Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Bickering with a Fool

“You definitely think that this consort is just making things up, but think about it, how could such a coincidence occur? How old is Yao Yu? How could he have found his way to Jade Lake by himself?” Yao Suluan tried to convince Yao Zhenting with her words.

“Wan er was the one that told Ting Yue to bring him over there, because he said he wanted to catch fish.” A clear voice that sounded slightly childish appeared behind Yao Suluan. Yao Suluan stiffened, then turned around to find that Yao Mowan was standing right behind her. Her seemingly innocent eyes flickered with unreadable light.

“Wh… when did you get here?” Yao Suluan hadn’t heard the door open, perhaps because she had been too stirred up.

“I’ve been here for a while and was listening to Second Older Sister. Wan er doesn’t understand why Second Older Sister said all those words, but Wan er knows that Second Older Sister doesn’t like Wan er anymore. However, no matter how much you don’t like Wan er, please don’t steal Father away. Father is the only one Wan er has left.” Yao Mowan’s voice carried a strong sobbing tone.

Yao Suluan gnashed her teeth with fury as she watched Yao Mowan act. Her eyes filled with darkness. Just as she was about to rush up and question Yao Mowan, she heard Yao Zhenting’s voice.

“How could Father possibly not want Wan er anymore? Father, too, only has Wan er, this one daughter left! Let’s go, come with Father to the main hall. Father will have Yao Tu prepare tasty treats for you!” Yao Zhenting’s voice instantly destroyed what hope Yao Suluan had left.

Yao Suluan watched as Yao Zhenting left with Yao Mowan, then leaned against the door weakly. As of now, she really didn’t have anything left.

In the main hall, Yao Mowan took the bottle of wine she had brought from the palace and gave it to Yao Zhenting.

“Father, this is something Wan er had specially asked His Majesty to bestow. I heard that it’s maiden rose (Chinese wine) that has been buried for thirty years, it’s definitely tasty!” Yao Mowan smiled sweetly.

“Wan er is the most filial ah!” Yao Zhenting nodded slightly and took the wine.

During dinner, when Yao Mowan saw Yao Zhenting drink the wine, the smile on her face became even brighter. Although that maiden rose had been bestowed by His Majesty, the ‘rootless water’ inside was her show of filial respect to Yao Zhenting. ‘Rootless water,’ as its name implied, was a liquid that would make its drinker no longer capable of having children. If Yao Zhenting wanted a son, he’d have to wait for the next lifetime. It wasn’t that she was cruel, but that Yao Zhenting seriously didn’t have the right to be a father. Even if he got a son, that son would only become his tool.

Meanwhile, Yao Suluan naturally needed to vent her anger after suffering that rebuff in the prime minister’s residence. Thus, the moment Yao Mowan stepped into Guan Osprey Palace, she saw that Yao Suluan was sitting inside, waiting for her with a furious expression.

“All of you, withdraw.” Yao Mowan stopped smiling and waved to have Liu Xing and Ting Yue withdraw.

After the door was closed, Yao Suluan immediately rushed up to Yao Mowan and grabbed her by her collar.

“Yao Mowan! You think Father cares about you? You’re wrong! Father doesn’t care about anyone! If he hadn’t silently approved of it, that lowly mother of yours wouldn’t have died! He’s the one…”


Before Yao Suluan could even finish speaking, Yao Mowan abruptly lifted her hand and slapped her.

“Do you think you have the right to badmouth this consort’s mother? Yao Suluan, don’t forget that this consort is a Noble Consort, while you’re simply a title-less consort! You’re not wrong. This consort knows that Yao Zhenting only cares about himself and about how he had treated mother. That’s why this consort has no intention of letting him off. It’s just that compared to him, this consort hates you even more!” Yao Mowan’s eyes were like sharp blades as she glared at Yao Suluan. Yao Suluan couldn’t help but feel a chill.

“What? You want to tell Yao Zhenting? Then go! This consort is willing to make a bet with you. If Yao Zhenting believes even half a word that comes out of your mouth, this consort will immediately hand her head over to you!” Every single one of Yao Mowan’s words chilled like ice.

