DKC – Chapter 1112

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Chapter 1112 – Danger Lurks on Every Side (2)

“What is the thing that’s most grave?” Su Luo asked immediately following after.

She was a fire elemental system mage, her resistance to high temperature was much stronger than an average person.

Now, everyone was drenched in sweat, she was still pretty good.

Nangong Liuyun’s complexion was solemn, but he still rubbed Su Luo’s head: “Be careful of that dense fog.”

Dense fog?

Su Luo’s gaze looked around her surroundings.

Sure enough, in the wake of the rising temperature, from all around, a dense fog gradually began to multiply, blurring people’s line of sight.

The dense fog that could even make Nangong Liuyun have restrained fear, Su Luo’s heart was already on high alert.

As expected, those Magical Beast Rats were only a prelude, rather, this dense fog was the trump card.

The dense fog became stronger and stronger. Very soon, everyone’s line of sight was only within ten square meters.

“Why do I feel dizzy?” Li Yaoyao leaned on Situ Ming’s back, as she inquired with weak breath.

“So it wasn’t only me.” Luo Dieyi released a breath in relief.

She had thought that only she felt dizzy, as it turns out, Li Yaoyao also felt it, it could clearly be seen that this was a widespread phenomenon.

“Prepare for battle.” Nangong Liuyun’s voice was cold and ruthless like iron. It seemed ice-blooded.

He had just finished speaking.

She only saw the dense fog transform into a black face.

These faces looked sinister, showing their teeth, that would shock people’s eyes and astonish their heart.

Without waiting for everyone to react, these faces began to attack fiercely.

One could only see a face approach Luo Dieyi, and without any tender protective feelings for the fairer sex, it opened its mouth wide and directly sprayed a mouthful of black fog towards Luo Dieyi!

Luo Dieyi sensed the ferociousness of the mouthful of black fog, and she rolled on the spot to dodge the black fog attack.

However, her head avoided it, but half strands of her hair couldn’t avoid it.

Those half strands of her hair, in a split second, were burned into dust and scattered on the ground.

“Oh Heavens!” Luo Dieyi was overly frightened, she directly sat on the ground.

She didn’t expect that these faces’ black fog would be so ferocious, its corrosive nature was actually this strong.

Her waist-length black hair was now burned until it only reached her shoulders. If she had dodged even a little bit slower, very likely, it wouldn’t have been only her hair that got burned.

Thinking up to here, Luo Dieyi’s back was covered in sweat. Her back felt cold. Her entire body became stiff, with her complexion as pale as paper.

Those faces seemed to be controlled by someone, separately surrounding the people at the scene. At everyone’s side was at least ten faces….

“What to do? Quickly think of an idea ah!”

Li Yaoyao was scared to the point that her legs and feet felt weak.

She was already weak, now, she could only repeatedly dodge. Her physical strength was nearly used up with nothing left.

She took a furtive look at Su Luo.

And saw her safely and steadily staying inside the protection cover. She even acted as if she was taking things very seriously by enjoying their thrilling actions.

For a moment, Li Yaoyao was so jealous that she almost spit out a mouthful of blood.

This was simply too unfair!

Regardless of whether it was voluntary or not, when all’s said and done, everyone entered this Xian’s Wood Residence. The biggest goal was to look for medicine for Su Luo. But she, on the other hand, along this entire journey, seemed to be on a scenic tour, leisurely and at ease. Whenever she encountered danger, she would hide in that protective cover that was very safe!

Li Yaoyao was angry and bitter in her heart, yet was helpless. Who told her to have a person that was an exceptional expert who cupped her in the center of his palm, afraid she would lose a single hair!

In fact, at the moment, Su Luo was not as relaxed as she seemed on the surface.

At this moment, more and more sinister faces were circling around Nangong Liuyun, moreover, they were all the ones that had the greatest strength.

Although Nangong Liuyun’s strength was formidable, but because he used thirty percent of his strength to maintain Su Luo’s protection cover, therefore, confronted with these sinister faces with formidable strength that approached like a torrential rush, now, he had no choice but to respond with all his strength.

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