Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Borrowing Someone Else’s Knife to Kill

“Your Majesty, Second Older Sister didn’t hit Wan er on purpose, so don’t punish her, alright?” Yao Mowan wiped her tears with one hand. The sight of her glistening tear-filled eyes caused Ye Hongyi’s heart to ache.

“And you’re still not thanking Consort Yao for her grace!?” Ye Hongyi glanced at Yao Suluan with spurn before helping Yao Mowan to the table.

“This consort… thanks Consort Yao!” Yao Suluan gritted her teeth. Her heart was filled with hatred, but she had no choice but to endure it right now.

“As long as Second Older Sister is more honest in the future, you’ll still be Wan er‘s good Second Older Sister! Wan er will help Second Older Sister up!” Just as Yao Mowan was about to get up, Ye Hongyi wrapped his arms around her and stopped her.

“You may withdraw. In the future, don’t come to Guan Osprey Palace unless you have business!” His cold voice contained a dark warning. After Ye Hongyi spoke, he shifted his gaze to Yao Mowan and his eyes instantly became as gentle as water. Yao Suluan didn’t try to argue anymore and hastily withdrew from Guan Osprey Palace. However, the moment she turned around, her eyes turned scarlet with hatred. She will make Yao Mowan pay for what happened today! She swore it!

After Yao Suluan left, Ye Hongyi gently stroked Yao Mowan’s head and blew on the bruise gently.

“Does it hurt?”

“Since Your Majesty is keeping Wan er company, it doesn’t hurt anymore!” Yao Mowan could see the anxiety in Ye Hongyi’s eyes and knew that he was sincerely worried. She suddenly felt that Ye Hongyi was very pitiful. Fools were probably the only ones that he would ever lower his guard around, so only fools could obtain his true heart. However, what use would a fool have for a true heart?

“Then we‘ll keep hugging Wan er like this and never let go!” Ye Hongyi buried his head into Yao Mowan’s shoulder and his handsome face pressed against her soft delicate cheek. As he took in her faint fragrance, a part of his body started to heat up. In front of Yao Mowan, he seemed to have no self control.

“This subject brother kowtows in greeting to Your Majesty.” Ye Junqing walked in just in time to see this scene. When he saw the unconcealed lust in Ye Hongyi’s eyes, his gaze dimmed slightly and a faintly uncomfortable feeling gripped his heart. He had already seen this kind of scene countless times since he had started staying in Guan Osprey Palace, but he had never felt this disturbed before.

“Ahem… you may rise.” Ye Hongyi retrieved the lust in his eyes and reluctantly released Yao Mowan to walk towards Ye Junqing.

We called you here to discuss a matter with you. The crown prince of the state of Qi will reach the imperial city tomorrow. We thought about it and decided that it would be best to have you look after the crown prince’s safety and comfort.” Ye Hongyi spoke casually as if this was a very simple matter, but his tone left no room for discussion.

“This cannot be done. The guest is the heir apparent to the throne of Qi, this subject doesn’t have the qualifications to entertain such an honored guest. As of now, Junqing has no title or rank to speak of, so Junqing really cannot bear such a great responsibility.” Ye Junqing tactfully declined.

“Are you blaming us for not giving you an official rank?” A trace of darkness flashed through Ye Hongyi’s eyes as he asked this slowly.

“Junqing doesn’t dare. Junqing’s already used to these leisurely days and would rather prefer to avoid those tiresome binding matters. Junqing is just worried that such an act would make the state of Qi unhappy and bring Your Majesty unneeded trouble.” Ye Junqing cupped his fist in a respectful salute as he replied with this.

“As expected of our considerate imperial younger brother, you’re always worrying for us. However, on this matter, you’re overthinking. The crown prince of Qi is just visiting as a formality, it has nothing to do with our diplomatic relationships, so this matter is decided.” The darkness in Ye Hongyi’s eyes disappeared as he patted Ye Junqing’s shoulder.


“No buts. We still have some memorials to read so we‘ll be leaving first!” Ye Hongyi didn’t give Ye Junqing any chances to refuse and made to leave. However, after a few steps, he stopped and looked back at Yao Mowan.

