Sponsored DKC chapter 116 by Noel W and need everyone to vote

Another generous lord dropped by to sponsor chapter 116. Welcome lord Noel W. I’ll warn everybody once the tearjerker chapters gets here…  Brought to you by June and Brian.

So for the 9 chapters starting at 115 the title has  走火入魔 in it. It literally translate as enter fire pass magic. Often seen in Wuxia/Xianxia related novel or TV. Basically the practitioner enters this stage (either during practice or due to being wounded) and they either end up going crazy or dead. We want you the readers to either give us a better translation for this phrase or vote for the ones we suggested on in the poll here . We will change the title and chapter 117 translation based on poll result. Thank you all in advance for participating!!!

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7 Responses to Sponsored DKC chapter 116 by Noel W and need everyone to vote

  1. ludagad says:

    I’m afraid to ask… who’ll fall into madness? NL? I hope it’s not SL >_<;

    Thank you for this chapter, June, Brian, and sponsor Noel W. 😀 <3

  2. Jawke says:

    Thank you for the chappy

  3. Arua says:

    What do you mean tearjerker…? Apart from something really bad happening to SL, I can’t see any tearjerker material in this novel so far… everyone else apart from little Meng Meng (and her personal maid I guess) have been prick toward her. However, she’s the MC, she can’t possibly die, right?

  4. JerryHatrick says:

    I know nothing about chinese grammar. I read those characters as, ‘running fire enter devil’. Knowing what the chapters ahead hold would give a good indication of the context.

    Judging by this chapter, I’d say NL’s temper goes out of control and becomes like a devil in his treatment of her. Whether it be mental, or physical (libido).

    A quick Google Translate check returns, “obsessions”, which fits in along the lines of what I was kind of thinking.

    So, my suggestion, based on the assumption that he’s going to let himself be ruled by his nether region, is: The passions of a devil.

    This is because there is that saying, “Fanning the flames of desire/passion.”

    I suppose, following that, another suggestion could be, “Fanning the flames of the devil.” or “Fanning the devil’s flame.”

  5. vang says:

    What a tease! ahh can’t wait for that chapter!

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