outsmart Ancestor Mo. First Elder took a step forward, coughing once to clear his throat: “Older Brother Mo, who are you looking for? Might as well say it to let us listen? If the person is in Northern Mo, we will definitely help you find that person.”

In front of the generation of disciples and grandchildren, First Elder sat up on high. In front of Ancestor Mo, he was as petty and low as dust.

Ancestor Mo’s deeply cold pupils swept First Elder a glance, directly swinging his hand and tossing Emperor Ming to the ground. Although Emperor Ming received some external injuries, fortunately, his life was saved.

Ancestor coldly humphed: “Find people!”

“Who are you looking for?” First Elder kept a flattering smile on. Now, he could also see that there seemed to be a bit of a problem with Ancestor Mo’s mental state.

Looking for who? Ancestor Mo only felt his mind go black, his wisdom was an area of chaos.

Ancestor Mo shook his head, and coldly humphed: “Don’t know.”

“Don’t know?” First Elder almost cried. You don’t know who you are looking for yet still flew to Northern Mo’s Imperial Palace to force us to hand over the person? This was rather bullying too intolerably ah!

But First Elder only dared to silently ridicule this in his heart, completely didn’t dare to say these words out loud.

Ancestor Mo suddenly felt a burst of hot blood rushing up to his head. His figure swayed, both hands covering his head, as if it was very painful.

First Elder and Second Elder exchanged a glance, puzzlement and bewilderment flashing through their eyes. In the end, what happened to Elder Ancestor of Mo family? How was it that he looked like a delirious madman? Could it be that he had Recoil of Madness?

Once he recalled ‘Recoil of Madness’, these three words, a trace of ‘of course’ flashed through First Elder’s eyes. It seemed Ancestor Mo ought to really have suffered the Recoil of Madness. Otherwise, he would not do something like this.

But the next second, First Elder’s brows wrinkled deeply. Because Ancestor Mo’s strength had reached the peak of saint rank but lost his reasoning ability, he was more terrifying than at any other time.

First Elder had just thought of this point, over there, Ancestor Mo had already gone mad!

One could only see him suddenly fly to mid-air.

“Older Brother, does this mean Ancestor Mo is about to leave?” Second Elder asked with lingering fear.

First Elder’s complexion was extremely ugly: “Afraid it may not be so.”

Sure enough, the next second, Ancestor Mo’s, that crazily strong palm strike, poured down like heavy rain, enveloping the entire Northern Mo Imperial Palace!

Peak of saint rank, how great was that pressure? How hard and fierce was that palm strength?

One could see him send out palm strikes from being angered. His palm strength was like a spider web, from the center to slap in all directions. Suddenly, the entire Northern Mo Imperial Palace seemed to have sunk into the vast body of the ocean. One after another, the splendid and magnificent palace was smashed into pieces in the blink of an eye. Becoming mud and crushed stone, regarded as nothing but dust. Disappearing in the dust of history.

“Oh Heavens——” Emperor Ming watched as his imperial palace was destroyed. His entire person became rigid like a Buddha sculpture. Completely didn’t know what kind of reaction he should have.

Just now, he was still getting excited over Northern Mo’s army trampling Eastern Ling’s territory. And he was even giving thanks to Ancestor Mo for exterminating the city of crime for Xuanyuan family. Only, how long had it been, his imperial palace…his imperial palace was suddenly forcibly destroyed.

“First Elder….” Emperor Ming had a crying sullen expression, as the stately emperor of Northern Mo, a stately man over two meters tall, but now, he was about to cry.

First Elder clenched his fists at his side until crisp sounds rang out loud. His expression was hazed over, facial features twisting malevolently. Clearly, he was already at the peak of rage.

Su Luo secretly in her heart encouraged First Elder. Rush up, rush up and have a fight with Ancestor Mo.

But even if it was this huge of a humiliation, First Elder still did his utmost to bear it. Clenching his teeth to coldy say: “Don’t lower yourself to argue with a madman! Central Palace’s Mo family and Northern Mo’s Xuanyuan royal family has always been in alliance. Therefore, the damage of the Imperial Palace, Central Palace will definitely compensate it!”

Su Luo heard this and secretly despise this First Elder in her heart.

Central Palace would compensate? Compensate fart! Central Palace now was so poor that they even couldn’t wear underpants, if they didn’t come to loot and burn your house, was already considered not bad. Still want them to compensate? This notion of First Elder’s was simply a pipe dream.

Emperor Ming also knew that First Elder was personally greedy and afraid of death. But if First Elder really was to rush up and something happened to him, then at that time, Northern Mo would be a herd of dragons without a head. It would be even more troublesome. Therefore, even though Emperor Ming’s heart was anxious, furious and in pain, he still silently accepted First Elder’s statement.

