GDBBM – Chapter 330

Didn’t we enjoy that title? Hee, round 6! Fight! Extra dose of happiness brought to you by Sam Gillis! Woo hoooooooo! *screams till voice goes hoarse* ..oops…forgot it was an ensemble before… ah-hem…*clears throat & strums the qin gently with a melodious tune and starts singing…thank you…thank you dear Sam … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 328-329

Chapter 328-329 phew! mad start of the week! Here’s your extra dose of happiness Chapter 328 regular happy dose Chapter 329 brought to you by Sam Gillis!  Let’s have a nice gentle music appreciation ensemble with the qin. This song is dedicated to our wonderful supporter Sam Gillis! Let’s once again … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 321-322

Double dose of happiness brought to you by Sam Gillis! *wolf whistles & clappers* yAaaay yaaaay it’s friday! Let’s crank up the music and throw Sam Gillis up in the air, ready… get set…. GO! Hip hip! Hurray! Hip hip! HurraY!!!! WOOOoooooooooo HOOOOooooooo! Chapter 321 Chapter 322 Have an awesome … Continue reading