DKC – Chapter 1110

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Chapter 1110 – The Sixth Challenge, Rat Tide (5)

“Howlwoo, howlwoo——”The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s eyes turned red from being anxious, she grabbed the little divine dragon’s claws and refused to let go.

Only one more cyan-colored crystal stone, as long as she got another one, she would level up, damn it!

The little divine dragon stuck his pink tongue out at the fox, wiggling his tail. He jumped and bounced towards Su Luo.

The always cunning little fox got played by the little divine dragon once, panting with rage, she chased after him.

However, because of these three spirit pets’ help, the battle situation was instantly reversed.

Having lost the command and management of the Magical Beasts Rat leaders, these regular black-furred Magical Beast Rats were just a mob.

Beichen Ying and the others cast various magical spells that attacked neatly.

Fire system, Column of Flame!

Wood system, Twine!

Ice system, Icicle!

Wind system, Wind blades!

Streaks of light flashed by in the surrounding area.

A countless number of element spells bombarded an area of five hundred meters.

The place where light flashed by, would have a bunch of black-furred Magical Beast Rats fall down in place.

Finally, in the end, all of the black furred Magical Beast Rats were cleanly wiped out.

“Exhale——Finally killed all of them…” Zi Yan’s whole body was drained as she fell to sit down in place.

Now, the clothing on her body was bloodstained. Her face and upper body was full of sweat.

This battle, nearly consumed all of her physical and spirit strength. Now she didn’t even have the strength to move a finger.

Just now, in order to survive, to achieve victory, she had killed non-stop. Now, after finished killing, when she returned to her senses, she then realized how exhausted her body was.

It was not only Zi Yan, almost everyone on the scene was as tired as an ox, gasping for breath.

But during this battle, Nangong Liuyun, from beginning to the end, didn’t make a move.

Now that the battle had ended, naturally, there were some people who complained.

“We obviously had eight people, but only six people fought. Of course we were no match for the rat tide, humph!” Luo Dieyi recalled those countless rats pouring out of everywhere madly rushing towards her, she could only felt her scalp go numb. As a result, her complaints only became stronger.

Zi Yan scoffed heavily in displeasure: “Luo Luo and Nangong Liuyun didn’t fight in the battle, but which of her three spirit pets were inferior to us? If they didn’t fight, could you still live until now?”

Luo Dieyi was suddenly choked by her words.

She wanted to retort, but realized that what Zi Yan said was the truth!

“But what about those cyan-colored crystals stones? Shouldn’t it be distributed equally? “ Luo Haochen’s expression was imperious.

He had looked on helplessly as those two spirit pets split the crystal stones, one after another, with crunching sounds like biting on beans. Only heavens knew, he was close to going mad out of jealousy.

Those weren’t green soybeans, those were cyan-colored crystals stones, my good brethren, alright? Eating them like green soybeans, wouldn’t it choke them to death?

Therefore, after having survived, Luo Haochen’s first sentence was to mention the issue of who those cyan-colored crystal stones belong to.

Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo exchanged a glance, both saw a smiling expression in each other’s eyes.

But neither of them said anything, they wanted to see just how selfish human nature was, how greedy.

Beichen Ying unhappily rolled his eyes at Luo Haochen: “I only want to ask you, if there weren’t the little divine dragon and little fox fighting in this battle, would we have died?”

Luo Haochen shot a glance at Nangong liuyun, but didn’t say anything.

Beichen Ying raised his eyebrows in a ridiculing manner: “In fact, your heart is very clear on this matter. We would have died, moreover, died a really ugly death! But these two spirit pets fought in the battle, and nearly all of the Magical Beast Rat leaders died under their claws. May I ask, did you help them even a little bit?”

Luo Haochen coldly snorted, then turned his face away.

Zi Yan took over Beichen Ying’s speech and sneered repeatedly: “Since you guys didn’t help kill the Magical Beast Rat leaders, then for what reason would you guys have at dividing the cyan-colored crystal stones? Don’t tell me, having saved your lives, they still need to divide a cyan-colored crystal stone with you guys? Pfft, your lives are really as precious as gold!”

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