DKC – Chapter 1309

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Chapter 1309 – Ancestor Mo comes in person (1)

“His Highness Prince Jin……Not easy to exterminate ah.” Emperor Ming muttered a little and scowled, “Since he left Eastern Ling last time, don’t know where this amazing and romantic-looking genius went.”

First Elder stroked his beard, his smile had a trace of strangeness that horrified people: “He went to Xian’s Wood Residence to challenge the Nine Different Palace Halls.”

“Xian’s Wood Residence’s Nine Different Palace Halls? This is not easy to challenge ah.” Emperor Ming’s eyes shone slightly.

“Extremely difficult to challenge okay? In order to get the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, he must select the death grade route. You say, what are the odds he’ll walk out alive?” A thread of hidden vicious pungent rays of light flashed through First Elder’s eyes.

“First Elder is still wise.” Emperor Ming was full of smiles. No wonder First Elder would select this moment to start a war with Eastern Ling.

First Elder enjoyed these words from Emperor Ming, slightly narrowed his eyes, and he nodded faintly: “Therefore, now is the best chance to defeat Eastern Ling. At that time, even if that exceptional genius comes out alive, with his strength alone, how could he still reverse the entire political situation?”

Emperor Ming happily smiled: “First Elder’s words hit the nail on the head, even if he is strong, at that time, Eastern Ling will already be a thing in our pocket, what can he do?”

“I already sent people to pay close attention to Xian’s Wood Residence, if his luck is good and he comes out alive, humph humph——” First Elder coldly snorted several times.

Although he didn’t say it out loud, the meaning of those words were very clear. If Nangong Liuyun really came out alive, at that time, he naturally would fly over to exterminate him. But this First Elder would never have expected that not only did Nangong Liuyun safely come out of Xian’s Wood Residence, he even brought Su Luo along to walk once around Central Palace, and had destroyed Central Palace’s millennium-old foundation in a short time.

These two scourges not only didn’t leave, instead, they even entered to hide in Northern Mo’s imperial palace, swaggeringly staying in the most luxurious and gorgeous palace hall. Just a moment ago, Su Luo even looted the imperial kitchen until nothing was left.

If First Elder knew of these matters, he wouldn’t have made a solemn vow to exterminate Eastern Ling.

At this moment, Su Luo, who was lying on the roof, taking all of this in. The corner of her dark red mouth slightly rose in a taunting curve. Want to kill Nangong Liuyun? These people’s brains have all been bitten by bugs right? Even dared make this kind of plan?

In fact, according to Su Luo’s strength, if she lay on the roof, she would certainly be discovered by the commander-ranked First Elder, because the gap in ranks between both sides was too large. But who asked Su Luo to have such good luck, she was a space mage and also condensed out Nothingness of Space.

Su Luo had enveloped herself in Nothingness of Space, so, the spirit aura on her body wouldn’t be leaked out. Naturally, the First Elder wouldn’t be able to find her.

As a result, Emperor Ming was currently still vehemently speaking frankly with assurance: “At the moment, the one holding Eastern Ling’s border is precisely that Prince Jin’s maternal uncle, wouldn’t it be better to just let General Zhao test him?”

“Rong girl won’t marry Eastern Ling even if she dies, even if she was married off, she might also ruin things.” First Elder deeply sighed, “It’s a pity we don’t have Mind Pill, if we had this pill, we could save a lot of trouble. Nevermind, send a group of five at the seventh rank, two at the eighth rank and one at the ninth rank, and will properly greet that war god of Eastern Ling.”

“One at the ninth rank, two at the eighth rank and five at the seventh rank? Won’t it be too much ah?” Second Elder, having heard what was said, cried out in surprise, “Northern Mo altogether doesn’t have several at the seventh rank ah. Isn’t it making a big fuss over a minor issue? I heard that great general of Eastern Ling that protects the country, Su Zian, is also only at the sixth rank ah.”

Emperor Ming smiled faintly: “Second Uncle, at the moment, the great general protecting Eastern Ling is surnamed Liu, he is a seventh rank expert ah.”

“The stately great general that protects the country, is merely only at the seventh rank, Eastern Ling is really weak to the extreme ah.” Second Elder coldly sneered, his laughter full of mockery and disdain.

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