DKC – Chapter 1296

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Chapter 1296 – Clear Spirit Pool (5)

“Don’t tell me it’s really my ear that’s hearing hallucinations?” Guard A was persuaded by these two people to the extent of somewhat doubting himself.

“It’s an illness, that needs to be treated,” Guard B said in a low tone.

“Must be treated.” Guard C firmly supported Guard B.

“Oh, guess when I go back I’ll have to sleep properly. It’s probably because I’ve been too tired lately.” Guard A was finally convinced by those two blockheads to give up on his own thoughts.

When Su Luo heard this conversation from outside, the smile at the corners of her lips widened even further.

Just at this moment, all of a sudden, Su Luo felt a subtle sound coming from above her head.

Before Su Luo could react, she discovered that she had been pulled tightly into the chest of a black shadow.

The familiar male scent immediately made Su Luo’s eyes flash with a trace of brightness.

“Nangong Liuyun, it really is you!” Su Luo grabbed his arms, pleasantly surprised. She looked him up and down. Only after seeing that he had come out unscathed did she finally let out a breath of relief.

“Silly girl, besides me, who would dare to hug you?” A hint of a strong aggressiveness flashed by like waves in His Highness Prince Jin’s eyes. Only he could hug his woman.

“Miser.” Su Luo poked his cheek and then asked with a flower-like smiling face, “The matter has been settled well?”

“Your husband personally took action, can there be a matter that isn’t settled properly?” Nangong Liuyun complacently wiggled his thick black blade-like eyebrows.

“You should just stay on that side and be proud of yourself. Can’t be bothered with you.” Su Luo had just stood up. However, before she could stand firm, her ankle was pulled by Nangong Liuyun who harbored evil designs, and she was directly tossed into the scarlet-colored lake waters.

When she fell into the lake, a splash sound could be heard.

Immediately, Su Luo’s pair of eyes glared fiercely at Nangong Liuyun. Even Nangong Liuyun was startled stiff as he foolishly looked at Su Luo.

At this time, the two of them simultaneously turned their heads towards the doorway, because soft conversational noises were coming from there.

Guard A scooped out his ear, cupped his eyes and muttered to himself, “This hallucinatory hearing disease seems to be getting more and more serious.”

Guard B nodded his head in agreement: “After returning must treat it properly, so as to avoid interfering with the assignments given by those above us.”

Inside the temple, Su Luo’s entire person was resting on Nangong Liuyun’s shoulders, convulsing with laughter. However, fortunately, she managed to contain it and didn’t let out any sound.

Nangong Liuyun patted her head while laughing.

With great difficulty, Su Luo finally finished laughing. Her breathing also evened out. Only then did she ask softly: “Didn’t you go to grab the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone? Why don’t I see it?”

Nangong Liuyun smiled with a face full of profound mystery. The corners of his mouth hooked into a mysterious smile: “Rest assured, naturally, someone will send it over.”

Not long after he finished saying this, fragmented footsteps could be heard coming from outside the temple. Furthermore, if one listened carefully, one would realize that it was a lot of people.

When the guards outside the door saw the approaching people, astonishment immediately flashed across their eyes.

‘At this time, why did Second Elder come here? Moreover, he even brought along Third Princess? This is…’

The guards were inwardly puzzled, yet they still stood where they were, adhering strictly to their posts.

The guard captain respectfully greeted: “Second Elder, you’ve come?”

Second Elder was dressed in a cyan robe, with both hands held behind his back and an arrogantly cold appearance. He looked down arrogantly and cast the guard captain an indifferent glance, then in an ice-cold manner, arrogantly humphed: “Has anything happened recently?”

The guard captain initially wanted to report according to the facts and reveal the assassin incident which had just happened. However, seeing Second Elder’s arrogant appearance, he followed the principle of avoiding unnecessary trouble and concealed this matter.

The guard captain stooped down, lowered his gaze, and said correctly: “Thanks to Second Elder’s good fortune, everything is well in Clear Spirit Palace.”

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