Kuma – Chapter 75

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Bear-san Purchases A Store

I was finally back at the Bear House in Crimonia after a long time.
The last time I was here, I immediately returned to the capital after buying eggs and making pudding.
So I really did have the impression that it had been a long time.

「Big Sis Yuna, it was really fun, wasn’t it?」

「I am pleased that you think so. Since I have the transfer gate, we can go there whenever we want.」

「Yes, but next time I want to go with all my family.」

「I see, but don’t tell anyone about the gate, okay?」


Fina was going to head home, so we parted ways there.
I left the Bear House to tell the people who had taken care of me that I was back.
First, I headed towards the Adventurers’ Guild.

「Yuna-san, you are back?」

「Yes, I got back today.」

「But wasn’t the king’s birthday yesterday?」

「Well, about that…」

「Your summoned beasts can move really fast, huh.」

「Anyways, here, a souvenir.」

I bought an accessory that was popular in the capital.

「An accessory? Thank you very much.」

Since I really didn’t know what the fashion sense in this other world was like, I bought whatever the seller suggested, but considering her happy face, there didn’t seem to be a problem.

「Also, is the guild master around?」

「Yes, one moment please.」

Helen went to call the guild master.
When she came back, I was told to go in.

「Oh, you’re back. That was fast.」

「Here, a souvenir.」

I brought out some of the food that I randomly bought.

「Also, thank you for the introduction letter.」

「Was it helpful?」

「I encountered some trouble before giving the letter, but the guild master of the capital helped me out a lot afterwards.」

「It’s fine if it helped you. So, what will you do now?」

「Hmmm…It will depend on the commerce guild.」

「Did something come up?」

「I plan to open a shop, so kinda.」

「A shop…but aren’t you an adventurer? Or will you quit being an adventurer?」

「The shop will be managed by someone else. I’ll be sponsoring it by providing the ingredients and money. That way, I’ll be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want.」

「You’re opening a shop just for that?」

「I think that it’s an acceptable reason.」

The guild master seemed to have given up on understanding me, so I ignored him and went to the commerce guild.
When I arrived at the commerce guild, Mylene-san spotted me and shouted my name from the counter.


「Please don’t shout people’s names with such a loud voice.」

「But I can’t help it when I see you.」

「Here, a souvenir.」

It wasn’t the same as Helen’s, but it was also an accessory.

「Thank you very much.」

「So, what is the current status of the shop? Was there a good place?」

「Yes, there was a great place, so I reserved it. The only thing left is the money.」

「How much is it?」

「About this much.」

「Isn’t that expensive?」

The amount of money designated was ten times the price of the Bear House’s plot of land.
After I created the transfer gate, I bought the plot of land I was renting.

「There is a building on it this time, and it’s quite big.」

「I don’t think I need a shop this big, though.」

「What are you saying! It’s pudding, you know! It’s no good if it’s not big!」

She cried out to me from the reception with a really loud voice.

「Is that so?」

「That’s right. For now, let’s go see it. You can decide after that.」

That was why we went to the shop I was considering purchasing…


From any angle I could see, it was a mansion.
It was a small one, but it was still a mansion.

「I asked for a shop, though…」

I was only thinking of a shop where you could buy junk food.
Yet, what stood in front of me was a mansion.

「So, it would be great if you renovated it to be a restaurant. It’s a mansion, so it comes with a kitchen. You can allow lots of people to enter, so it won’t trouble anyone passing by.」

「Yes, but…」

「Anyways, let’s go inside.」

Led by Mylene-san, I entered the mansion.
After opening the door and entering the house, there was a big stairway and a large space around it .

「You can line up tables and chairs on this floor.」

「And on the second floor?」

「For the second floor rooms, I think you could prepare reserved seats. You could also prepare private rooms for couples, or something like that.」

「And the kitchen?」

「It’s further inside. There are a lot of rooms on the first floor, so you will have lots of space to store the ingredients.」

I did a simulation in my head.
I could make a system where you would buy food tickets at the counter, where the money and goods would be exchanged.
Or I could change it to a system where you paid after eating.

