Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: The Debts You Owe, You’ll Eventually Have to Pay

“Yao Mowan! This consort will definitely make you pay for what you did! Just wait and see!” Yao Suluan suppressed her fear and shouted this before pushing open the doors to leave Guan Osprey Palace.

After Yao Suluan stormed past Ting Yue, Ting Yue immediately jogged worriedly to check on Yao Mowan.

Niang niang, Consort Li seems really angry. What exactly happened just now?”

“It wasn’t anything much. I just allowed her to find out about the truth.” Yao Mowan gave a light sigh and leisurely walked over to the table to sit back down.

“You’re saying… she knows that you’re not a fool anymore? And she knows that the incidents earlier were arranged by you? Even about Big Madam’s death?” Ting Yue looked at Yao Mowan with shock.

“En, including Dou Xianglan’s death.” Yao Mowan calmly picked up a teacup and used the cup lid to push aside the leaves on the surface of the tea.

Niang niang, how could you tell her? This is bad, Consort Li definitely wouldn’t let you off! She’d definitely try to use some vicious method to harm you! What do we do, what do we do ah!” Ting Yue immediately started panicking and paced back and forth while wringing her hands.

“Remember what this consort said to you at Prime Minister Yao’s residence? To deal with demons, we much be even more vicious than the demons. This consort will use reality to show Yao Suluan that even if she knows the truth, she still wouldn’t be able to do anything to this consort! Moreover… fighting like this is more interesting.” Yao Mowan lifted the tea and sampled it. Her long eyelashes cast a shadow over the coldness in her eyes.

Ting Yue froze when she heard this and turned to look at Yao Mowan. When she saw that Yao Mowan was completely unperturbed, she became vexed with herself. How could she have forgotten? Her master was no longer the Third Miss that everyone used to bully. The one she should be worrying about right now should be Yao Suluan.

“Master, this servant will refill your tea for you!” Ting Yue finally understood and immediately walked to the table to pick up the teapot. Then she started attending to Yao Mowan again with a smile.

Ye Junqing still held a grudge against Yao Mowan for using him, so the atmosphere around the dinner table was abnormally heavy. When Ye Junqing realized that Yao Mowan really didn’t plan to apologize or thank him, he became even angrier.

“I won’t take this lying down!” Ye Junqing suddenly blurt out this sentence, causing Yao Mowan to be completely confused.

Just as Yao Mowan was about to speak, there was a light breeze and a beautifully stunning scene that made people forget all their bitterness appeared. Yao Mowan had to acknowledge that Yan Nansheng’s beauty was beyond human. Even a casual movement was beautiful enough to make all living things want to bow to him. Although she wasn’t very captivated, her heart did move a little.

“He’s speaking to me, right, little Junior Brother?” Yan Nansheng gave a light suggestive smile as he looked towards Ye Junqing with his beautiful eyes.

PfffCough cough… my apologies. Please, don’t mind me, continue.” Yao Mowan choked when she heard the way Yan Nansheng said ‘little Junior Brother.’ Then there was the way he looked at Ye Junqing. People who didn’t know the situation definitely would have thought that they had an ambiguous relationship.

“Who’s your little Junior Brother!? Call me Prince! Prince!” Ye Junqing’s handsome face turned red as he refuted.

“Little Junior Brother Prince, don’t be so angry ah. You look so fierce, it’s ruining your beauty!” Yan Nansheng reached out to rub smooth Ye Junqing’s furrowed brows but Ye Junqing slapped his hand aside.

“Don’t think that this matter is over! Give this prince all the hidden guards you have right now!” Right after Ye Junqing said this, the smile on Yan Nansheng’s lips stiffened and anger filled his eyes.

“You’re a complete product of your environment ah! You guys are complete robbers! I don’t even have any more hidden guards!” Yan Nansheng glared at Yao Mowan with a crying expression. Yao Mowan felt wrongly accused. She hadn’t even said anything.

“Aside from Yin Xue, don’t you also have the Elements? Don’t think that this prince doesn’t know about that!” Ye Junqing was now vividly aware of how little power he had. With so many eyes on him, he had no way of personally investigating about Sun momo and the others.

