Kuma – Chapter 71

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Bear-san Goes Back To Crimonia, For Eggs

I thought of writing Fina’s POV, but it turned out like this.

There were no more eggs.
That was a big problem.
We couldn’t eat sunny side up fried eggs or scrambled eggs.
We couldn’t make pudding or egg sandwiches.
We had to get urgent replenishment.
That was why:

「Fina, I will go back to town. Do you want to come back, too?」


Fina replied strangely.

「There are no more eggs, so I thought of going to the orphanage.」

「Big Sis Yuna is going back?」

It was just a fast trip by transfer gate, though.

「That’s right. But you can just tour around in the capital. What will you do?」

「I will go back, too. Can I just say goodbye to Noa-sama?」

「Ah, it’s okay. We will be back today, after all.」


Fina tilted her head a little.

「What you are saying is we will go to town now, and will be back today?」

「That’s right.」

I don’t think we are on the same page.

「If we are fast, we will be back in the afternoon.」

「Big Sis Yuna, I would feel bad for the bears. Even if there is no more eggs, it’s okay. So don’t do something that will hurt the bears, please.」


I tilted my head this time.

「We will go by transfer gate, so we won’t use the bears.」

「Transfer gate?」

It was Fina’s turn to tilt her head this time.
Ah, I had not explained it to Fina.

「Sorry, Fina is always with me, so I wanted to tell you. We have the Bear’s Transfer Gate, so we can go back to the town instantly.」

「….. Big Sis Yuna, I don’t understand what you are saying.」

I thought so.
It would be strange if someone told you that you could move a long distance in an instant using a transfer gate, right?
If someone had said something like that to me in the real world, I would have thought something like, “Is his head broken?”
First of all, I didn’t even know if there was magic that permitted transferring in this world. If there wasn’t any, it was normal for Fina to say something like that.

「Hmm~, Fina, I just want to ask, but…in this country, is there a type of magic that permits instant movement, or a magic to move between two places in an instant?」


「For example, a magic that permits instant movement between the capital and the town?」

「Never heard of that.」

Of course~
Hmmm, I thought it was okay to tell Fina about the gate.
She was not the kind of kid to talk about those sort of things.
Well, even if other people heard of it, I was the only one who could use the gates, and I installed all the gates in Bear Houses, so the only conclusion was that there was no problem.

「Fina, you know I trust you.」

「Hmm, yes?」

She agreed while tilting her head.
I went to the warehouse where the portal was.

「If I remember right, the same device was in the other warehouse.」

It was in the warehouse, but I hadn’t explained it to Fina.
I wanted to explain how it worked to her.

「This gate and the one in town are connected.」

「Big Sis Yuna, even I won’t be deceived by that. If I could go to the town where my mother is by passing through this gate, nobody would have a problem with transportation.」

Right on!

「For now, if you go through, you will understand.」

Clasping Fina’s hand, I opened the door of the Bear Transfer Gate.
At that moment, we arrived at the warehouse of the Bear House in Crimonia.

「Big Sis Yuna?」

「Don’t tell anyone about it, okay? Ah, and if I am not here, you won’t be able to use it.」

When we went out of the warehouse, the long missed town of Crimonia came to view.

「If it’s at this hour, Terumi-san should be at the orphanage. Let’s go.」

We both went to the orphanage.

「Big Sis Bear!」

When we arrived near the orphanage, the children that were outside rushed over.
It was the children I selfishly named the Little Kid Group.
Well, they were less than six years old, and couldn’t do any of the jobs.
Rather than us, it was the older children who were taking care of the younger children.
After one noticed, two or three more came rushing to me.
The children around me were increasing.
Was it just me, or were the children multiplying?

「Hello everyone, nothing happened?」

「Yes, no problem!」

「We did good with our jobs.」

I should pet their heads.

