Kuma – Chapter 81

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Bear-san Stocks Up On Food

A few days after the shop’s opening.

The shop was doing great, without any troubles.
The only problems were the potato and cheese stocks.

I left the shop in Morin-san’s and Tirumina-san’s hands and went to the villages that made cheese and produced potatoes.
The nearest one was the village that produced potatoes.
I hopped on Swaying Bear and arrived there in less than half an hour.
Swaying Bear’s speed had definitely increased.
I was right, it increased when my level increased. When I became stronger, my summoned beasts became stronger, too.
While thinking about that, I arrived close to the village gate and saw people going in and out. Thanks to my habit, I accidentally approached the gate while riding Swaying Bear.

「Who are you?!」

A man standing near the gate shouted while looking at me.
He must have been shocked, first thinking that a bear was approaching the village, and then, when it came closer, seeing a girl in a Bear-suit riding it.
Even I would be shocked if I saw something like that.

「I am Yuna, an adventurer. Is Zamal-san here?」

「Is it possible that you’re the Bear girl who bought the potatoes in the capital?」

It seemed that he told the people of the village about me.

「Yeah, I am.」

「Then come on in. I have heard the story.」

The man was relieved to hear that I was the one that bought the potatoes.
Well, that couldn’t be helped with the sudden appearance of a bear.
He brought me to a house near the center of the village.

「Zamal! The girl dressed like a bear came!」

Zamal-san came out of the house.

「It has been a while.」

I greeted him as a sign of friendship, but I couldn’t sense an ounce of hospitality from him.

「Did you perhaps come here to make a complaint because someone fell ill?」

「That’s not it! I don’t have enough potatoes so I came to buy more!」

「Are you kidding? You bought a huge amount of them at the capital, didn’t you?」

「The potatoes are now a popular product at my shop.」

「I can’t believe that.」

It couldn’t be helped, so I took some snacks out of the Bear Box.
It was potato chips and fried potatoes.

「These are the products made from potatoes.」

Zamal-san ate a slice of potato chips.

「It’s delicious…」

「It’s great as a snack, right? You just have to fry them in oil and add a little salt.」

「It has a fluffy texture and is really delicious.」

「This one is also made by just frying it in oil.」

「Is this really made of potatoes?」

「I also put them on pizza, so I really need a lot of them.」


It was impossible to understand if I just said the name, so I also took a pizza out of the Bear Box.

「This is pizza. Potatoes are necessary, even though they are not the main ingredient.」

Zamal-san ate the pizza.

「It’s delicious. Are the people in town really eating the potatoes I grew?」

Light tears were flowing down from his eyes.

「It doesn’t really matter if you believe me or not. Do you have potatoes?」

「Yeah, of course we have some.」

「I would like fresh potatoes if possible, so could you bring some to Crimonia every two weeks?」

「It takes three days to go there by carriage. I would have to stay one night in Crimonia, so it would take seven days for a round trip. It’s quite a tight schedule.」

「And what if you could go by horse, without having to transport potatoes?」

「If it’s like that, I wouldn’t need the carriage or any other luggage, so I could reduce the time to one day and a half. But if I don’t bring the potatoes, what would be the point of making the trip?」

「Here, take this.」

I gave him fivei of the item bags that I took from the thieves.

「These are?」

「Item bags. I have never used them, so I don’t know how much they can carry, but you can use them.」

「Is it okay? Giving me something like this?」

「Yeah, no problem. If Zamal-san doesn’t need to use all of them, you can give some of them to other villagers. It will be more convenient to transport things with this, won’t it? 」

「It will help a lot.」

「In exchange, I will count on you to deliver twice a month.」

「Okay, you have my word. So how much will I have to transport each time? 」

「For now, about as much as the previous time. For the next one, you can ask Morin-san, a worker at the『Bear-san’s Relaxing Shop』.」

「So, Morin, who is working at the『Bear-san’s Relaxing Shop』? Understood.」

「I will count on you then!」

「You are leaving already? I wanted to thank you though…」

「I still have somewhere else I need to go, after all.」

I summoned Hugging Bear and went towards the cheese village.
The bears would sulk if I didn’t take turns summoning them after all.

The cheese village was surprisingly close to the potato village.
It took me about half an hour on Hugging Bear.
When I approached the village, the distinctive smelly odor of a dairy farm was drifting through the air.
When I arrived at the farm, a man approached me.
He was carrying a lance and seemed to be on guard.
Was he startled by Hugging Bear?
To prove that I was not a dangerous person, I got down from Hugging Bear.

「A Bear suit?」

The man approached.

「Is it possible that you are the girl who bought cheese in the capital?」

He asked.

「Yeah, that’s right. Is the grandpa that sold me cheese in the capital here? I came to buy more.」

「Yes, I heard the story, please come this way.」

I returned Hugging Bear and followed the man.

