Kuma – Chapter 74

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Bear-san Returns To Crimonia

Author’s note:
This time, I am really tired after writing…
Humm, this is always the case, so if I start thinking about it, I will lose.

On the day of the birthday party, I was waiting for Eleanora-san to bring the pudding to the castle.
As expected, it seemed that since there were a lot of people entering and exiting the castle today, I couldn’t enter by myself, even if I had an entry permit.
Therefore, it had been decided that I would go with Eleanora-san.

「Fina, you really won’t come?」

「Yes, I will stay and watch the house.」

Since we met Princess Flora the last time we went to see the castle, it seems to have become a kind of trauma. Even though nothing really happened to her…as a commoner, Fina must have been stressed out just by seeing royalty.
I didn’t want to force her, so I decided to go to the castle alone.

「Okay. I will try to come back as soon as I can.」

I decided go to the castle alone.
As I was waiting at the Bear House, Eleanora-san came.


「Good morning.」

「Fufu, I really want to see everyone’s faces when they eat the pudding!」

Eleanora-san, your wicked face is showing!

「Seriously, don’t tell anyone that I’m the one who prepared it!」

「I know! Anyway, His Majesty really thought about something interesting!」

「The people involved are troubled though…」

「Fufu, that’s right, but the people who are watching will have fun.」

When we arrived at the castle, we saw carriages that probably belonged to nobles entering, one after the other.
They all had lots of pretty ornaments on them.
After seeing them, I wanted to escape, even though I wasn’t Fina.
To explain it better, it felt like going to your best friend’s wedding by train or bus, and then being surrounded by people who came in luxurious cars when you arrived…
Well, I was just delivering the pudding and was not going to participate in the party, so it was okay.

When we entered the castle, I was brought to an empty room.
There was a refrigerator installed inside.

「Put the pudding inside it, please.」

I took the cups of pudding out of the Bear Box and put them inside the fridge.

「It seems delicious.」

「You can’t eat it!」

「Even I won’t eat it this time. However, when Yuna-chan leaves, I won’t be able to eat it anymore, huh.」

「When I come back, I’ll let you have a feast.」

「When my daughter has a holiday, I will return with her, so I’ll count on you at that time!」

Well, the shop would definitely be open by then, so it would be great to let her go there.

「Well then, I will go back.」

「You really won’t take part? I will prepare a pretty dress for you.」

「Fina is lonely waiting for me, so I will go back.」

「It would have been great if Fina-chan came here too…」

「Participating in the King’s birthday party is too high of a hurdle for us.」

「Really? The hero who killed all of the monsters and one of her friends is no problem!」

「I don’t want to be a heroine, so I will politely refuse this offer.」

When I arrived at the Bear House, Fina was alone.

「Where are the other two?」

「They went to see the parade.」

「You didn’t go?」

「They invited me, but Big Sis Yuna said that you would come back soon, so…」

She said something that made me happy.

「Then, let’s go to see the parade.」

「But if we go now, the place will be full…」

「No problem, we will have special seats.」

When we went to the main street, there was a big crowd of people, just like Fina said, so we couldn’t see the parade.

「Big Sis Yuna, with this…」

「Won’t it be okay there? There will be no problems, so hold onto me tightly.」

I hugged Fina and jumped.
We arrived on the roof of a building.
It was the tallest building around here.

「We can see really well from here.」

It was brimming with people under us.
They were all gathered to see the king.
Was it like seeing a famous performer?
Like a parade for a pro baseball player’s team after they won a tournament?

「See, Fina, we can look at people like they are trash.」

「Big Sis Yuna…」

She was looking at me coldly.
While splendidly ignoring those eyes, I took out the food I bought earlier.
After a short period of eating and drinking while viewing the capital from the roof, the parade finally arrived.
Knights on horses were in front.
They were stylishly holding lances and swords.
Musicians came after the knights.
The king’s parade sounded so beautiful that it could make flowers bloom.
A big carriage followed the musicians, and the king and a woman were standing on it.
Was she the queen?
She was a beauty.
It was thanks to her beautiful mother and father that a beautiful child like Princess Flora was born, huh.
Their genes were really something to fear.
The king, who was waving his hand at the citizens while approaching us, noticed me on the roof.
He said something to the queen, and her gaze turned toward me before she started waving her hand.
What did he say to her?
I couldn’t really ignore the two of them waving their hands, so I lightly waved my hands too.

The king’s carriage passed us without a problem.
It seemed that the parade would make a round of the capital before finally entering the castle.

On that day, the capital was noisy late into the night, thanks to all the people celebrating the 40th birthday of the king.

The next day, since the birthday party had ended, Morin-san and her daughter began their trip to Crimonia.
I went to greet the people who took care of me before going back to town.
The first place I went to was the Adventurer’s Guild.

「I will say it again, but thank you very much for exterminating the monsters. Yuna-chan, I will always welcome you, so when you come to the capital for work, don’t forget to come see me.」

Sanya-san said.
Next, I went to the Foschurose house.

「Yuna, I was in your care. Thank you for taking care of my daughters as well.」

Cliff said.

「Big Sis Yuna, you’re going back now?」

Noa said.

「Yuna-san, next time, I will have a rematch with you, okay?」

Shia said.

「Yuna-chan, if Cliff does something weird, tell me, okay?」

Eleanora said.

「I will make the flowers in the garden bloom before you come back, so please come see it.」

Suririna said.

Since Cliff’s job in the Foschurose house was finished, it was decided that he would go back with Noa.
He invited me too, but this time, he didn’t need my help as a guard, so I refused politely.

The next stop was Faren Gramm’s house.

「If you come to my town one day, don’t hesitate to come by my house. I will welcome you.」

Gran-san said.

「I want to say bye-bye to the Bear-sans…」

Misa said.

At her demand, I summoned the bears and she bid farewell to them.
The last stop was the castle.

「I wanted you to see the faces of the nobles who ate the pudding too!」

「Don’t talk about me to anyone, please.」

「It was a great uproar, with lots of people saying that they wanted the chef to be introduced.」

The king started laughing.

「So, what do we do for the payment of the pudding?」

Ah, I forgot.
I wasn’t really lacking money.

「Well~, it will be your reason to not talk about me to others.」

「What, you don’t trust me?」

「I don’t particularly need money, and if it seems like Princess Flora will talk about it, you have to skillfully deceive them.」

「Understood. So, you won’t go to see Flora?」

「I will come back to bring pudding. If I see her, she will probably start crying.」

I was really bad at looking at a child’s crying face.

「I see. I want to eat pudding too, so please try to come back with them quickly.」

I finished saying my farewells to all the people who took care of me, so I decided to go back to Crimonia.
I said this, but I could come back whenever I wanted.

Author’s note:
Finally, the capital arc is finished.
I started writing it without thinking, so it wasn’t really good towards the end.

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