DKC – Chapter 1127

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Chapter 1127 – The Seventh Challenge (11)

Seventh Young Master’s eyes contained a smile and said to Su Luo: “But you really did make that movement ah. You say, how did the other person slander you?”

Yeah, did it was did it! It seems Seventh Young Master wasn’t that biased! Li Yaoyao inevitably started to be proud of herself once again.

Who would have thought, Su Luo put on an appearance of having been wronged: “Seventh Young Master, I am being wrongly accused! Just now, it was too hot, I was merely fanning myself. How did it get tarnished to become cheating?”

Fanning herself?

Seventh Young Master’s smile was odd.

Li Yaoyao was thoroughly stupefied.

Zi Yan and the others were excited again.

Because fanning herself and the movement of tossing a ball up and down was naturally identical ah. Also, only Su Luo’s kind, with such a clever mind, could react this quickly.

But Li Yaoyao still wasn’t resigned ah, she loudly shouted: “Impossible! You were clearly cheating! Cheating!”

Seventh Young Master’s face hardened, his ice-cold eyes were like frost: “Slandering another adds another level to the crime, seeing that you’ve already lost your wrist, I’ll first forgive you for now, but just this once! Humph!”

Couldn’t help but say, Seventh Young Master’s hardened face appearance could really scare people.

In any case, in that split second, Li Yaoyao was scared to the point of foolishly standing on the spot and keeping quiet out of fear.

Turning around, Li Yaoyao very fiercely glared at Su Luo. Her fist was tightly clenched, hating to the point of gnashing her teeth.

Su Luo’s eyes shone, immensely proud of herself. She cast a provocative glance at her.

“You!” Li Yaoyao was so angry that she almost spit out some blood. She completely didn’t anticipate that after Su Luo cheated, she would still be so arrogant.

Su Luo raised her chin, and looked at her with a ghost of a smile with far-reaching meaning in her eyes.

“Su Luo, I’ll remember you!” Li Yaoyao, panting with rage, threw out a sentence to save face. She turned around, and left with large strides.

From the strength in her strides, she was really not angered lightly by Su Luo.

“Li Yaoyao, I’ll also remember you.” When Li Yaoyao passed by Beichen Ying’s side, he extended out a foot.

The pathetic Jade Lake’s fairy, still thinking of ways to murder Su Luo in her head, completely wasn’t paying attention to her feet, consequently——

‘Thump’ sound rang out——

The Jade Lake’s fairy, who placed herself above the common people, directly fell flat on her face.

“Beichen Ying!!!” Li Yaoyao shrewishly shouted in anger!

A tiger which landed in flat land was cheated by a dog (1)!

She couldn’t win against Su Luo, then forget it, now, even Beichen Ying was bullying her!

Beichen Ying smilingly looked at her: “Jade Lake’s fairy, seeing you look at me so excitedly, have I grown to be that handsome?”

Li Yaoyao’s complexion was red through and through!

However, she couldn’t win a quarrel with Beichen Ying, and couldn’t win a fight against him. In the end, she could only look at Situ Ming with an appeal for help: “Second Senior Brother ……”

Not waiting for Situ Ming to speak, Beichen Ying sneeringly looked at Situ Ming with naked ridicule in his eyes.

The words were at the tip of Situ Ming’s tongue, ultimately, he only sighed: “Yaoyao……”

Seventh Young Master indifferently swept them a glance, he put the fish he had hooked into the fish basket and then stretched a bit: “Enough, you passed this challenge, next one.”

This time, he didn’t designate who was next, all depended on their own initiative.

Zi Yan looked at Su Luo and Su Luo nodded her head.

As a result, Zi Yan then took a step forward: “I’ll go.”

Seventh Young Master’s gaze returned from Zi Yan’s body to Su Luo, after making a circle, he then nodded his head: “A pretty little lady losing her wrist really doesn’t look so good. How about this, this young master will give you a simple question.”

Once these words were said, Li Yaoyao had the desire to bite Seventh Young Master to death! What was called ‘a pretty little lady losing her wrist really doesn’t look so good’? Don’t tell me she wasn’t prettier than Zi Yan?

Unfair, there were hidden secrets! Li Yaoyao almost went insane from rage.


1) A possible meaning for the proverb: A man who loses position and influence may be subjected to a lot of indignity!

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