The entire Imperial City, an imperial city that one couldn’t see the end off in the horizon, underneath Ancestor Mo’s indiscriminate bombing, was nearly razed to the ground.

Su Luo’s heart was somewhat worried for Nangong Liuyun, when she came out, he was just in the midst of secluded cultivation. Don’t know if he would suffer from Old Madman’s interference.

However, before Su Luo could finish being worried over here, the battlefield had already shifted over!

A fist that contained the endless strength of heaven and earth smashed towards First Elder’s direction in a manner that could destroy the heavens and wipe out the earth!

Very clearly, Ancestor Mo had smashed the entire Imperial Palace and still couldn’t find the person he was looking for. Therefore, he gave vent to his anger on First Elder’s body. He who suffered Recoil of Madness and lost his reasoning ability didn’t even recognize his own son and younger brother. Then, how was he able to recognize this Xuanyuan family’s First Elder?

In the wake of this fiercely explosive surging fist, the temperature on First Elder’s face, in a flash, dropped to the freezing point. His whole body seemed to be enveloped in frost, with his anger soaring to the sky.

Bullying too intolerably!

First Elder finally was enraged!

Momentarily, his rage was like boiling lava, getting out of control!

The spirit power around First Elder, in a flash, condensed into a cylinder, he flew to mid-air, and smashed it fiercely towards Ancestor Mo!

Enough was enough, being forced to this step, the First Elder, who was always in a high position, finally couldn’t bear it any longer!

Good! Seeing both sides fight together, Su Luo, who had slowly pried open the rubble, waved her fist in excitement. It’s great that First Elder got angry, simply too great that he was angry! The scene Su Luo looked forward to finally began to play out.

But what made Su Luo spit out blood was!

Faced with the column of flame condensed out by an expert at the summit of commander rank, Ancestor Mo didn’t even bother to look, as if he was impatient, then in passing, pushed it aside——

Really was just a push in passing.

Afterwards, First Elder’s column of flame seemed to be blown by the wind and skewed to the side as it passed by.

This was simply a naked insult ah! First Elder was so angry that both pair of eyes become bloodshot, even his nose turned crooked.

“Boom, boom, boom!” A countless number of columns of fire was condensed out by First Elder, frantically shooting towards Ancestor Mo’s position.

This time, First Elder had gone insane from anger, he even squeezed out every last bit of power.

But Ancestor Mo only frowned, a cold light flashing through his eyes. Afterwards, he condensed out a ball of white light from his palm!

“Icebound world!” Ancestor Mo roared, the white-colored ball of light suddenly smashed towards First Elder’s forehead.

Now, First Elder’s figure seemed to be fixed in place, motionlessly standing there. The transparent white ball of light exploded over his head!

Afterwards, First Elder’s entire body wasn’t good.

It seemed as if he completely lacked the strength to resist, just maintaining that posture of both hands in an attack position. His entire person was wrapped up by this frost to a stop, motionlessly standing there like a statue.

This made Su Luo helplessly recall that time when she was sealed in ice by Li Aotian and drifted in the ocean scene.

Now, this cold ice, after freezing First Elder, did not stop and spread quickly in all four directions.

This kind of unprecedented cold air coming from the heart, spread in all directions like a spider web. Its speed was so fast as to be astonishing.

An astonished thought flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

Because she was watching as the surrounding ground froze over, moreover, this cold air was incomparably ice-cold. So cold that even Su Luo, who was buried under the rubble, started to shiver.

So cold ah!

Su Luo took a deep breath.

Just because of this breath, Su Luo got into trouble!

Ancestor Mo’s pair of majestic tiger eyes originally had shot towards Second Elder, now, in a flash, it shot madly towards Su Luo.

After Second Elder escaped that calamity, he hit upon an inspiration, and a palm slapped towards Su Luo’s hiding place.

Second Elder knew, a person was hiding in that place!

Su Luo inwardly complained in her heart, just like this, she was discovered? Not waiting for Second Elder’s palm strike to arrive, Su Luo had already condensed her spirit power, and in a low voice, said: “Teleport!”

Following this sound, a slight spirit power fluctuation flashed through the surroundings. Afterwards, Su Luo’s figure disappeared in a flash!

Ancestor Mo’s pair of eyes momentarily opened wide!

That’s right, just this type of spirit fluctuation! That delicious tasty blood ah, the blood he traveled over thousands of mountains and ten thousand waters to find ah!

Ancestor Mo swallowed some saliva, taking a large step forward. Only one step and he arrived at the place Su Luo was hiding before.

Ancestor Mo’s long arm extended. Suddenly, all the rubble was swept clean, revealing a semi-circle area of the ground that was empty.

