DKC – Chapter 1164

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Chapter 1164 – Asura’s Purgatory (2)

“Asura’s Purgatory, what do you mean?” Although Beichen Ying had also guessed a little, but he didn’t dare think deeper about it……Because if that notion was really true, then it was simply too despairing to contemplate.

“In fact, you have already guessed it.” Nangong Liuyun slowly sighed.

“No, no way, right!” Beichen Ying was so scared that his butt sat on the ground, his voice carrying a trace of trembling: “It really is a tag match?”

Zi Yan discovered that both of their complexions weren’t good and asked in puzzlement: “What are you guys talking about?”

Su Luo gloomily looked at her: ”Asura’s Purgatory meaning is precisely, the first group Luo Haochen and them lost, therefore, the two people on the other side join the second group, and so on……”

Zi Yan’s complexion turned pale in a flash, her hand that grabbed Su Luo’s sleeve trembled somewhat: “Your words’ meaning is, if Li Yaoyao and them also die, then when we go on stage, we will face six, six, six iron tower-like strong men?!”

Su Luo sadly nodded her head: “Nangong Liuyun and I are last.”

What she hadn’t said was, if the preceding six people lost completely, then the two of them would face eight iron tower-like strong men.

Moreover, the preceding six iron tower-like strong men were clearly above the ninth rank. Whereas the remaining iron tower like strong men were all above the tenth rank. Even if it was one against one, Nangong Liuyun would still be under a lot of strain, let alone to say being swarmed by them.

“What is to be done ah?” Zi Yan was so anxious that she ran around in circles, “If we cannot fight in sequential order, group after group, then we might as well go up together?”

Su Luo speechlessly looked at Zi Yan, who was so anxious as to be flying around like a headless housefly: “If it was before, then fine. But after the Nine Different Palace Halls’ master had set the rules, then to break it……”

Under the Nine Different Palace Halls’ master’s anger, they would all be obliterated.

Just a thought from him could completely wipe them out.

Zi Yan found that being anxious was also useless, thus, she turned her attention to the stage.

At this moment, Situ Ming had already heard Su Luo’s and their conversation, but this dialogue made his heart sink down, little by little, finally falling into an abyss.

“Second Senior Brother……” Seeing the four iron tower-like strong men gather to come towards them, Li Yaoyao was so anxious that she almost cried.

Situ Ming was also anxious in his heart ah. He could barely stall two iron tower-like strong men, but four……

“Second Senior Brother, hurry up and think of a way ah, hurry up ah!” Li Yaoyao almost collapsed.

Situ Ming tightly closed his eyes, when he opened them again, there was already an unwavering determination in them.

Situ Ming tightly held Li Yaoyao’s hand and gazed at her deeply. His eyes carried strong yearning and deep love: “Yaoyao, when the battle starts, then quickly flee. Run as fast as you can!”

“I……” Li Yaoyao thought for a bit and solemnly nodded, “Okay, I definitely won’t burden Second Senior Brother!”

Situ Ming nodded his head and gazed deeply at Li Yaoyao again.

Just at this moment, the four iron tower-like strong men swarmed around and quickly surrounded the two people.

Four ninth-ranked experts, moreover, typical examples of strong experts, how formidable must those fists be?

The four of them simultaneously waved their fists!

The air gave out a sizzling sound because of the friction.

Li Yaoyao was so scared that her flowery appearance lost all color. She subconsciously lowered her figure, thus, all the fists went towards Situ Ming!

Originally they only had to deal with two people, but now, four shining fists smashed towards Situ Ming, immediately, the pressure on him suddenly increased!

“Ice Frost Technique!” Situ Ming shouted out loudly, at the critical moment tightly covering himself in a thick layer of frost.

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