「Is Terumi-san here?」

「Yes. She’s with the professor.」

I went to the orphanage while watching them respond playfully and energetically.
When I entered, the director, Terumi-san, and Rizu were drinking tea.


「Fina and Yuna-chan, you were back?」

「We will quickly go back to the capital. We just came back because we wanted eggs.」


「Are there any?」

「All the eggs are Yuna-chan’s, so if you want eggs, there will be eggs.」

「Can I have as many eggs as possible, but not so many that it causes trouble with the Commerce Guild?」

「When are you going back to the capital?」


「That’s fast.」

「If I can get the eggs tomorrow, I don’t mind leaving tomorrow.」

「I see. How many do you want?」

「100, 200, as many as I can get.」

「Then, is it okay if we give them to you tomorrow? If you take them today, you can have 100, but if you wait until tomorrow, we can prepare more.」

「Alright. Fina, we will go back tomorrow, so you can go with Terumi-san today. It’s okay if you want to stay here afterwards.」

「No, I will go back to the capital, too. After all, I didn’t get to say goodbye to Noa-sama.」

「Then we will meet each other at the orphanage tomorrow. Ah, and I have a favor to ask you all.」

「What is it?」

「If all goes well, next month, someone will come to sell potatoes, so could you please buy them for me? Take the money from the profits from selling the eggs.」

「Potatoes? If I remember correctly, your stomach will hurt if you eat them, right?」

It was the same here, huh?

「If you don’t eat the eyes or sprouts, there is no problem.」

「Is that so?」

「We will eat together next time, so can you please purchase them?」


I received today’s portion of eggs, and left the orphanage.
When I walked around town, I noticed there wasn’t as much of a reaction as there was in the capital.
Children just sometimes said,「It’s Bear-san!」

「Found you!」

The one who was in front of me, with the eyes of a hunter who had found her prey, was Mylene-san.

「I searched for you, Yuna-chan.」

「Hmm~, what can I do for you?」

「What is that food called?」


「The one you gave me before going to the capital!」

「Ah~, the pudding.」

That’s right, I remembered giving some to her.

「Yes, that! What is that delicious food!」

「More importantly, you did well, finding out that I was in town.」

「With that appearance, who wouldn’t know. I looked for you after I heard some commerce guild personnel saying they saw you. Now, give me more of that food!」

She firmly grabbed my shoulders.

「Mylene-san, your personality has changed, you know…」

「For that, changing my personality is normal!」

「I will give it to you, so please let me go!」

Only after I said that did she let me go.

「No lies, right? If you are lying, I will curse you!」

I took out four puddings from the Bear Box.

「These are the last ones I have.」

「Thank you!」

After having received the puddings, she started beaming happily.
Mylene-san put them in her Item Bag so she wouldn’t drop them.

「Hey, Yuna-chan, won’t you open a shop? This will sell, without a doubt!」

「This uses eggs. For now, how much do they cost?」

「The price dropped quite a bit. After all, there are 200-300 of them every day.」

Then opening a shop was okay, I guess.
There were around 500 Cluckers.
I would have liked 1000 of them.
I considered that, but the number of people who would look after them was a little too insufficient.
I thought it would be impossible with just the orphanage’s children.
Well, I will take my time to think about it.

「Then, can I ask you to make a reservation to start the shop? The place should be near the orphanage, and make it big. I want enough space outside the shop so that, even if it gets crowded, it won’t cause any problems.」

「You have lots of requests, huh…」

「If I open the shop, I plan to engage the children of the orphanage. That’s why it has to be close to the orphanage. And, it’s just me saying this, but I think it will be popular, so it has to be big. If a crowd formed in front of the shop, it would cause problems for other people.」

「Understood. I will look for the right place.」

「I am not in a hurry, so you can take your time. I will go back to the capital tomorrow, after all.」

I parted ways with Mylene-san and went back to the Bear House.
Just after I arrived, I started to make pudding with the 100 eggs I received today.
The day will be finished right after that.

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