Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Yao Yu Jumped Into the Lake

“Good. Deliver it to the east wing.” Yao Mowan nodded slightly. Just as Ting Yue was about to leave the main hall, Yao Mowan suddenly stopped her. She then got up to take the food box herself and headed towards the east wing.

Gentle satin-like light spilled down from the dazzling bright moon. Yao Mowan walked quietly through the corridor to the door of the east wing. Just as she was about to knock, she heard fragments of a person’s complaints come from inside.

“How could a woman as unbridled as you exist in the world!? Even if you were to bully someone, shouldn’t there be a limit? Does this prince exist solely for you to bully!? Absurd! How dare you laugh…” When Yao Mowan heard this grumbling, her lips hooked in a slight smile. She never knew that Ye Junqing had such a childish side to him. It seemed that he had really suppressed his personality too much during the time they interacted in the past.

“Ahem!” Yao Mowan purposely gave a cough, then put the pastries down in front of the door before leaving. When Yao Mowan coughed, the complaints coming from inside the room instantly stopped. After a long while, the door slowly opened. Ye Junqing glanced down at the pastries and his facial color immediately became extremely unsightly.

The next day, Su Muzi came to the Imperial Palace with Yao Yu.

“Big Sister Wan er, I missed you!” The moment Yao Yu entered Guan Osprey Palace, he threw himself into Yao Mowan’s arms happily.

“Big Sister missed you too! Shu mother, please sit. Ting Yue, steep tea!” Yao Mowan set Yao Yu down in front of her and started examining him. She had to admit that this four-year-old child’s face contained no similarity to her father’s.

Niang niang?” Su Muzi, who was sitting by the table. watched Yao Mowan worriedly.

“Ting Yue, bring Yao Yu to the imperial garden to play. This consort needs to talk to shu mother.” Yao Mowan had long finished arranging everything and was just waiting for the fish to take the bait.

After Yao Yu left, Yao Mowan poured a cup of tea and handed it to Su Muzi.

“Many thanks, niang niang…” Su Muzi accepted the tea cup uneasily.

“Actually, this consort really likes Yu er. However, it is his fortune to be able to leave Prime Minister Yao’s residence. If this matter was ever discovered, he would be the one to suffer the consequences even though children are innocent.” Yao Mowan spoke softly but these few sentences strengthened Su Muzi’s resolve.

“This common woman will never forget niang niang‘s great grace. This common woman will definitely follow all of niang niang‘s instructions!” Su Muzi put down the cup and carefully knelt down in front of Yao Mowan. Things have already gotten to this point so she no longer had the leeway to turn back. However, she had never thought about turning back either.

“If shu mother truly feels grateful towards Mowan, then please help Mowan in putting on a play, alright?” Yao Mowan helped Su Muzi back up as she said this gently. Upon hearing what she said, Su Muzi couldn’t help but glance up towards Yao Mowan in confusion.

Next to the Jade Lake, Ting Yue had already exhorted Yao Yu about what to do several times. She only turned to leave once she was certain that Yao Yu understood what she told him.

Niang niang, please don’t walk so fast. Since Third Madam came all the way here to the palace, she’ll probably stay a while.” Inside the imperial garden, Ming Yu was following after Yao Suluan and trying to convince her not to rush so much. The palace rules stated that all the palaces must be notified when a relative of one of the consorts or concubines came to visit. When Ming Yu notified Yao Suluan of the fact that Su Muzi had entered the palace with Yao Yu, Yao Suluan suddenly ran madly out of Pure Flowers Palace.

Niang niang!” Yao Suluan suddenly stopped and Ming Yu almost knocked into her.

“She actually dared to even bring this bastard here!” Yao Suluan’s heart filled with hatred when she saw Yao Yu who was standing next to the Jade Lake.

Niang niang?” Ming Yu subconsciously called out when she sensed the chilling intent Yao Suluan was emitting.

“This consort rushed out and ended up forgetting to bring a handkerchief. Go get one for this consort!” Yao Suluan took a deep breath, then gave this command coldly. She was thinking that since even the maid that had followed her for seven years dared to deceive her, Ming Yu definitely wasn’t trustworthy either.