“Not here?” Ancestor Mo’s thick black sword-like eyebrows tightly wrinkled. Just now, clearly, it was here ah.

Now, Second Elder was also somewhat dumbstruck okay? Just now, he clearly sensed a person, how was it that in the blink of an eye, the person was gone? Caused him to hit upon an inspiration just a moment ago, because that little eavesdropping thief ought to be hiding in there.

Ancestor Mo’s cold and detached gaze shot towards Second Elder.

A burst of panic came from Second Elder’s heart, he stammeringly said: “This, this here doesn’t have a person ah….”

Actually dared to say didn’t have a person? Ancestor Mo instantly became angry, he reached out and directly slapped a palm on Second Elder’s head, cursing in a rage: “Idiot!”

Afterwards, the crazed Ancestor Mo disappeared into the horizon. Don’t know what direction he went, chasing after that person.

The pitiful Second Elder was hit by such a slap, immediately, his entire person didn’t feel good.

Because his head actually was hit into his neck by that slap!

“Second Brother!” First Elder roared, but his entire body was frozen by ice, standing there motionless. Don’t need to say movement ah, even his voice couldn’t pass through, to be transmitted out.

Emperor Ming’s eyes had a shocked expression! The commander-ranked Second Elder actually had his head slapped into his body from one hit…That old madman from just now was too terrible.

Second Elder’s rigid body slowly fell backwards, then it heavily smashed on the ground.

The pitiful Second Elder, just because he said an extra sentence, afterwards, he would dubiously die in such tragic circumstances.

“Hateful! Central Palace bullies people too intolerably! Xuanyuan family could not coexist with you guys anymore!” The statue-like First Elder’s pair of hands clenched into fists. His eyes were full of wisps of blood, igniting with a raging inferno of hatred.

And the main culprit, Su Luo, that caused this deep enmity between Central Palace and Xuanyuan family, now, where was she?

In fact, right now, Su Luo was also not so good.

Just now, in a moment of desperation, she had no choice and could only choose to use teleport to escape. But Nangong Liuyun had warned Su Luo before, with regards to Ancestor Mo who was at the summit of saint rank, the spirit fluctuations caused by teleport would let him feel a clue.

However, Su Luo simply didn’t have a choice.

If she didn’t teleport, very likely, when Ancestor Mo saw her at first glance, he would open his mouth and suck all of her blood dry.

Su Luo also didn’t know where she teleported to, she only knew to continuously teleport, continuously running was a correct choice.

Because Su Luo considered Nangong Liuyun’s situation, so she didn’t stop over in the periphery of the Imperial City. Rather, she headed towards the southwest, madly rushing forward with her fastest speed.

The southwest direction was the entrance to the dark forest. Su Luo knew that after escaping into the dark forest, the odds of her survival would increase by a bit.

However, Su Luo’s teleport ability was still at the beginning rank and had just entered the door. She had just escaped for less than one hour before meeting disaster.

Because she had just wanted to teleport again, but discovered that Ancestor Mo, this lunatic, now stood right in front of her!

Su Luo’s entire person immediately became a stiff statue.

Ancestor Mo had his back to her, both hands crossed behind his back. His black robe made noise from being pulled by the wind. His whole body gave off an incomparably formidable and oppressive cold atmosphere.

How could this be a madman? This clearly was an unparalleled formidable expert at the top of his game.

Su Luo quietly retreated several steps.

But just at this moment, Ancestor Mo turned around.

This face of his was soiled with all kinds of dirt. This greatly damaged the image of a strong, overbearing expert at the top of his game from just now.

“Still want to escape?” A cold and gloomy laugh came from Ancestor Mo’s mouth.

Su Luo was so miserable that she was about to cry.

Ancestor Mo who suffered Recoil of Madness couldn’t even recognize his own son and younger brother. But could recognize her at one glance. Su Luo thought about it and discovered that she didn’t have such a great charm. She reckoned the greatest reason was that her blood was really tasty for Ancestor Mo, to the extent that it was constantly on his mind.

Su Lu squeezed out a stiff smile on her face: “He, he, he, Your Elder is also here, basking in the moonlight ah. Really a coincidence ah ha ha ha.”

A sinister and crazed smile appeared on Ancestor Mo’s face, his tone cold as frost: “Come here!”

‘Come here’ your younger sister ah! Su Luo violently cursed in her heart. If this aunt went over, it would be like taking the initiative to deliver blood to you. Was this aunt that stupid?

Su Luo was thinking of scattering Ancestor Mo’s attention, then anoint the soles of her feet with oil to flee quickly. However, before Su Luo could think of a way, she saw the black shadow in front of her flash. Ancestor Mo had already appeared within one third of a meter range of Su Luo.

