DKC – Chapter 1126

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Chapter 1126 – The Seventh Challenge (10)

Once Beichen Ying said the answer, everyone suddenly saw the light.

Just now, their line of thought was all on how to lower the weight of the person, didn’t expected this inserted sideway thought.

“Little Shadow, too impressive!” Zi Yan loudly said and excitedly clapped.

Among the four of them, they didn’t need to worry about Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo. The only ones holding them back were the two of them. Now, Beichen Ying had already passed, it was really good!

However, when a top quality person appeared in the team, the matter of side issues that keep arising was often unavoidable.

“You guys cheated!” The Jade Lake’s fairy cried out loudly, covering her wrist that had just stopped bleeding with great difficulty.

“What nonsense are you saying!” Zi Yan had her hands on her hips and very rudely glared back.

“Humph! Just now, I saw it clearly. Obviously, it was Su Luo who reminded Beichen Ying. Otherwise, Beichen Ying simply could not have guessed it!” Li Yaoyao sneered repeatedly, “Isn’t Seventh Young Master omniscient, fair and selfless, you won’t let them just deceive you like this right?”

Li Yaoyao had just checkmated the Seventh Young Master for this move.

After she lost her hand, she had indeed memorized the rules very clearly.

If others were to help with the answer, then the person that helped to answer would be punished. Li Yaoyao hated Su Luo to death, so, at this moment, she wanted to drag Su Luo down into the water with her. Once she established Su Luo’s guilt, then her ending would be either to lose an arm or a leg.

Li Yaoyao had everything planned out nicely, however, what she never reckoned on was Seventh Young Master’s temperament.

Seventh Young Master, the outside appearance was that of a gentle nobleman, but in his bones, he rebelled against orthodoxy, following his heart’s desires, doing whatever he pleased. With that kind of nature that was not restricted and bound by rules.

“You said, Su Luo, that girl, cheated?” Seventh Young Master’s eyes half-narrowed, raised an eyebrow and smiled. He smilingly looked at Li Yaoyao.

“I saw it very clearly! I dare to swear it on my life! If I said half a false word, I’m willing to be struck five times by thunderous lightning from the heavens!” Li Yaoyao’s oath could be said to be sinister.

She was really throwing all caution to the wind.

Since she had lost her hand, there was no reason that Su Luo should get away with it.

Seventh Young Master looked at her with a faint smile: “Then, you say, how did that girl remind him? Why didn’t anyone else see it?”

“That’s right ah, none of us saw it!” Zi Yan loudly echoed Seventh Young Master’s words in agreement.

Luo Dieyi wanted to speak, but was pulled to a stop by Luo Haochen, he shook his head towards Luo Dieyi.

Although this Seventh Young Master was always smiling and quiet, but didn’t you hear what he called Su Luo just now? He was clearly siding with her.

Thus, Luo Haochen, as a wise man that submitted to circumstances, also followed to say a sentence: “We also didn’t see it.”

Li Yaoyao, because of this, was tied up with anger!

She very fiercely sent a glare at Luo Haochen, her hand continuously making movements of throwing a ball: “Just now, Su Luo made this kind of movements! This way of tossing a ball up and down, don’t tell me this still isn’t considered reminding him?!”

Li Yaoyao was immensely proud of herself. This time, the proof was conclusive, Seventh Young Master couldn’t side with her under so many staring eyes, right?

Seventh Young Master was all smiles as he turned his gaze to Su Luo: “Someone accused you of cheating, what do you say?”

His voice was gentle and soft, with unknown meaning.

“I protest! I protest against Jade Lake’s fairy’s malicious slander and defamation of me!” Su Luo, with righteous indignation, waved her fist.

Seventh Young Master was so amused by Su Luo’s exaggerated appearance that he broke into laughter.

Li Yaoyao’s heart was so furious ah.

Because the person that was in charge, how could Seventh Young Master be so openly biased!

She had thought to remind him several sentences, but thinking of Seventh Young Master’s expression that made people apprehensive and terrified, she didn’t dare to speak again.

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