Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Do You Think His Majesty Would Believe?

“Yao Mowan…” Yao Suluan’s gaze sharpened and she got up to leave Pure Flowers Palace. Ming Yu didn’t speak and simply followed after her silently.

Yao Mowan hadn’t expected for Yao Suluan, who had been quiet for over half a month, to suddenly show up at Guan Osprey Palace. From the looks of it, Yao Suluan really hasn’t been doing well. If not, why would the originally delicate beauty end up so much skinnier?

“Second Older Sister! You came! Wan er was just about to look for you!” Yao Mowan looked up and shot Yao Suluan a beautiful bright smile, but Yao Suluan didn’t respond to it at all.

“All of you, leave!” Yao Suluan’s dark eyes had been fixed on Yao Mowan from the moment she stepped into Guan Osprey Palace. She looked as if she wanted to bore a hole into Yao Mowan with her stare.

Niang niang?” Ming Yu naturally left the palace without a word, but Ting Yue was worried and turned towards Yao Mowan to ask for instructions.

“Second Older Sister is definitely here to tell Wan er about a secret. You should go guard the door. Make sure no one listens! Hurry and go!” Yao Mowan patted Ting Yue’s shoulder and nodded firmly. Ting Yue only left after getting Yao Mowan’s consent and she closed the palace doors tightly behind her.

“Second Older Sister has gotten skinnier. Wan er‘s heart aches for you!” Yao Mowan walked lithely to Yao Suluan and stretched out her soft hand to stroke Yao Suluan’s cheek, but Yao Suluan abruptly grabbed her wrist.

“Why did you frame this consort?” Yao Suluan’s dark eyes contained chilly bloodthirst as she questioned Yao Mowan between gritted teeth. She gradually increased the strength of her grip. That day, Su Muzi and Yao Yu had definitely entered the palace due to Yao Mowan’s invitation, so if the entire incident was planned, then Yao Mowan was the only possible suspect even if she was a fool!

“Wan er doesn’t know what Second Older Sister is talking about?” Yao Mowan looked towards Yao Suluan with a wronged expression. Yao Suluan currently looked as sinister as she did back in the Cold Palace.

“Stop putting on this farce of being pitiful in front of this consort! This consort isn’t His Majesty and has no interest in this act of yours!” Yao Suluan growled in a low voice as she tightened her clutch on Yao Mowan.

“Then what act does Second Older Sister like? As long as Second Older Sister tells Wan er, Wan er will definitely perform it for you perfectly.” Yao Mowan’s lips hooked slightly in a meaningful smile.

“You… what did you say?” Yao Suluan looked at Yao Mowan with disbelief. This wasn’t something that a fool would know to say.

“Wan er‘s enunciation was perfectly clear. If Second Older Sister couldn’t hear it, you should probably call for an imperial physician to see if there’s anything wrong with your ears.” As Yao Mowan said this with a scoff, she abruptly pulled her hand out of Yao Suluan’s grip.

“You… who are you? You’re not Yao Mowan!” Yao Suluan was taken aback by Yao Mowan’s reaction, but soon recovered and started questioning her.

“Ha, Second Older Sister’s question is sure funny. We’ve lived together under the same roof for over a dozen years, yet you’re saying I’m not Yao Mowan. If that’s so, then Wan er would like to ask Second Older Sister, who am I?” Yao Mowan lifted her brows slightly and looked towards Yao Suluan with an amused expression. Her voice was gentle, but it carried a chill that penetrated one’s bones.

“Yao Mowan is a fool, everyone knows this. But you’re not! You… are you Yao Moxin? You reincarnated in someone else’s body! You came back to life!” The events that occured that night flashed through Yao Suluan’s mind and she retreated, scared by the thought that occurred to her. Her finger trembled uncontrollably as she pointed at Yao Mowan in astonishment.

“Reincarnated in another person’s body? Has Second Older Sister been so tormented by Bai Mei that not even a bit of your intelligence is left? You actually came up with such a laughable idea. Fine ah! Wan er will admit it, I am Eldest Sister! Go tell Father, go tell His Majesty, see how they’ll react? Wan er guarantees that they’ll have the same reaction as Wan er – they’ll think that Second Older Sister has gone so insane that you’re beyond saving!” Yao Mowan smiled coldly as she looked at Yao Suluan with disdain in her eyes.

