DKC – Chapter 1165

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Chapter 1165 – Asura’s Purgatory (3)

When the Ice Frost Technique appeared, those four fists all smashed on that thick layer of ice.

The four fists filled with an especially formidable strength broke through that alarmed the heavens.

One could only hear an exploding sound in the air.

In a flash, the thick layer of ice was cracked into fine powder.

“Oof——” Situ Ming’s chest and back were heavily jolted.

He felt a sweet flavor in his throat, and unable to keep it down, he spouted out a mouthful of blood.

“Second Senior Brother!” Li Yaoyao loudly shrieked, simultaneously, she was so scared that her flowery appearance turned pale.

She didn’t expect that Second Senior Brother would actually be this weak. This was only the first round, so he was already beaten to the point of spitting out blood, then what’s to be done later?

In fact, Li Yaoyao completely didn’t find any fault on her own body. If she didn’t act seeing an opportunity by lowering her body, Situ Ming could have dodged two fists. Not like now, to stiffly resist four fists.

“Yaoyao, quickly run, Second Senior Brother will protect you well!” Situ Ming pushed Li Yaoyao forward, throwing her far into the distance.

Li Yaoyao, quick-witted in an emergency, immediately turned to get off the stage.

Because offstage was the strongest Third Senior Brother! Second Senior Brother simply could not protect her!

Li Yaoyao’s flowery appearance paled, running as fast as flying, her after-images quickly flashed by.

However, just as Li Yaoyao’s foot stepped on the battle stage’s edge——

At this moment, an extremely strong suction force bore down on Li Yaoyao’s back, just like a vacuum cleaner, it ruthlessly sucked Li Yaoyao back.

It was as if Li Yaoyao was bound by a rope, in mid-air, forming a parabolic shape, she fell backwards.

“No!!! Save me ah!!! Second Senior Brother! Third Senior Brother!!!” Li Yaoyao felt her body was being pulled back at a great speed.

Nangong Liuyun frowned, yet stood in place as before, motionless. He completely didn’t have the desire to step forward and help.

However, Situ Ming was completely the opposite!

“Yaoyao!” Situ Ming roared as if his heart was torn and lungs split. His facial features were furious and fiercely twisted, looking like a berserk beast.

But regardless of how hard Situ Ming tried, he was unable to get near Li Yaoyao at all, because at this moment, he was firmly being engaged by three iron tower-like strong men.

These three were all ninth rank, and SItu Ming’s strength was also, at best, only at the ninth rank. Therefore, how could he possibly beat them?

Now, Situ Ming was being hit by a fist from the left, then hit by another fist. He only had the strength to block and no strength to hit back. He simply couldn’t save himself, let alone others. How could he still go to protect Li Yaoyao?

The three iron tower-like strong men were battling with Situ Ming, then what about the one that remained? Naturally, he was playing with Li Yaoyao.

That iron tower-like strong man, mercilessly lifted up Li Yaoyao by one foot.

“No! No!” Li Yaoyao was so scared that she directly kicked her leg! She thought of Luo Dieyi and also Luo Haochen. They were precisely lifted up by the leg and crushed to death!

Li Yaoyao was extremely panic-stricken and struggled non-stop, but regardless of how much she resisted, in front of such a large disparity in strength, everything was futile.

This iron tower-like strong man easily lifted her up, effortlessly, like lifting up a chick.

No matter, this person was also rather interesting, he didn’t directly toss Li Yaoyao out to be smashed like before. Rather, he single-handedly lifted her up above his head and swung her around, playing with her.

Li Yaoyao, terrified, unceasingly let out intense mournful yells.

This iron tower-like strong man seemed to have evil tastes, he actually felt that the intense mournful yells from Li Yaoyao were very pleasant to hear. Thus, he used Li Yaoyao as a rope to swing around in circles above his head.

“Second Senior Brother!!!” Li Yaoyao mournfully shouted, crying until she was gasping for breath.

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