Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: I’ll Help You Guys Leave Safely

“Many thanks, Consort Yao niang niang.” Su Muzi lifted the teacup uneasily. She could tell just from the smell that this was extremely good tea; tea that she, as a woman born into servitude, never would have gotten to drink in this lifetime.

“There’s no need for shu mother to be so nervous. Mowan only asked you to come here because Mowan wanted to point out a possible road for you.” Yao Mowan didn’t act any longer and spoke directly.

Upon hearing this, Su Muzi stiffened and looked towards Yao Mowan in disbelief.

Shu mother has probably long guessed about Mowan’s current state, no?” Yao Mowan smiled slightly with a soft light in her eyes. Su Muzi gripped the teacup tightly with both hands and was silent for a while before she finally spoke.

“This common woman has felt that niang niang wasn’t the same Third Miss as back then as early as when Yu er told this common woman that niang niang was the one who taught him those methods. From the looks of things now, niang niang truly has recovered clarity. It is worthy of celebration!” Su Muzi didn’t try to deny it and respectfully replied with this.

Shu mother is intelligent as expected. It is Yu er’s fortune to have a mother like you.” Yao Mowan lifted a teacup and took a small sip.

“No, it is Yu er‘s fortune to have an older sister like Consort Yao.” Su Muzi maintained a humble attitude and was careful with every single reply.

Shu mother is really very similar to Wan er‘s mother, you’re always so cautious that people’s hearts can’t help but ache for you.” A trace of sorrow streaked through Yao Mowan’s heart. Regardless of whether it was Mother or Su Muzi, they shouldn’t have to be this way! But they, who were of low birth, in face of power, of influence, what could they do besides bow and accept it when people took advantage of them? Su Muzi simply listened quietly without interrupting.

“There is no wall in the world which blocks all wind. In regards to Yao Yu’s identity, you can hide it for a time, but not a lifetime. What do you think Father would do if he one day found out the truth?” Yao Mowan took a breath, then got straight to the point.

When Su Muzi heard this, her face turned pale and the teacup fell from her hand to the ground and shattered.

Niang niang… this common woman doesn’t know what niang niang is saying…” Su Muzi’s entire body trembled, and as she spoke, she fell to her knees.

“If you don’t know what Mowan is talking about, why are you kneeling? The only reason I can say this is naturally because I’m completely certain. Does shu mother still intend to quibble?” Yao Mowan got up and slowly helped Su Muzi back up as she replied gently.

Niang niang…” Su Muzi swallowed hard. She was forced to sit back down on the chair but she didn’t dare to look straight at the woman in front of her. At this instant, she realized that the current Consort Yao was a completely different person from that innocent Third Miss from back then.

Shu mother had probably been forced by Father, right? In reality, the one shu mother liked was that doctor, Zhou Chengwu. Could it be that you’ve never considered escaping with him and Yao Yu to somewhere far away?” Yao Mowan kept her words concise this entire time since she felt no need to probe Su Muzi for what she wanted. If Su Muzi was the sort to covet wealth and riches, she would have already cut off all ties with Zhou Chengwu and there was no way she would have treasured the snow honey he sent over so much.

Niang niang is wise, this common woman was forced! Long before the lord forcefully took this common woman, this common woman had already made a pledge with Chengwu to get married and had become pregnant with his child. This common woman didn’t dare to resist, and even more, did not dare to tell the lord the truth…” Su Muzi sobbed silently as she thought about the past.

“As expected! You and this consort’s mother are both people who encountered unfortunate fates. It’s a pity that Mother has already passed away. Mowan only hopes that shu mother can live the life you want. If this consort gave you the choice, would you choose to leave the prime minister’s residence?” Yao Mowan’s glistening eyes were like the bright stars in the sky; they suddenly warmed Su Muzi’s heart which had long turned cold with resignation.

Niang niang… what does niang niang mean?” Su Muzi abruptly looked up towards Yao Mowan with disbelief and hope in her eyes.

“This consort will arrange for you, Yu er, and Zhou Chengwu to leave the Imperial City with guaranteed safety and will give you enough money to pass your days comfortably. What do you think about this proposal?” asked Yao Mowan straightforwardly.

“If this can really happen, this common woman will be eternally grateful!” Su Muzi was someone that valued emotion over material, since wealth and riches were just passing clouds. All she wanted was to pass her days quietly with Yu er and the person she loved. As of now, since Yao Mowan had offered her a chance at this kind of life, no matter what she had to try.