Back then, she had kept in mind their relationship as sisters and hadn’t guarded against Yao Suluan at all, so she ended up falling for her little schemes. However, now, she only had to hook her finger for Yao Suluan to suffer so much that death seemed more appealing.

“You’re not dumb anymore? Since when? When did you recover!?” Yao Suluan was stunned. then she rushed to Yao Mowan and started pressing her for answers.

“Let Wan er think, when did it start… Oh, that’s right, it was when Gao momo sent Mowan to Fragrant Harmony Courtyard. A little incident occurred. That was probably when, because ever since that time, Mowan came to clearly understand that some people should pay for the things they’ve done!” Yao Mowan’s eyes were cold as ice and every single word from her lips stabbed into Yao Suluan’s heart like a sharp blade that caused unbearable pain.

“You actually… you actually tricked everyone? Then Gao momo‘s death, you becoming a consort, and Mother’s death – you were involved with all of them!? You were definitely behind them! You were in Bamboo Wish Pavilion when Mother died! You did it, didn’t you!?” Yao Suluan snarled at her.

“Not only this, Second Older Sister seems to have missed some things. Like the incident at the Jade Lake, the event with the saffron last time, they were all performances that Mowan had arranged with great care. Oh, that’s right, and Bai Mei, that swindler, was also someone Mowan had specially prepared for Second Older Sister. Did Second Older Sister like the performances?” Yao Mowan’s smile was as gentle as water and as beautiful as a flower, yet that beautiful face looked as terrifying as Asura’s face to Yao Suluan.  

“Yao Mowan! Why? Why did you do this!? You venomous woman! You have no conscience! Mother! Child! Suluan will get revenge for you guys right now!” Yao Suluan rushed towards Yao Mowan crazily to seize her neck, but Yao Mowan sent her crashing to the ground with a shove.

“You think you’re the only one with a mother? The only one that has children? As for your child, you were the one that sacrificed his life in order to obtain the throne of the Empress! Even the most vicious tiger doesn’t eat its own child. You can’t even compare to a beast!” Yao Mowan approached Yao Suluan step by step. Her cold eyes emitted icy light and the baleful aura around her caused Yao Suluan to retreat fearfully.

“That was due to your scheme! You were the one that said that child was Yao Moxin’s reincarnation!” Yao Suluan refuted frenetically, her eyes filled with fear.

“So what if it was Eldest Sister’s reincarnation? Why do you hate Eldest Sister so much, to the point you couldn’t even tolerate the child in your stomach? Why… why!?” Yao Mowan’s clear eyes were completely cold as she abruptly lifted Yao Suluan by her collar. Her voice was like a cold bell and vibrated inside Yao Suluan’s ears incessantly.

“You! You know? That’s not possible! This isn’t possible! Go away!” Yao Suluan looked at Yao Mowan, aghast, then shoved her away and stumbled to run to the palace doors.

“Where is Second Older Sister going? You couldn’t be dumb enough to try and tell His Majesty about this, right?” Yao Mowan got up unhurriedly and glanced at Yao Suluan. The smile around her lips was once again innocent without a trace of darkness.

“Why not!? You’re pretending to be stupid to deceive His Majesty! This is a great crime!” Yao Suluan tried to calm down but her trembling hands exposed her fear.

“Who said that Wan er is pretending to be dumb? Second Older Sister, what happened to you? Did you hear something you shouldn’t have, is that why you got this scared? Then it’s best to forget about it, otherwise you’ll have nightmares at night.” Yao Mowan slowly walked towards Yao Suluan. The usual harmless smile was on her face again. Not a single flaw could be made out.

“You don’t plan to admit it?” Yao Suluan understood the meaning contained in Yao Mowan’s words and questioned her in a hard tone.

“Admit what? Second Older Sister’s words are becoming more and more weird. Ting Yue! Hurry and call His Majesty over. Just tell him that Second Older Sister is really ill!” Yao Mowan suddenly lifted her voice and shouted this.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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