DKC – Chapter 1111

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Chapter 1111 – Danger Lurks on Every Side (1)

Relatively speaking, Zi Yan’s words were much sharper and even more unforgiving of a person’s face.

However, with regards to these greedy, vile characters, even sharper words couldn’t make them blush.

Luo Haochen curled his lips and turned his face away.

“Although there aren’t any more crystal nucleus from Magical Beast Rat leaders, however, there are still a lot of crystal nucleus from the small Magical Beast Rats. It can still be considered that we have earned a profit!” Zi Yan laughed out loud with ‘hahaha’ and turned around to pick at the Magical Beast Rats’ corpses.

Seeing Zi Yan begin to collect them, everyone also didn’t want to be outdone, they joined in, one by one.

“Luo Luo, you’re not coming?” Zi Yan pulled at Beichen Ying, the two people picked the nucleus in great delight yet still didn’t forget to call out to Su Luo.

These Magical Beast Rats were all at the fourth and fifth rank, the majority of these crystal stones were red and yellow-colored. Although they already had no use for these magical beast crystal nucleus, however, with regards to the younger generations in their family, it was still very good crystal stones for their cultivation.

Su Luo smiled lightly and shook her head slightly.

Her several spirit pets could find their own food, the Amethyst Crystal Fish in her space also laid eggs at a fixed time. These low-leveled crystal stones on the ground didn’t have any attractiveness to her.

Just when everyone was picking away in high spirits——

Suddenly, Nangong Liuyun’s gaze slightly creased.

“What’s wrong?” Su Luo was the first to discover his fishiness.

Nangong Liuyun’s cultivation was the highest among them, if even he was frowning, clearly, the matter was somewhat grave.

“There’s danger approaching, take precautions.” Nangong Liuyun’s voice was ice-cold like cold iron.

Those several people that were happily picking up things immediately stiffened from head to toe. They straightened up one after another, directly entering a battle-ready state.

It was simply because Nangong Liuyun’s unfeeling image had already entered deeply into people’s hearts, making people’s heart palpitate.

At the moment, the sun in the mid-air had already ascended to the center.

The temperature all around gradually rose to another height.

“Ah!” Between the time it took Beichen Ying to raised his head, he suddenly discovered something was wrong, “Why are there two suns!”

Everyone, one by one. raised their heads to look!

Sure enough, it was like what Beichen Ying had said. Now, there really were two suns in the sky! This moment was simply too bizarre!

The two suns were up in the middle of the sky, like this, the effect it caused was absolutely not as simple as one plus one.

At this moment, the temperature in the surroundings was very clearly going up quickly!

In the desert, one after another, streams of greenish-black smoke were subsequently given off.

As far as the eye could reach, it was a misty and confusing color, blurring their line of sight.

Everyone felt as if they were in an oven, all around was the boiling hot fire element. So hot as to nearly suffocate them.

“So hot!” Li Yaoyao was the very first to be unable to bear it, both her eyes flipped outwards, her figure on the verge of collapse, nearly falling down.

At this moment, she almost couldn’t breathe.

“What’s to be done? If another sun was to appear, the consequences are too horrible to contemplate!” Luo Dieyi called out loudly.

Because, she was also nearly unable to go on.

In the wake of Luo Dieyi’s having just said that sentence, unexpectedly, they saw in mid-air, a clear blazing red sphere slowly appearing……

“It’s another sun! Luo Dieyi, f*ck, you truly have a crow’s beak! You quickly give me to shut up!!!” Zi Yan was almost roasted into human jerky, her temper also became more irascible.

Luo Dieyi, seeing the phenomenon in front of her, was completely stunned.

She only said the sentence in a moment of desperation, who would have thought that another sun would really appear? If she had known earlier, even if you beat her to death, she wouldn’t say it!

Luo Dieyi tightly covered her mouth, fearing that she would once again make an inauspicious remark.

However, at present, three scorching hot suns in the sky roasted the desert, one after another, streams of greenish-black smoke lingered and intertwined, lingering and pervading through the air.

“My feet are almost scalded to the point of being cooked……” Li Yaoyao dispiritedly said.

Situ Ming, without saying another word, directly put Li Yaoyao on his back.

“Now, what’s to be done about this temperature?” Su Luo, seeing the circumstances were becoming more and more dire, asked Nangong Liuyun in a low voice.

Nangong Liuyun frowned slightly: “This is still not the most grave matter.”

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