“What did you do with the Elements?” Yan Nansheng paid no attention to Ye Junqing and continued glowering at Yao Mowan. If the Elements were in the Imperial Palace, Ye Junqing should have noticed them!

“None of your business. Do they belong to you?” Yao Mowan shrugged in objection.

“You gave her the Elements? Are you stupid?” Ye Junqing figured out the situation based on this exchange and immediately became stirred up.

“I only did it to get Yin Xue back!” Yan Nansheng slapped his forehead angrily in regret.

“Then where’s Yin Xue?” Hope once again lit up in Ye Junqing’s eyes.

“Yin Xue!” Yao Mowan wasted no time in calling Yin Xue.

“Master, Yin Xue is here!” A beautiful appearance made clear the situation. Ye Junqing looked at Yan Nansheng with pity. He finally understood. Yan Nansheng, who had always taken advantage of others without suffering losses himself had encountered defeat at Yao Mowan’s hands. In comparison with Yan Nansheng, he had only been made use of a little. It was really nothing much.

“It’s nothing, you can withdraw now.” Yao Mowan waved to indicate for Yin Xue to withdraw. Then she put down her chopsticks and walked over to the chaise lounge to pick up Fluffy before walking to the two.

“It’s rare for you two disciple brothers to be able to get together, so Mowan will withdraw in order to allow you two to reminisce about the past in private. Of course, it doesn’t have to be limited to reminiscing. You can do whatever you like. No one would come this late at night!” Yao Mowan glanced at Ye Junqing and Yan Nansheng with a meaningful look in her eyes, then walked into the bedroom with a playful smile on her lips.

Ye Junqing and Yan Nansheng only realized what Yao Mowan was suggesting after she disappeared from the main hall and they immediately fumed with rage.

The next day was very idle. Yao Mowan was touching Fluffy’s stomach and feeling the movements inside when Yin Xue suddenly appeared and handed a letter to Yao Mowan.

‘The incident with the assasins was definitely not a coincidence. Prince’s life is in danger. Funing is willing to help Prince leave the Imperial Palace and hopes that Prince will not decline this offer. Prince should be patient and wait for the opportunity to clear those hidden injustices. In three days, west of the Imperial City. Will wait until you appear… Yu Funing.’

Yao Mowan’s lips lifted in a small smile as she looked at this letter. Yu Funing has fallen for the bait. This letter had costed her quite a bit of work. Even if Ye Junqing had no plans to leave the Imperial City, he’d definitely go see her when he saw the part about ‘hidden injustices.’ Yu Funing definitely had ways to convince him once he got there.

“This consort will be going to see Fu Qing tonight. Make the preparations.” Yao Mowan put away the letter and gave this instruction coldly.

“Understood!” Yin Xue then withdrew.

The room fell silent. Yao Mowan slightly sat back down next to Fluffy to stroke her bulging belly. She knew that Yu Funing had feelings towards Ye Junqing, but she hadn’t thought it would be so strong. Yu Funing’s feelings for Ye Junqing were so strong that for his sake, she didn’t care about the consequences.

The current Yu Funing was like the her from the past. For the sake of helping Ye Hongyi ascend to the throne, she threw out all logic. Even though she knew that Ye Junqing was more suited for that position, she used all sorts of despicable means to control Ye Junqing.

“Fluffy, how should I deal with Yu Funing…” Yao Mowan sighed softly as she mulled over this.

The moonlight was strong and the night was cool as water ad the curved moon hung above the branches like a pulled bow. Yao Mowan leaned on Yin Xue’s back and listened quietly to the wind that was blowing past her ears. It only took Yin Xue half an incense stick’s time to bring her from the Imperial Palace to the set inn.

“Master, Fu Qing has arrived.” In the number one room named Sky, Yao Mowan was sitting next to the table in a plain white garment. Her elegant features were covered by a black cloth that only left her sharp eyes exposed.

The door opened with a creak. A middle-aged man looked around cautiously before walking in.

“You’re the person that wanted to see this old man? Where’s the letter? Hand it over!” The scholarly voice contained a trace of anger. Yu Qing sat upright while facing Yao Mowan with hostility. When Yin Xue placed the letter in front of Yu Qing back then, he had immediately understood that he was about to face a huge catastrophe. There was no longer any time to even look into his daughter’s actions, he had to first worry about preserving their lives.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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