DKC – Chapter 1234

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Chapter 1234 – Big operation of excavating the tree (6)

“Cough cough cough……Second Young Master, this servant didn’t lie, the Divine Spirit Tree, the Divine Spirit Tree is missing ah! The four elders have already chased after it in all four directions.”

“How could the Divine Spirit Tree be missing? This is simply an enormous joke!” Mo Yunfeng completely didn’t believe it, however, the bad premonition in his heart nevertheless became stronger and stronger. Panting with rage, he pushed open the door and went out, “This young master will personally go and see.”

The black-clothed man followed behind Mo Yunfeng and quickly left.

Very quickly, Su Luo was the only one left in the room.

Su Luo patted her certainly throbbing heart.

Mo Yunfeng proved himself to be a ninth-ranked expert. Just now, when he got angry, the spirit energy in the air broke out into intense chaos, almost suffocating Su Luo. Fortunately, she was well-hidden, otherwise, there would have been the danger of being exposed.

Mo Yunfeng had already left, if she didn’t leave now, when should she wait until?

Su Luo, having lingering fear, patted her chest. She turned around, wanting to teleport away.

However, a light suddenly flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

Just leaving like this, wasn’t it letting Mo Yunfeng off too easily? She had arrived in his bedroom, with great difficulty, she ought to leave something behind for him, right?

What good stuff should she leave behind? Su Luo stroked her chin, cocking her head, pondering.

“Little Stone, do you know how to write?” Su Luo poked the little stone in her mind.

Little Stone silently rolled his eyes at Su Luo. Do you have to look down on people like this?

Su Luo was ecstatic in her heart: “Then, can you imitate someone else’s handwriting?”

Little Stone rolled his eyes at Su Luo: “Such a low-end skill, who can’t?”

Su Luo realized suddenly that she was being looked down upon. She couldn’t do it, alright? Clearly, it was a very high-end skill.

“Then, can you help me with something, alright?” Every time Su Luo asked the little stone to help her, she would use a good tone to beseech him.

“Not okay.”

“Why?” Su Luo pouted her little mouth.

“No time.” He was busy refining the spirit energy he had just absorbed.

“Little Stone, you’re too much! You say, just now, if I didn’t bring you, how could you have absorbed the spirit energy from that transparent protective screen? You say, could you have?” Su Luo feigned anger and said in accusatory manner.

“……” The little stone speechlessly looked at this great aunt. Obviously, it was he who helped her absorb it, alright? Were all the people in the little Miss’s home so unreasonable?

“Little Stone, you say, having absorbed that spirit power, didn’t you receive some benefit?”

“……Yes.” The sage really had foresight, it was difficult to bring up a woman and a vile person.

“Then, you must help me in this matter, you say, will you help or not?”

“……Will help.” The little stone speechlessly picked at his ears. In order to be able to quietly refine the spirit power later, in order to be able to get out of this rotten stone earlier, our grandpa stone could only be helplessly blackmailed by Su Luo.

As a result, after getting the little stone’s agreement, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a strange smile.

Mo Yunfeng, since the Heavens sent me here, then, I’ll give you the best gift, you must kindly accept it oh.

This was Mo Yunfeng’s room, naturally, it had a lot of things he had personally written.

Su Luo scurried around in the courtyard, very quickly, she then found the location of the study.

Mo Yunfeng’s study was neat and clean, untainted by even a speck of dust.

Su Luo was a secret agent in her former life, she was best at gathering intelligence and looking for stuff. Therefore, she effortlessly found the drawer in which Mo Yunfeng stored his letters.

As for the lock on the drawer, could it a problem for our Miss Su? The answer certainly was a no ah.

She fished out a thick pile of letters from the drawer, Su Luo then opened the letters, quickly skimming over it one by one.

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