“Why? This consort had harmed a lot of people, but this consort has never done anything to harm you!” Yao Suluan looked at Yao Mowan in astonishment. At this moment, Yao Mowan looked like a demon from hell. She couldn’t figure out what was the source of that bloodthirsty hatred in Yao Mowan’s eyes.

“That’s because you felt it beneath yourself to bicker with a fool. Someone else was the needle in your eye! This consort is making you pay for the things you did to that person! Yao Suluan, do you know who that person is?” Yao Mowan approached Yao Suluan step by step. The oppressive aura around her forced Yao Suluan to continuously retreat.

“Who?” Yao Suluan gulped hard as the scene of Yao Moxin’s tragic death and Zhong er‘s mangled corpse appeared in her mind.

“You’ve recalled, haven’t you? I can already see those three words on your face!” Yao Mowan slowly bent over and stared at Yao Suluan’s deathly pale face with her seemingly harmless eyes as her lips hooked in a cold smile.

“Yao Moxin?” Yao Suluan blurted the name out.

“So it turns out that the needle in Second Older Sister’s eye was Eldest Sister ah!” Yao Mowan suddenly smiled which caused Yao Suluan to be even more frightened.

“You know about her cause of death? That’s not possible! That isn’t possible! Who told you? Who exactly was it? Was it His Majesty? No… How could His Majesty ever reveal it? His Majesty…”

Right at this moment, Ting Yue’s voice came from the door.

“This servant kowtows in salute to Your Majesty!”

When Yao Mowan heard this, she immediately concealed the hatred in her eyes and threw herself towards the corner of a table. She didn’t do it hard, but it was enough to leave a bruise on her forehead.

“Yao Mowan! What are you doing!?” Yao Suluan looked at Yao Mowan in confusion. As of now, Ye Hongyi had already pushed open the door and walked in.

“Wuuwuu… Second Older Sister, I’m sorry. Wan er didn’t bring Eldest Sister up on purpose. Wan er didn’t know that Second Older Sister didn’t like Eldest Sister…” Yao Mowan’s tears fell like rain. As the tears streaked across her cheeks, they left long, moist trails.

“You! What are you making up!? Your Majesty…” Yao Suluan finally understood what Yao Mowan was trying to do. She wanted to refute but Ye Hongyi had already rushed to Yao Mowan’s side to stroke her bruise gently. His furious gaze then landed on her.

“Consort Li! You sure have a lot of guts to actually dare to hit Consort Yao! Could it be that you don’t know that Consort Yao has higher rank than you? How dare you injure a higher ranking consort!? Seize her!” To Ye Hongyi, Yao Suluan was a chess piece that was, at this point, useless. He only kept her because it was a waste to abandon her. Earlier he had still been considering what was the best way to deal with her, but when he saw the bruise on Yao Mowan’s head, he became furious and immediately decided to kill her.

“Your Majesty! This consort didn’t do it! This consort’s face is still red from Consort Yao’s slap, see!? This consort really hadn’t done anything!” Yao Suluan immediately fell to a kneel to plead.

“Second Older Sister… are you saying that I’m lying? As long as you admit that you were the one that slapped yourself, and that you had pushed Wan er towards the desk, Wan er will beg His Majesty not to hit you!” Yao Mowan wiped away her tears and glared at Yao Suluan angrily.

“Your Majesty!” Yao Suluan hadn’t expected for Yao Mowan to do something this evil. However, right now, could she even resist? When she saw the murderous intent in Ye Hongyi’s eyes, she knew that she had no options left.

We can spare you since Wan er has pleaded for you, but you must speak the truth!” Ye Hongyi’s voice was cold as ice, just like his eyes. The only part about him that wasn’t cold was the hand on Yao Mowan’s forehead. His movements were so gentle that Yao Suluan almost wanted to go insane.

“This consort… this consort has wronged. This consort shouldn’t have hurt Consort Yao and shouldn’t have slapped herself to try and frame Consort Yao. Your Majesty, please have mercy. This consort will never dare to do this again!” Yao Suluan had never hated Yao Mowan more. She dug her nails into the hard rock floor, ignoring the pain, as she forced out those words.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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