DKC – Chapter 127

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Chapter 127 – To adapt to one’s taste (4)

Su Luo decided on this《Rebirth of Flesh Pill Recipe》, after she memorized the words, she withdrew from her space and returned to reality.

Because only her spirit went in, even if the task was accomplished in front of everyone, nobody would be able to see any flaw among her actions to be suspicious off.

Su Luo’s hand grasped the brush and, with a focused expression, she effortlessly started to write. Once she wrote about one third of the recipe, the corner of her eyes perked up and her lips formed a devious and sly smile.

She stopped writing and picked up the paper that could move the heart of Apothecary Leng. She blew on the paper to dry the ink-marks left by the brush. She quickly blow-dried the ink-marks.

Su Luo called to a servant that was passing by with a look that screamed don’t question my order and said. “Deliver this to your master Apothecary Leng.”

The servant frowned.

Ordinarily there inevitably would be guests who want to see Apothecary Leng. They would secretly pass their business card through the servants to deliver to Apothecary Leng. However according to his knowledge, none of these people ever succeeded, furthermore they had to do it shouldering a huge risk.

Therefore that servant without a second thought refused.

However Su Luo only gave an enigmatic smile and said. “Don’t refuse so quickly, don’t you know, your chance to achieve meteoric success of a lifetime is certainly depended on what’s written on this paper.” After she finished speaking, Su Luo immediately stuffed a heavy silver nugget in the servant’s sleeves.

Placing the icing on cakes, regardless of it being modern or ancient times would always be applicable.

The servant was also very bold, he didn’t have to think very long before nodding his head. He securely folded his sleeves together and quickly left.

Watching his back as he left, Su Luo’s smile harbored some malicious intentions.

In the midst of this encounter, Steward Xu had a puzzled and unconvinced expression while watching Su Luo. Only now, did he doubtfully inquire. “Miss Su, you have such certainty of the outcome?”

What exactly was written on that piece of paper? Steward Xu was very intrigued.

Su Luo lifted the teacup while showing no signs of nerves, she took a sip of tea. After putting the cup down, her eyelids dropped slightly while her mouth curved into a smile. “It’s not me with the assurance, rather that sheet with the pill recipe is determined. Does Steward Xu know what the most precious treasure is to Apothecary Leng?”

Steward Xu earnestly said. “This is not difficult to guess, it definitely is Primeval Pill Recipes.” With regards to Apothecaries, all of them had a strong longing for Primeval Pill Recipes.

However, Primeval Pill Recipes had already been lost on the continent. Even the parts that were not lost, was hidden within the control of large and influential families. It certainly would not exist within the hands of ordinary Apothecaries.

Su Luo pursed her lips and smiled, her smile was profoundly mysterious.

Just when Steward Xu was hesitating on what to say, suddenly the sound of hurried footsteps came from outside. Following that the door to the room was urgently pushed open.

The person that came was none other than Steward Leng who had previously glanced at Su Luo with dislike.

Only gloom could be seen on his grumpy face, those arrogant and critical eyes swept Su Luo a quick glance, while haughtily asked her. “Was it you who delivered a slip of paper to our master?”

Su Luo’s gaze was unperturbed. Her snow white skin gave off an icy and distant impression. She raised an eyebrow at him, not denying nor admitting anything.

Steward Leng coldly smiled and sneered. “Didn’t expect that you, such a girl, would have such a scheme planned. Let me tell you. You are very lucky, for our master had agreed to see you. Now come with me!”

Steward Leng’s attitude toward Su Luo was full of disdain and even seemed to hold her in contempt.

Now his condescending manner was like a noble giving charity to Su Luo who happened to be poor.

Although Steward Xu was furious at Steward Leng’s attitude, after hearing that Apothecary Leng had agreed to see Su Luo, the corner of his eyes and eyebrows crinkled into a joyful expression. This means it was entirely possible that Apothecary Leng could potentially personally act to save a life.

However, Su Luo’s behavior made his eyes pop open.

Su Luo’s face remained calm, her icy glass like beautiful eyes indifferently glanced at Steward Leng. She turned toward Steward Xu and serenely said. “We have been here for quite some time and don’t know how the sick person is doing in our family. Let’s go back home and take a look first.”

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