Ancestor Mo’s action was matchless fast, he reached out a hand to pull Su Luo’s pure white as jade bright wrist.

Hateful! Su Luo miserably grabbed at her hair.

What to do? Could it be her blood was preordained to be sucked dry by Ancestor Mo? Afterwards, she would become a dry female corpse? This kind of method of dying was too depressing okay?

Su Luo thought that Ancestor Mo would directly suck her blood in large mouthfuls. But outside of her expectations, Ancestor Mo’s pair of eyes actually stared fixedly at her snow-white bright wrist. His eyes had a complicated and abstruse expression. Making it completely impossible for people to see through his thoughts.

Now, Su Luo was in the middle of quickly consulting with Little Stone in her mind.

“Little Stone, Great Grandpa Stone, quickly think of a way ah.” Su Luo’s urgent tone inquired. She didn’t know who the little stone was before being sealed inside the small stone. But what Su Luo did know was before, he certainly had reached the summit.

The little stone humphed twice: “This trouble was completely brought on by yourself. Not going to help!”

“What’s called I brought it on by myself ah? Isn’t this me being unlucky and encountering this?” Su Luo would not accept this.

“Being unlucky and encountered this? You have the nerve to say so? If it was not for you being gluttonous and going to what imperial kitchen. If you stayed obediently inside the palace like that Nangong of yours, how could this damned old man find you? If it was not for you being neurotic and overly curious, following into the main palace hall to eavesdrop on what military secret, how could you be discovered by that First Elder and with a slap, was sent into the rubble? If it was not for you not being able to endure the cold, how could you be discovered by this damned old man and then chased to be killed by him?” Little Stone pitter-pattered to criticize non-stop.

Su Luo gloomily said: “But I discovered Third Princess’s innate skill. Weren’t you also very excited about it?”

“That girl, even if she was subdued by you, will also be used by you. I your daddy would be excited for fart.” Little Stone humphed twice.

“Then are you going to help or not?”

“Don’t have a way to help.” The little stone’s brows were tightly locked, “I your daddy now is just at the most critical point of advancing a rank. I feel the fire element in my body is still too little. How could I help you? Let alone to say, even if I want to help you, I’m also powerless ah. That damned old man’s strength is much stronger than mine.”

Su Luo was immediately speechless. She considered the little stone the greatest hidden trump card in her hand. If even the little stone had no way to help her, then she would really have to wait for death ah.

Now, Ancestor Mo still stared fixedly at Su Luo’s wrist. That expression was sinister and strange, making Su Luo’s blood run cold. If she wasn’t being pulled, the soles of her feet would have already been anointed with oil as she quickly ran away.

All of a sudden, Ancestor Mo moved.

It seemed as if he had looked at this wrist long enough, afterwards, he lowered his head and fiercely bit down on Su Luo’s wrist.

This hateful smelly old man! Su Luo miserably grabbed at her hair. She could clearly feel that the blood in her body was quickly flowing away. After going through smearing Nangong Liuyun with blood and having Ancestor Mo drink her blood, after these two times’ huge blood loss, Su Luo originally didn’t have that much blood. This time, if Ancestor Mo sucked a few mouthfuls more, Su Luo would directly dry up.

What to do?

Just when Su Luo didn’t know what to do, suddenly, a little white-colored ball of fur jumped out from Su Luo’s space.

“Nine-tailed Spirit Fox?” Su Luo’s eyes shone slightly, in one grab, she lifted up this little guy.

After the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox came out, she flew directly onto Su Luo’s shoulder.

A tiny little ball and she still stood there, full of bluster. Seeing Ancestor Mo suck Su Luo’s blood, her little face immediately became furious! Although this old bastard in front gave off a very strong aura, so strong that it made this fox want to run away, but the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox still bravely stood in place.

Ancestor Mo could feel the hostility and ire from the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, but with regards to him, what did this kind of expression count as? The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was merely a very small ant in his eyes, completely unable to give rise to a wave.

Therefore, Ancestor Mo simply didn’t give a damn for the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox. He continued to suck with a lowered head.

Just at this moment, the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox on Su Luo’s shoulder ignited from head to toe with a formidable spirit aura. Afterwards, it quickly bit fiercely down on Ancestor Mo!

The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s teeth were sharp as a blade, but it simply couldn’t bite through Ancestor Mo’s defense.

A dark ruthless sneer came from Ancestor Mo’s mouth, he coldly snorted repeatedly: “Little thing that overestimated its ability, go die!”

Finished speaking, he heavily flung the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox out!

But just when he was flinging the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox out, a huge change suddenly occurred.

Su Luo actually saw on Ancestor Mo’s dirty head, unexpectedly, two goat horns slowly start to grow out….

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