DKC – Chapter 1308

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Chapter 1308 – Girl genius (6)

“Second Uncle, be at ease, at that time, this girl will naturally obediently agree to get on the marriage sedan.” A profoundly mysterious sneer flashed through Emperor Ming’s eyes.

“Father Emperor……” Third Princess, don’t know when she woke up, but she had heard everything Emperor Ming and Second Elder said. At this moment, her beautiful eyes were filled with clear tears, with teardrops falling down, drop by drop.

Emperor Ming saw Third Princess had woken up, and a trace of difference appeared in his heart, but his face still turned hazy. He heavily snorted: “Shut up!”

“Father Emperor, you will really send daughter over to marry that old emperor?” Third Princess stood up, tottering, and closely questioned, sounding heartbroken and deeply hurt.

Emperor Ming, with a brush of his sleeves, he coldly scoffed: “The family has provided for you with good food and good drinks for so many years, now is the time for you to contribute to the family. Since you have no spirit power, then use your body to contribute a bit to Northern Mo’s territorial expansion.”

“No, no, my father emperor should not be like this……You’re not my father emperor! I won’t go!” Third Princess only felt anger rush up, her qi and blood surging. If not for this anger, she would have already collapsed long ago.

Second Elder looked at Third Princess with a sneer: “You go because you must go, you don’t go, you still must go, this matter is beyond your control.”

“Even if I go, I won’t assassinate the emperor of Eastern Ling!” Third Princess tightly clenched her fists, she was so angry that she was shaking from head to foot. If she had the strength, she would certainly risk her life to fight with these repulsive people!

“No, in fact, we don’t need you to personally assassinate him.” Second Elder seemed to feel provoking the Third Princess to anger worked off his anger, so he told her the complete truth. “At that time, the inscription master will draw a matrix on your body, as long as he sleeps with you, then the emperor of Eastern Ling will be poisoned because of it, hahaha——”

“You guys, you guys are simply…… Shameless!” Third Princess’s complexion was ashen, her whole body trembling because of anger, “First Elder, you wield the power in the imperial family, to force a weak woman like this, don’t tell me you really won’t feel ashamed?”

First Elder swept an amiable-looking glance at Third Princess, in a serene and peaceful tone, he said: “Able to sacrifice yourself for Northern Mo’s imperial family, is your honor, child.”

‘Honor’ your younger sister ah! Even Su Luo on the roof couldn’t help but want to curse.

This nest of Northern Mo imperial family were all shameless to no avail ah, simply even more shameless than Su Zian at that time. After all, Su Zian used her, he still knew the things he did were shameless, but this First Elder actually said sacrificing oneself was still a honor, still a privilege……This was simply saying that there wasn’t the most shameless, only even more shameless.

At this moment, Su Luo extended her most heartfelt sympathy to that pitiful Third Princess. Born in such a family, this princess’s past life reincarnation wasn’t cast off into a good birth ah.

Third Princess’s gaze gradually became cold and detached, with a gaze filled with wisps of blood, she retreated step by step: “Eastern Ling has the legendary His Highness Prince Jin. How would you possibly absorb the earth of Eastern Ling? You guys will regret it! You guys will surely regret it!”

Afterwards, she turned around and ran with large strides to leave.

“Let her go.” First Elder waved his sleeve and stopped Second Elder from chasing after her, “There are people to follow her, she cannot escape.”

At this moment, Second Elder’s brows were tightly pursed: “What that loathsome girl said isn’t wrong. Elder Brother, we can forget about experts sent by Eastern Ling, but that Highness Prince Jin, indeed is a thorn ah.”

Emperor Ming’s brows also pursed: “I heard he’s already at the tenth rank, at such a young age, if he continues to grow……”

“Then we must not let him have the opportunity to grow.” The corner of First Elder’s mouth hooked into a bloody sneer, “Exterminated in the cradle, then he will never be promoted to a higher position.”

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