“This servant will go right away.” Ming Yu felt it wise not to point out the fact that Yao Suluan was currently twisting a handkerchief with her hands and respectfully retreated. Yao Suluan’s eyes immediately turned completely cold once no one was around and she strode towards Yao Yu.

“Little bastard! Was it Yao Mowan, that lowly wretch, who hid you in Guan Osprey Palace that day?” Her voice was extremely sinister and cold.

During these past few days in which Yao Suluan closed herself in her room, she had been reflecting on everything that happened lately. Although all of these things looked like coincidences, Yao Mowan seemed to be involved in all of them.

First, there was the fact that Yao Mowan was the one who brought back Yao Yu when he went missing. Right after that, the incident with the hidden saffron occured. Yao Mowan also just happened to appear with very bad timing. Then there was the fact that she actually knew Bai Mei, that swindler, as well! A lot more incidents aside from those seemed suspicious now that she thought about them.

A thought suddenly occurred to her. Was Yao Mowan really a fool? Even she herself felt that her suspicions were laughable, but she truly didn’t know how else to explain those coincidences.

“Who are you?” Yao Yu only glanced briefly at Yao Suluan before going back to playing with the water.

“Are you blind!? This consort is your Second Sister!” Yao Suluan berated him angrily.

“You’re the Second Sister of a little bastard? Then what are you?” Yao Yu lifted his eyebrows as he responded with a sneer. It was hard to imagine that a four-year-old child would make such a biting remark. Yao Suluan was instantly infuriated to the point that she couldn’t even speak and her expression turned even more sinister.

“You lowly bastard, you actually dared to curse at this consort!? Don’t think that you can go out of control as you please just because Father dotes on you. This is the Imperial Palace! Who do you think you are, to dare talk back to this consort!?” As Yao Suluan spoke, she abruptly walked up to lift Yao Yu by his collar and drag him towards her.

“Ah…” Just as Yao Suluan was about to let Yao Yu go, she felt a pain come from her wrist. She immediately pulled her hand back and saw that there was a drop of blood on her wrist.


“What? Yu er has grown up. No one will dare to bully Yu er or Mother anymore!” Yao Yu stood tall in front of Yao Suluan. His bright water-like eyes were filled with hostility.

“Hand over the needle!” Yao Suluan’s personality has always been arrogant. How could she ever endure being humiliated by a child? She walked up to seize Yao Yu and shook him like crazy.

“Go away! Get away!” Yao Yu was a little frightened when Yao Suluan pounced at him like a mad dog. He immediately pulled out the needle from his pocket and stabbed towards Yao Suluan like his life depended on it!

Right at this moment, Su Muzi’s distressed voice came from the bridge.

“Yu er!” This cry made Yao Yu recall what Ting Yue had told him to do earlier. Before Yao Suluan could come back to her senses, Yao Yu suddenly turned around and jumped into Jade Lake. Water droplets splashed up from the surface of the lake. Yao Suluan subconsciously lifted her sleeve to block the water. By the time she lowered her hand, the surface of the lake was once again tranquil.

“Yu er… My Yu er!! Second Miss! How could you be so cruel!? Yu er is still just a child. How could you push him into the water!? Someone! Save my child! Please save my Yu er…” Su Muzi stumbled over and fell to her knees in front of Yao Suluan, and sobbed as she grabbed onto Yao Suluan’s skirt.

“You… stop making things up! He jumped down himself, what does it have to do with this consort? This consort still hasn’t gotten him back for stabbing this consort! Move aside!” Yao Suluan kicked Su Muzi aside with revulsion and glanced towards the lake. Inwardly, she was panicking a little.

“Second Miss! You can’t leave! Give me back my Yu er! Give back my Yu er…” When Su Muzi saw that Yao Suluan wanted to leave, she ran over and hugged Yao Suluan’s legs desperately as tears spilled out from her eyes.

“I already said that it has nothing to do with me! He jumped in himself! He… can’t he swim…” Yao Suluan’s face was slightly pale and her voice gradually faded off.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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