Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Help the Yu Family Father and Daughter Escape

“Sir Yu has always been intelligent, but currently you’re acting muddled. The letter is extremely important, how could Jing Xin possibly give it to you?” Yao Mowan quite liked the name ‘Jing Xin’ so she casually referred to herself this way.

“You! Who exactly are you? What do you want?” Yu Qing’s brows furrowed as he questioned her.

“Jing Xin feels that this isn’t what Sir Yu should be worried about right now. In reality, Jing Xin is quite amazed by Consort Xian’s fearlessness. Yu Funing is probably the only one in this world that dares to commit such a huge crime. She clearly knows that His Majesty is trying hard to kill the Esteemed Prince, yet she was actually daring enough as to write that she was willing to help the Esteemed Prince escape from the Emperor’s clutches. She seriously really doesn’t seem to want to live anymore! Moreover…”

“She seems to be clear on the cause of the Empress’s death as well. This is the Emperor’s greatest fear. As of now, with His Majesty’s over suspicious personality, if this letter fell into his hands, the Yu Residence definitely won’t be able to escape the fate of being searched, then exterminated. What do you think about Jing Xin’s analysis?” Yao Mowan spoke in a mild tone. Her eyes were perfectly calm and clear.

“State what you want!” Yu Qing exhaled deeply and leaned back on the chair. After serving Ye Hongyi for over a dozen years as a minister, he naturally knew his personality. The people that the Emperor harbored suspicions about never met a good end. The Empress was the best example of that. Even she had fallen to such a tragic end, so he as a simple Director of Board of Rites had no chance of survival.

“It’s simple. Empty out the state treasury and flee with Yu Funing to a far away country.” Yao Mowan stated her terms firmly.

“It’s this simple? What benefits do you stand to gain from this?” Yu Qing couldn’t believe his ears. These conditions were outside of his expectations. It could be said to be unexpected fortune in a time of misfortune. He had originally thought that the conditions would be very difficult.

“In two days, Yu Funing will appear at the west side of the city. Sir Yu probably knows what to do at that time. If things do not develop as Jing Xin expects, then sorry, but Jing Xin will deliver this letter to His Majesty without hesitation.” Yao Mowan didn’t explain what she would get out of this because soon everyone, including Yu Qing, would be able to see the benefit she gained.

“But…” Everyone harbored curiosity. Yu Qing was also not an exception.

“Let Jing Xin ask this. Even without the letter, are you sure that you wouldn’t one day end up the same as Huan Heng?” Yao Mowan’s eyes flashed as she got straight to the point.

“There’s not much left in the state treasury. Most of the money has already been secretly moved to some other location by His Majesty. As for where, this old man doesn’t know.” Yu Qing suddenly realized that His Majesty’s actions of moving the money away was probably a sign of suspicion towards him. How had he never realized this until now?

“Sir’s words means that you’re agreeing to Jing Xin’s conditions?” Yao Mowan was inwardly surprised. She originally thought that she would be able to deal Ye Hongyi heavy damage by removing Yu Qing from the picture, but unexpectedly the state treasury was actually empty. However, Yu Qing’s betrayal will definitely cause Ye Hongyi to have unnecessary suspicions and make him even more distrustful of the people around him.

“This old man doesn’t seem to have any leeway to choose.” Yu Qing’s voice contained some anger. Yao Mowan didn’t speak and just smiled softly.

When Yao Mowan got back to Guan Osprey Palace, she mimicked Ye Junqing’s writing to write a reply to Yu Funing.

‘Will be there, Junqing.’

There was originally no need to do this, but Yao Mowan was worried that Yu Funing would try to send more hints to Ye Junqing, so she choose to write a reply to reassure Yu Funing and prevent more issues from arising.

At the table, Ye Junqing focused on eating until he finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He put down his chopsticks and looked towards Yao Mowan with a serious expression.

“Does this prince have gold on his face? Is this prince glowing? What are you staring for!?” Ye Junqing asked in a forceful tone.

