DKC – Chapter 126

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Chapter 126 – To adapt to one’s taste (3)

Su Luo lifted her eyebrows with a smile that was not a smile: “May I ask, is Steward Xu in?”

Steward Xu? A complicated expression flashed across Steward Leng’s face; Steward Xu’s identity was mysterious, and was not someone he could casually offend.

He stared at Su Luo, turned around, then walked away, but he still left behind a single sentence: “Let them in.”

Even though he was merely a steward, he was actually arrogant to this extent … Su Luo shook her head, she would not bother with this type of person. However if he committed such offense within her hands, then he better beseech good fortune for himself.

With a servant leading the way, Su Luo was very quickly reunited with Steward Xu.

Although Steward Xu did not experience that kind of difficult situation of kneeling outside the doors, he was not much better off.

Steward Leng had placed Steward Xu in room located in a side wing of the manor. A young maid was standing on the side waiting for orders; if hungry, there were pastries on the table, if thirsty, there was tea that was neither hot nor cold, fulfilling the basic requirements mandated by etiquette. However, he still wouldn’t let Steward Xu meet with Apothecary Leng.

Steward Xu’s entire face was full of anxiety. “We can endure it but master can’t, this won’t do! I must personally look for Apothecary Leng. I don’t believe that based on master’s prestige, that he, Leng Yan, would dare to utter the word ‘no’!”

Although this manor was the Tigerwolf Regiment’s secret base, in order to save His Highness, this kind of risk was worth taking.

Su Luo frowned, was he preparing to inform Apothecary Leng of Nangong Liuyun’s identity?

He could only see Su Luo blocking his path., Lowering her voice, she said. “The matter has not reached such an extent. How about this, let me give it a try.”

Along the way, Su Luo had observed and heard everything, she already had a good grasp of Leng Yao’s temperament. She merely lifted her hands to summon the servant to come, and softly instructed. “Bring me brush, paper and ink-stone.”

Although the servant was puzzled, she nevertheless brought all the items Su Luo asked for.

Sitting in front of the table, Su Luo’s hand dipped the brush with ink. It seemed as if she was deep in thought.

But in actuality, her spirit was already in her space.

She remembered that when she was in the cave, in addition to picking up Elder Zi Huo’s 《Obscure Pill Recipes》, there were also another dozen yellow pages of short notes, with densely-packed symbols and words. At that time, Su Luo’s was in an urgent situation, and thus had no time to carefully examine it, only guessing that it could be Primeval Pill Recipes.

A moment ago, she heard Apothecary Zuo say that you could only move Apothecary Leng Yan, if you could give him Primeval Pill Recipes.

Therefore, Su Luo immediately thought of that stack of yellow papers left in the corner of her space.

Su Luo picked it up and carefully flipped through it. Sure enough, every sheet of paper was a pill recipe. Also, it was clearly written on top of every sheet the words Primeval Pill Recipes.

Although Su Luo had never seen what other Primeval Pill Recipes looked like, but Elder Zi Huo’s reputation was nevertheless a trustworthy guarantee. Anything that Elder Zi Huo viewed as valuable enough to be put together with his《Obscure Pill Recipes》could absolutely not be a fake.

Su Luo randomly pulled one out, looked at it, and found that it was a recipe for 《Rebirth of Flesh Pill》.

Rebirth of Flesh Pill, as the name implied, was the idea of regenerating new flesh. If someone had their hand or foot cut off, with the Rebirth of Flesh Pill, it would be possible to regrow the limbs as before.

This sheet of Primeval Pill Recipes had been lost from the continent for a long time. Nobody would have predicted that it would once again appear in Su Luo’s hands.

Su Luo closely studied this sheet of Primeval Pill Recipe.

Not only were the required ingredients listed in detail, but it also successively listed every step in the procedure, every detail, and any possible problems that could come up, as well as the solutions to those problems. All of it had been painstakingly clearly recorded. Moreover, to refine this Rebirth of Flesh Pill required the services of an Advanced Apothecary or higher.

Su Luo was currently very far from an Advanced Apothecary, and it would require her to walk a long road to get there. Therefore, she did not care about this pill recipe.

Naturally if this sheet of pill recipe was still unable to move Apothecary Leng, then Su Luo would consider offering him the Zi Huo medicinal cauldron. After all, with regards to her thoughts, the Zi Huo medicinal cauldron was merely a dead object, while Nangong Liuyun was a responsibility that she could not shift to anyone else.

Although Su Luo knew that the Primeval Pill Recipe was very precious, but the facts afterwards proved that she had still excessively underestimated its worth…

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  1. Lord Smooze says:

    Good girl, she’s being smart and only starting off with a copy. She also acknowledges that since she’s at lvl.0 all that super advanced stuff is till worthless to her since she’s nowhere skilled enough to make any use of it.

    • moridain says:

      I am a little confused about her wording though. The way she says it is as though giving away the copy somehow removes it from her.

      • Lord Smooze says:

        One less pill she would hold a monopoly on. She still has a bunch of them and they belong to her alone but each one shared would be less for her alone to use. If knowledge of the recipe spreads enemies can use it to their advantage.

      • Potion says:

        I think she isn’t actually writing a copy as that would require too much writing/time & copying symbols she doesn’t understand. Maybe instead she is writing a letter to him to accompany the recipe? So she is sacrificing a recipe, but only one page and not the whole book or even a page in the book (though one accompanying the book)….it is still a shame to lose it as it seems like it could be very useful. (I hope that is not why it says she is underestimating its worth…it definitely implies it causes a bigger uproar than she imagines–hopefully it’s not too much attention drawn to her.)

        What I’m wondering is if as a result including the recipe with the letter (therefore losing it), will this serve as advance payment or as proof of her having more recipes she is required to give as payment? Hopefully, the part about it causing a huge uproar implies that is sufficient…I’m also worried that the uproar might include imprisoning her in order to acquire more/the rest of the recipes she has…but maybe I’m worrying too much….

      • RoflCat says:

        The last line is that what she think the recipe she has is worth vs its actual value in others eye is vastly different.

        It’s like if she has an Elixir from RPG game and think “eh, it’s just a full heal” but to others the ability to instantly recover all wounds and give you peak strength in the mere instant it takes to drink it is on the line of miracle.

  2. SaberWolf says:

    Aye. I was worried there for quite a while. Also, Thank you for the translation June!

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    Thanks June for the update. I am sure SL will think of a solution.

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    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  5. Owl says:

    The only way she would avoid getting “offed” for the recipes if they knew she had them would be to say she created them and it’s all in her head, otherwise people would be tempted to change their ownership the old fashioned way. And once she says that, it means she’s admitting to the world that she is an apothecary and an advanced level one at that.

  6. Midori says:

    thank you—-!
    hehehe, she got in, now, time to see the reactions to the treasure—!

  7. Kaiser says:

    Let’s see.
    She is smart enough, so she has to negotiate with simmering very valuable she didn’t even understand well.
    That pill it’s really an amazing unique lost one, should be valued princely high…
    NL is worth of.

  8. misae says:

    Thanks for the chapters!

  9. Ricecal says:

    while she owned treasures beyond imagination, people still see her as good for nothing.
    I really like where this is going 🙂
    Thank you very much.

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