“Wan er, don’t hurt your head again. We‘ll come tonight to help you apply ice to it.” Ye Hongyi glanced at Yao Mowan with lingering heartache in his eyes before finally leaving.

Yao Mowan only put away the innocent expression on her face once Ye Hongyi was completely out of sight. She walked slowly to the table.

“What a nice move of borrowing someone else’s knife to kill! As expected of him!” Her clear voice contained a faint chill. Yao Mowan absentmindedly lifted the teapot and poured herself a cup of tea.

“Could it be that you haven’t noticed how much His Majesty dotes on you?” Ye Junqing saw that for some reason, Yao Mowan seemed to be hostile against His Majesty. Back then, Yao Moxin had put out so much just for a slight smile or a few soothing words from Ye Hongyi. Meanwhile, Yao Mowan was able to obtain the Emperor’s affection so easily, yet she didn’t seem to care about it at all. This was like living proof of that saying: things that you can’t obtain are forever the best while things you possess, you never treasure.

Yao Mowan’s hand froze while lifting the teapot. After a brief moment, she lowered it and turned to look towards Ye Junqing with a cold smile.

“His Majesty hates you, did you notice?” Yao Mowan responded coldly with a question; her bright eyes filled with a chilling light.

“That’s not the same, Junqing doesn’t care about His Majesty’s attitude at all.” Ye Junqing knew what Yao Mowan was trying to say, but these were two completely different matters. The only reason why he was allowing Ye Hongyi to do as he wished was for Yao Moxin’s sake. He no longer cared about living or dying. It wasn’t the same for Yao Mowan though, she was Ye Hongyi’s most favored consort. This favor ensured her safety and comfort.

“Then what makes Prince think that Yao Mowan needs to be concerned about His Majesty’s attitude and his affection?” Yao Mowan’s voice was unshakably firm.


“Prince has too much to say today. Of course, many people in the world would feel honored to hear Prince speak. However, few would want to hear these next words. Mowan is naturally not an exception.” Yao Mowan cut off Ye Junqing’s words and slammed the cup down on the table.

“Then this prince has nothing else to say.” Ye Junqing was a little infuriated. He was only reminding her out of good intentions!

“The palace opposite Guan Osprey Palace, Harmony Palace, is currently empty. Prince should bring Feng Yihan to Harmony Palace tomorrow. ” When Ye Junqing didn’t speak, Yao Mowan sighed softly, then said this.

“Why should this prince listen to you!?” Ye Junqing turned away angrily to leave.

“Prince couldn’t be thinking that Liu Sha would be enough to block the state of Qi’s ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ right?” Yao Mowan lifted her brows as she looked towards Ye Junqing. Written on her face were the words ‘you have no other choice.’

“How do you know that Qi will send the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ to kill Feng Yihan?” The moment Ye Junqing heard these words, his expression turned stunned before he walked hastily back to face Yao Mowan. Ye Junqing had heard of the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ long ago. Although the state of Qi couldn’t compare to other nations in terms of military powers, the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ that they possess were well-known figures in the assassination world. They ranked only second to the state of Chu’s ‘Three Soul-Reaping Dreams.’

“If Prince has doubts, then Mowan is willing to make a bet with you. If the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ aren’t sent, Yao Mowan will give Prince the Elements. If they are… then Mowan wants Liu Sha! It’s four for one, Prince will be getting quite a bargain!” Yao Mowan’s lips hooked into a crafty smile.

“Enough, this prince will bring Feng Yihan to Harmony Palace tomorrow!” After stating this, Ye Junqing turned to leave.

“Is Prince agreeing to the bet or not?” Yao Mowan blinked her eyes innocently.

“This prince isn’t an imbecile like Yan Nansheng! Even if I die, I won’t let you cheat Liu Sha away, so you should just give up!” replied Ye Junqing fiercely as he stomped out of Guan Osprey Palace.

Yao Mowan smiled faintly as she watched him leave. Ye Junqing’s figure was finally no longer as spiritless and as desolate as before. This time, they had to help Feng Yihan, because he would be an important piece in the road of helping Ye Junqing regain the throne of great Chu.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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