DKC – Chapter 1297

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Chapter 1297 – Clear Spirit Pool (6)

“Un!” Second elder humphed coldly, then threw out a key, “Open the gates.”

“Yes, sir!” The guard captain caught the strangely-shaped key and went to study those complicated chains.

That third princess behind the second elder, watched these gates with eyes full of expectation. She put her palms together and prayed quietly. She prayed that after entering, she would be able to change her predetermined fate.

The second elder turned his head back and shot a glance at the third princess. A contemptuous smile flashed across his eyes.

If it hadn’t been because the empress made a promise, he wouldn’t have come to do more than was required of him. Clearly, she was a useless person. How could she possibly turn into a genius after a few years?

The gates with a creaking sound, opened quietly.

Before the second elder and the others went inside, Guard A suspiciously took a peep inside. There wasn’t a single ripple in the scarlet red lake water, and it was empty all around, there simply wasn’t another person.

It seemed that he truly did have visual and auditory hallucinations. Guard A scratched his head and laughed with ‘hehe’ sounds in embarrassment.

The second elder and the third princess walked slowly inside.

The second elder had a dark expression as he swept a glance over the third princess. Then, he said apathetically, “You only have one chance. I hope you can grasp it well.”

“I thank Second Elder for giving Rong’er this chance.” The third princess curtsied.

Inside the royal family, the Elder Group had power which reached into the skies, almost above even the imperial powers. Even when the emperor saw someone from the Elder Group, he would be submissive. Naturally, this third princess did not dare to be impudent.

“Hmph.” The second elder was icily arrogant and gave a heavy snort, “So quick to say such nonsense. Hurry up and go down!”

After being reprimanded, the rims of the third princess’s eyes reddened slightly, but she dared not complain. She simply nodded and walked barefoot, step by step, walking into the center of the lake.

The second elder smiled coldly. Immediately after, he tossed a white crystal stone into the scarlet red lake waters.

“Give you an hour. If you still can’t refine it, then you’ll just have to wait to marry into the Eastern Ling Empire.” The second elder turned around to sit down on a praying mat on the ground. Then, he closed his eyes and began to meditate.

The third princess tearfully and solemnly nodded.

She wasn’t a fool. Now that Northern Mo was becoming a threat to Eastern Ling, sending her over, saying to get married, in fact, it was to lull the nerves of Eastern Ling, to make them think that Northern Mo had intentions of peace. Then, to catch them off guard… For her to be sent over to Eastern Ling under these circumstances, where would she still have the fate to live?

The third princess thought up to here and was even more determined to refine the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone.

As long as she could refine the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone, even if it’s just one fifth of this fist-sized Snow Spirit Crystal Stone, then it would prove that she was capable of washing the impurities from her marrow. So, she could cultivate her family’s martial art. Only like this would she be able to live.

The third princess sat cross-legged in the center of the scarlet red lake. With her eyes shut tight, she refined this Snow Spirit Crystal Stone with single-hearted devotion.

However, the tragic thing was that no matter how whole-heartedly she devoted herself to refining, the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone floating before her was like an obstinate, unchangeable stone, simply bereft of even a little bit of a sign that it was softening.

The later it got, the more the third princess lost her cool. Cold sweat on her face dripped down with brushing sounds.

‘It doesn’t work. It still doesn’t work… Why is it like this?’ Clearly, just earlier, she was able to send out a water ball high up into the sky. This showed that she had made remarkable progress with her water element system, how could it be like this…?

The third princess was so anxious that she nearly went around in circles.

At this moment, under the lake water, in a spot near the third princess, there were two shadows hidden there.

These two people weren’t anybody else, but Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun.

Just now, before Su Luo finished asking her question, the second elder had already brought the third princess over. Without saying anything more, Nangong Liuyun had carried Su Luo and gone into hiding under the lake waters.

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