“Mowan is wondering, that night… nothing happened between you and Yan Nansheng, right?” Yao Mowan asked with a meaningful smile and an earnest look in her eyes. When Ye Junqing heard this, three black lines immediately appeared on his forehead.

“I dare you to try and say that again!”

“It’s just a little joke, why so serious?” Yao Mowan laughed lightly when she sensed the fury Ye Junqing was emitting. Then she stopped smiling and looked at him thoughtfully.

“Should Mowan give her a chance…” Yao Mowan muttered to herself. Her heart ached just a tiny bit. Yu Funing care about Ye Junqing enough to sacrifice everything for him. Should she give Yu Funing a chance to confess her feelings?

“What chance? For who?” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan in puzzlement.

“If a woman cared about you enough to sacrifice her life for your sake, would you give her a chance?” Yao Mowan had never looked at Ye Junqing with such a solemn expression before. Ye Junqing’s heart fluttered slightly from nervousness.

“This prince’s heart only contains Moxin. You know this… and, no matter how I look, you don’t seem to a be woman that would sacrifice your own life?’ Ye Junqing restated his stance. This lifetime, next lifetime, and the next, his heart would only harbor Yao Moxin. No one could change this reality.

“Even if one day Mowan sacrificed her life, it definitely wouldn’t be for you. Nansheng is countless times better than you! Quit being so narcissistic! Forget it, even if a chance was given, it would only deepen her hurt, so what’s the point?” Yao Mowan slapped the table and left angrily.

“What are you getting angry for? Is it a sin to tell the truth? Is it a sin!?” Ye Junqing felt wronged when Yao Mowan stormed off in response.

In Fragrant Steps Pavilion, Yu Funing cried as she looked at the letter in her hand. She finally took the right step. In the future, even if they end up at the cliffs of the world, she would never let go of Ye Junqing’s hand. Life or death, she’d face them together with him.

Niang niang, are you really certain? You know the consequences?” Qian Xi questioned nervously when she saw how moved Yu Funing was.

“Qian Xi, Funing doesn’t want to fritter away what’s left of this life. Don’t try to dissuade me anymore.” Yu Funing knew what Qian Xi wanted to say, but she had already lived half her life for Yu Residence. For her father, she had sacrificed her youth. The only thing she wished for now was to be together with the person she loved.

“Since niang niang has already made your decision, Qian Xi won’t say any more. However, Qian Xi wants to go with niang niang. Even if it’s to the ends of the earth, Qian Xi will stay by niang niang‘s side!” stated Qian Xi with conviction.

“Alright! We’ll go together! Qian Xi, help this consort pack up the valuables. The more the better. This journey will be difficult so money will definitely come into use.” Yu Funing wiped away her tears, then carefully put the letter away in her chest.

Two days later, Yu Funing arrived at the west suburbs with a heart filled with hope and anticipation. However, the person who showed up was her father.

“Ning er, you’re really heartless enough to abandon your father?” Yu Funing was stunned to see Yu Qing who looked very tired and old. Tears immediately streamed down her face.

“Father, I’m sorry… Ning er really didn’t want to miss a chance with him…” Yu Funing knelt down, sobbing uncontrollably.

“Forget it, some things are out of our control. Father has already arranged everything. Let’s leave together and never come back.” Yu Qing walked over to help Yu Funing up, then shoved a limbs weakening pill into her mouth.

“Father?” Yu Funing looked at Yu Qing in astonishment.

“He won’t be coming. In reality, he didn’t get your letter at all. Two days ago, someone came with the letter you wrote and used it to threaten me. The person’s conditions were to have me leave the imperial city of great Chu with you. Qian Xi, help the miss onto the carriage.” Yu Qing had used the two days to transfer all his assets and what was left in the state treasury out of great Chu. He had only come with three carriages to pick up his daughter.

“That’s not possible! Father, wait for him! Ning er is begging you! Please wait for him!” Tears fell like a broken string of beads. Yu Funing knew that her father wasn’t lying to her, because her father had never lied to her before. But she had clearly gotten Ye Junqing’s reply. She recognized that handwriting. There was no one that could write such confident and bold words except for him.


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