If it was the former idea, I would need to make a counter near the kitchen, and the people would be able to sit wherever they wanted.
If it was the latter, I would have to put a counter at the entrance.
Furthermore, it would be necessary to prepare a record of what they had eaten, or a receipt.
It would be difficult to make the children from the orphanage do it.
Considering this, the payment in advance system would work better.

「How is it? Though, if you think that it’s too big, I could look for another place.」

I had the money I brought from Japan, as well as the money I received for capturing the thieves.

「I will buy it. Is it okay if I pay later?」

「Yes, there is no problem.The renovation, cleaning, tables, and chairs will also be included.」

After I parted ways with Mylene-san, I went to the orphanage.
The children rushed over as soon as they saw me.
It was like this every single time, what a healthy bunch of kids.
There were some children that I didn’t remember seeing before, but was it just my imagination?
I assembled the children who were approaching and gave them the fruits that I had bought as gifts from the capital.
They were the fruits I had not seen in this town.
When I had tried eating one, it had a sweet and sour taste, similar to apples.
They were all happily sharing it with each other.
The children politely thanked me and went towards the cafeteria.

「Yuna-san, you are back?」

Since the entrance became noisy, the director came out of the room.

「I came back today. Director, how are the children?」

「They are healthy, thanks to Yuna-san. They eat well, sleep well, and work well too.」

That was a good thing.

「I would like to give a new job to the children, is that okay?」

「What sort of job?」

「I think we could call this a café. The main food we will be selling will be bread, but there will also be wolf meat, the pudding that I made before, and pizza; but I think the menu may increase later. That’s why, if there are any children that like cooking or want to take care of guests, I would like them to be part of my café.」

「How many of them would you need?」

「Let’s see, I would like around three chefs and three servers, so I think six would be a good number. Of course, we will do some rotations so they learn all of the different jobs.」

「I understand. For now, I will assemble the children and ask them.」

When we went to the cafeteria, we could still see the children happily eating the fruits I had bought.

「You can all continue eating, but listen to me.」

The children’s gazes were all directed towards the director.
They were all growing up to be good children thanks to her as well.

「It seems that Yuna-san wants to open a café. For this reason, she wants around six children to help her. Is there anyone who wants to do it?」

「What’ll we make?」

「The main thing will be food made with bread, and also pudding.」

「Here! I’ll do it!」

「Me too!」

「And me!」

「I will say it now, but the puddings are something that we will be selling. You won’t be able to eat it yourself, you know.」


「That’s obvious, you know!」

「And I will let you look after the customers and handle money. That’s why I prefer children who know how to read, write, and calculate.」


「I know how to read, write, and calculate. I want to do it.」

「I can do it too!」

「I have some trouble with calculations, but I want to do it too.」

「I want to cook too.」

Hands were raised one after another.
I decided to choose the first six children who raised their hands.
There were four girls and two boys.
The oldest one was a 13‐year‐old girl named Mill.
I decided to have her be the manager.

「But, the cluckers have been increasing, so is it really okay for me to take six of them?」

「About that, during the time when Yuna-san was at the capital, the number of orphans increased, I am sorry.」

The director was bowing her head.
I see, so that was why I could see children I didn’t recognize.

「You don’t need to worry, since you are taking care of them after all. And whenever you see orphans, you can’t abandon them, right?」

「Thank you very much.」

「Moreover, because you are raising them properly, there aren’t any selfish children.」

「That’s because Liz and Gaul are strict with them.」

Liz was a girl who acted like a young version of the director.
Gaul was the oldest child, a 15‐year‐old boy.
Liz took care of the girls and Gaul took care of the boys.
It seemed that the two of them assigned work to the children.
It was great that I had less work to do.

That day, I taught the six children how to make pudding and pizza, so it was decided that we would eat pizza that evening.

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