「You heard about me?」

「Yes, the village chief said that if a girl in a Bear Suit comes, we have to let her come in. You are the benefactor who bought all of the cheese, so he told us gate guards to treat you kindly. 」

「The security seems to be quite high, did something happen?」

「Recently, goblins appeared and attacked our livestock. That’s why we are patrolling.」

Goblins, huh.
Wherever I went, they were a harmful bunch.

There was a lot of livestock inside the village.
There were cows, pigs, and goats.
The man stopped in front of a house.

「Village chief! The girl who bought the cheese in the capital came!」

The grandpa who I bought the cheese from came out of the house.
So he was the village chief, huh.

「Oh, if it isn’t the Bear missy from that time! You really came, huh.」

「I told you I would come, right? I hope you didn’t forget the promise to sell the cheese cheaply if I came?」

「Of course. This is not a good place to talk, so please come inside.」

「Village chief, I will resume patrolling around the village.」

「Yes, I am counting on you!」

When I entered, the village chief offered me some white liquid.

「Here you go. It’s freshly squeezed cow milk.」

I took one mouthful. It tasted a little sweet. Really delicious.
I decided to buy some milk too, before going back.

「You came to buy cheese today?」

「Yes, but…is it possible that you don’t have a lot of it?」

「No, we have a lot of cheese. But, if things continue like this, we won’t be able to make it anymore.」

Those were words I couldn’t ignore.

「Why? Did something happen?」

「Goblins moved into the forest near the village. Those goblins came and attacked our livestock.」

「Did you post a request at the Adventurer’s Guild?」

「Yes, we posted a request using the money we got from selling the cheese to you, but…nobody came…」

I had heard that goblin subjugation requests weren’t really popular, but that was really the case, huh.

「Our village was strong enough to drive them away, but recently the number of Goblins increased and now we can only watch as the livestock are attacked…」

At this rate, it would be a great loss for this world, not being able to obtain cheese…
More than that, I would be troubled…

「I will go and exterminate them.」

「What are you saying!? A girl like you? Wait, before that, did you come to this village alone?」

「Yeah, I came alone. Don’t worry, I am an adventurer.」


「Also, I would be really troubled if the cheese disappeared. That’s why there is no way I am abandoning this village!」

I got up to go and exterminate the goblins.

「Are you really going?」

「Yes, for the cheese’s sake!」

I went to the forest that the village chief was talking about.
When I used detection magic, I could see that there was quite a lot of goblins.
It’s been a while, but let’s do it alone!

I started running towards the goblins.
I rapidly finished it before going back.

「Yuna-san, you are back? Did you change your mind about going there?」

When I returned, village chief was waiting for me at the entrance of the village, looking worried.

「I defeated them. There are no more goblins inside the forest. And while I was at it, there were some orcs, so I killed them too.」

「Yuna-san, stop joking.」

I brought out the corpses of goblins and orcs I killed.
When I thought about it, I killed all the monsters, so there were none left in the neighbourhood.

「Yuna-san, what is this!?」

「It’s the evidence that I killed those monsters as I said.」

「You really went and killed all of the goblins?」

Thin tears were flowing from the village chief’s eyes.

「I can’t thank you enough.」

There was a pile of goblin’s corpses, and the villagers who saw it started to assemble.

「Village chief, what is this?」

「Yuna-san killed them for us. There are no more goblins in the forest. That’s why, we don’t have to be frightened by them anymore. All of you, you also have to say your thanks to Yuna-san.」

The village chief said something like that, so everyone started to say some words of thanks.

「If you want the magic stones, I will give them to you, so can you disassemble the monsters yourselves?」

「Is that okay?」

「In return, I have something I want to ask from you.」

「What is it?」

The village chief asked while looking stressed.

「Could you bring cheese to Crimonia at fixed intervals?」

「That won’t be a problem, but is just this okay?」

「It’s okay. I will give you this, then.」

I brought out five more item bags from the Bear box.

「Are these item bags?」

「It will be easier to transport things with them, won’t it?」

「Yes, that’s right, but…We don’t have anything to thank you with, you know?」

「Don’t worry about it. Letting the cheese disappear would be too great of a loss, after all.」

「Saying so much about our cheese…」

「That’s why, I am counting on you to give us delicious cheese, okay?」

「Yes, we understand. We will do our best to make it.」

After this, I went around the village, and they showed me a lot of different livestock.
When I asked them if they could show me how to make cheese, they agreed happily, to my surprise.
Wasn’t that the most guarded secret of this village???
When I asked this,

「We have nothing to hide from our benefactor, Yuna-san.」

Was their response.
I only killed the goblins, so having them think so much of it made me feel as if I did something bad.
Well, just because I learned how to make cheese didn’t meant that I would go and make it somewhere else.

After that, they threw a welcome party for me.
As thanks, in order for the people to know how splendid of an ingredient cheese was, I made a stone oven, made pizza with the village’s cheese, and served it to all of them.

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