DKC – Chapter 1109

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Chapter 1109 – The Sixth Challenge, Rat Tide (4)

The three spirit pets together were simply the best partners.

It could be said that these three spirit pets’ taste were very high, the low-leveled Magical Beast Rats simply couldn’t even enter their eyes.

The three of them specifically picked on the leaders of the Magical Beast Rats.

Although there weren’t many of these leaders, among these hundreds and thousands of magical beast rats, the leaders probably took up one percent of the population.

However, every one of their strength was outstanding, each worth a hundred of the regular rats.

Even if Beichen Ying were to encounter one of the Magical Beast Rat leaders, he could only fight one-on-one with them.

The reason why everyone couldn’t deal with rat tides, the main cause was because they were tied up by these several dozens of Magical Beast Rat leaders.

But, encountering these three spirit pets together, these Magical Beast Rat leaders were screwed for sure!

The three spirit pets divided up the work very clearly!

The Spirit Gathering Tree extending out long, dark gold-colored vines, with a ‘swoosh’ sound, wrapping up the Magical Beast Rat leader. Afterwards, the little divine dragon and the little spirit fox pounced on them like fiends.

The two spirit pets each pulled on their half of the side——

“Tear——“sound echoed.

That Magical Beast Rat leader with cultivation at the eighth rank completely lacked the strength to resist. It was directly ripped into two pieces.

From head to toe, it looked as if it was cut down the middle by a knife, neat and tidy.


A crystal stone fell out of the head of this Magical Beast Rat leader that was ripped apart.

Generally speaking, a magical beast at the fourth rank would start to contain crystals, but a fourth-ranked magical beast only had a red-colored crystal stone.

In similar fashion, this eighth-ranked Magical Beast Rat leader had a cyan-colored crystal stone.

Cyan-colored crystal stones were extremely rare, a huge replenishment for cultivation!

Even though the little divine dragon was stronger, but he was not as nimble as the little fox.

The little fox took advantage of when the little divine dragon was distracted, her hind leg stepped on that cyan-colored crystal stone. Afterwards, it shifted back again and again…..

After moving away from the little divine dragon’s line of sight, this little fox hooked the cyan-colored crystal stone with her hind paw and the crystal directly flew into her mouth.

The little fox swallowed it whole like a date, destroying the cyan-colored crystal stone without leaving a trace.

However, this matter could happen once, and not again.

Because the little divine dragon very quickly reacted, chasing after the little fox to beat her bottom.

The Spirit Gathering Tree already didn’t require any crystals stones, so it just observed the fun from the sidelines.

Finally, the little fox had no other choice but to agree on a deal with the little divine dragon, one being, one stone, and only this way was the conflict settled.

The three spirit pets coordinated with tacit understanding, one after another, the Magical Beast Rat leaders all fell under their collaboration. This provided everyone a great relief from the pressure.

At the same time, their harvest was also not bad.

Just cyan-colored crystal stones alone, they each got seven to eight pieces from splitting, as well as many more green-colored crystal stones.

However, it was a pity that it wasn’t long before nearly all the Magical Beasts Rat leaders were scooped up by the three of them in one go.

When they chased and killed, the last Magical Beasts Rat leader, this pitiful rat with no way to escape, repeatedly shrieked: “You guys will regret this! You guys will definitely regret this! Our Rat King will definitely avenge us!”

The little divine dragon became impatient from listening to it, and his paw directly slapped over. This pitiful little rat was slapped until its brain split apart.

The little divine dragon conveniently grabbed that cyan-colored crystal stone.

“Howlwoo, howlwoo——” Give me, give me!

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox chased behind the little divine dragon, urgently stretching her claws out.

The little divine dragon looked at her and extended his claws.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox narrowed her eyes in a smile, at the same time, she extended her paw to meet the little divine dragon’s.

However, just at the moment when the two pair of claws were about to touch, the little divine dragon’s claws slid by when they were about to crisscross. That last cyan-colored crystal stone was directly tossed into the little divine dragon’s mouth.

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