“Since that’s the case, bring Yu er into the palace tomorrow and this consort will arrange the rest.” Yao Mowan’s lips curved into a sincere and calm smile that made Su Muzi instinctively feel faith.

In the evening, Yao Mowan was just about to instruct Ting Yue to prepare dinner when Qian Xi suddenly came.

“Consort Yao, my niang niang has already prepared the evening meal and had Qian Xi invite Consort Yao to Fragrant Steps Pavilion for a small gathering. She requested that the Esteemed Prince come as well so that he would be able to have a meal.” Qian Xi bowed respectfully.

“A small gathering?” Yao Mowan looked towards Ting Yue with her eyes wide in a puzzled manner.

Niang niang, Consort Xian niang niang is inviting you to eat at her place!” Ting Yue explained with an easy to understand sentence.

“Alright! There’ll definitely be a lot of tasty things to eat! Ting Yue, can we bring Fluffy too?” Yao Mowan tugged at Ting Yue in a spoiled manner.

“Fluffy is already sleeping. Consort Xian indicated for you to bring the Esteemed Prince as well, since he won’t have any place to eat if you don’t bring him,” continued Ting Yue.

“Bring Junqing? But what if Fluffy wakes up and wants to see him?” Yao Mowan looked a little troubled.

“Don’t worry, niang niang, Fluffy won’t wake up that soon. Why don’t we bring the Esteemed Prince along?” Qian Xi was standing at the side without any apparent expression, but inwardly she was very bothered. No matter how one interpreted this conversation, it still sounded as if the grand Esteemed Prince wasn’t even as important as a cat.

“Then alright!” Yao Mowan nodded reluctantly.

As for Ye Junqing, he really didn’t have much choice. If no meal was prepared in Guan Osprey Palace, he really wouldn’t have a place to eat. Moreover, he was very curious about who Yao Mowan viewed as an eyesore this time.

The moment they got to Fragrant Steps Pavilion, Yao Mowan smelled the faint, elegant, and calming fragrance of orchids. Yu Funing was probably the only one out of everyone in the Inner Palace with the ability to make her resting palace always be filled with this scent. It must be known that this scent was not the result of perfume but the fragrance of actual orchids.

Yao Mowan heard that Fu Residence’s greenhouse only grew orchids. Orchids of every type were grown there, and they were grown specially for Fragrance Steps Pavilion’s use. That was why it was said that money truly was precious. Although it couldn’t do everything, no one could live without it.

“It smells so nice! Ting Yue, can you smell it?” Yao Mowan pulled at Ting Yue excitedly and ran into Fragrant Steps Pavilion. She showed no trace of the dignity a noble consort should have.

“This consort greets Esteemed Prince and Consort Yao.” When Yu Funing saw that figure dressed in azure garments appear in the main hall of Fragrant Steps Pavilion, she felt as if a refreshing spring breeze had swept through the hall. That face was like that of a celestial, a single glance was enough to forever captivate a viewer.

“You’re also a noble consort, so why do you need to curtsy?” Yao Mowan looked towards Yu Funing with a puzzled expression.

Niang niang, you’re a noble consort granted a title with your original surname, so your rank is a level higher,” explained Ting Yue quietly.

“Aiyah, sending greetings back and forth is so troublesome. Hurry and get up, where’s the food? I’m so hungry!” Yao Mowan cheerfully helped Yu Funing up with an excited expression on her face.

“Consort Yao, please come inside.” Yu Funing only turned to seize up this treasured fool when Yao Mowan pulled her wrist. It had to be admitted that she was beautiful, but her conduct was truly like that of a child and contained no logic.

The delicate phoenix tourmaline table emitted a faint glow beneath the shine of the candles. Beautiful delicacies were lined up on the table in a sight that was dazzling to behold. The twenty dishes not only had wonderful color and intense fragrances, they were also displayed in such beautiful and intricate ways that it was clear with one glance how much effort had gone into their preparation.

“Esteemed Prince and Consort Yao niang niang, please have a seat.” When Yu Funing had heard from Qian Xi how Ye Junqing was treated in Guan Osprey Palace, she had the urge to rush to Guan Osprey Palace and slap Yao Mowan. However, there was their statuses to consider, so all she could do was keep that desire contained.


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