Kuma – Chapter 77

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Bear-san Thinks Of A Name For The Shop

The shop’s preparations were gradually coming to an end.
There was just one problem.
The shop’s name had yet to be decided.
When I discussed the issue with Morin-san, she said:

「It’s your shop, so Yuna-chan should decide.」

However, I had absolutely zero naming sense.
It was to the point where I used my real name in games, because I had absolutely no confidence in my naming sense.
That was why I decided to ask everyone I knew for a name.
The next day, I assembled all the people I was indebted to and made a tasting party.
The people who would be participating included the staff: Morin-san, Karin-san, and the six children helping the shop. Mylene-san and Helen-san. Terumi-san and Fina, the parent and child duo that had always taken care of me. Liz, who always took care of the children. Helena, from the inn. And finally Noa, who came back from the capital. These 15 people.

I immediately asked them for a name.

「The Bear’s Bakery」

「Bear-san’s Dining Hall」

「The Bear Pizzeria」

「The Bear and Pudding」

「Bear-san’s Food Shop」


「The Bear’s…」

Names with ‘Bear’ in it were suggested continuously.

「Ummm…why do they all contain ‘Bear’?」




All of their gazes turned towards me.
Hm. Right.
Still, I wasn’t the one who would be cooking, you know.

「Ah, I thought about the uniform for the staff here, but…」

「The uniform?」

Mylene-san said something like that.

「Didn’t you see it in the capital? The clothes that were used by the staff.」

Ah, the thing that looked like an apron.
When we went to a big restaurant, everyone was wearing the same clothes.
It was certainly cute.
There were uniforms in Japan’s fast food restaurants and formal restaurants as well.
A uniform in another world, wouldn’t it be maid or butler clothes?
I think it would suit the children.

「Yeah, I’m okay with uniforms.」

I answered while imagining maid clothing.


「For now, I made one to see if it’s good.」

Mylene-san brought out a set of clothes(?) from her item bag.
She said she would bring out a uniform, but why did she bring out a piece of fur?
In one movement, Mylene-san spread out the fur.
(TL note: the ? was in the raw)

「A bear?」

「Yes, this is Yuna-chan’s shop, so it has to be a bear, right?」

It was a bear costume.

「Mill-chan, was it? Want to try it on?」

There’s no way she would want to wear something so embarrassing.
She would definitely refuse it.

「Is it okay?」

She said, looking happy.

「She’s so lucky.」

「No fair!」

「I want to wear it too!」

The children started to say that once they saw it.
Having received the costume, Mill’s face was filled with joy, while the other children’s faces were filled with envy.
That also included the faces of Fina and Noa, who were also there.
Mill started to change her clothes right on the spot.
Even if the boys were younger, a girl of her age taking off her clothes in front of people, wasn’t she embarrassed? It may be because she was living in the small orphanage with people she considered as siblings.
I had to remember to make separate changing rooms for boys and girls.
A girl had to think about herself more.

「How is it?」

Mill, while happily wearing the bear costume, twirled around.
Why…why are you so happy?!
It was certainly cute, but…
No words of denial were coming out.

「It suits you well.」

「So lucky.」


「It’s made with wolf’s fur, but it’s quite a success.」

「Will we be wearing this while doing our job?」

「Yes, as long as we have Yuna-chan’s permission.」

「Big Sis Yuna, I want to wear it too!」

「Me too!」

「And me!」

Hmmm…The boys wanted to wear it, too?
The children seemed to be happy, and it wasn’t like I was the one who would be wearing it while working, so I accepted the idea.

「Wait, do I also have to wear one?」

Karin-san was looking at the uniform that Mill was wearing.

「The children look cute, but I…」

「I think that it will suit Karin-san too.」

「Mylene-san, what would you think if you were the one wearing it?」

「I am in my twenties, but Karin-san is seventeen, right? That’ll be cute enough.」

So, she was older than me.
That made me a little happy, I think.
In Japan, a 17-year-old was equivalent to a second year high school student. I wasn’t Mylene-san, but I also thought that it was safe for high schoolers.

「I can’t serve customers in those embarrassing clothes.」

Embarrassing clothes… Why did you say that in front of the ones who will be wearing it?

「I’ll make bread with mother in the kitchen.」

「We can’t let the children be alone for the service, you know. That’s why the floor manager will be Karin-san.」


「Just in case, you will do some rotations with Morin-san.」


It wasn’t something you had to hate so much, you know. What about me, who walked the streets of the town and the capital city with it?
Even more so, we met at the capital city while I was wearing this costume.

「The uniform has been decided to be a bear, so the name has to be one too, right?」

「Before that, I have a question.」

「What is it?」

「The gloves will be a hindrance for the work, but won’t you make the shoes?」

「You are right, huh. Let’s make it. And Yuna-chan, can I ask you to sponsor the uniforms? We will give the money to make them.」

I haven’t sold the wolf pelts yet, so I had lots of them. Even if I didn’t have enough pelts, I still had the 5000 wolves that hadn’t been dismantled from the monster horde.

「Okay. I want a lot of them after all. Three sets per person.」

「That many?」

「If I were to increase the number of workers, they would be able to wear it, right? The children are all around the same height after all.」

「I can make as many as you want if you give me the wolf pelts, but you will have to pay for them next time.」

The uniform was not what I originally had in mind, but it had been decided. Now, I had to decide the shop’s name.

「What will we do about the shop’s name?」

We all thought about the shop’s name again.
After a long discussion, it had been decided.

『Bear-san’s Relaxing Shop』 was chosen.

The waiters and waitresses would all wear bear costumes.
The only one who was opposed to that idea, Karin-san, was ignored.
Though, I wouldn’t be working there, so it had nothing to do with me.

Author’s note:
Recently, when I think about stories of moving, It makes me want to make the Bear fly in the sky.
「A Bear that doesn’t fly is just a Bear.」is a famous saying after all.

If the Bear won’t fly, it‘ll just be a normal Bear…

※ Regarding fur in a place that serves food, I beg you to not think about the fur that will end up in the food, please…

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