DKC – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116 – Infuriated to the point of discarding all rational thoughts (2)

In a split second, Nangong Liuyun’s complexion became exceptionally unsightly. His ten fingers were intercrossed together, entire body was icy-cold and blood-thirsty. He was seething with anger.

“Could it be what I said was wrong?” Su Luo heedlessly watched him, the corner of her mouth perked up in a light, nonchalant smile. “You guys are childhood sweethearts, while we are merely nodding acquaintances. It’s obvious which is important and which is not with just a glance. How could it be wrong that you elected to save her? If I were you, I would choose to save her too.”

“Acquaintances?” Nangong Liuyun’s phoenix eyes narrowed.

“Or are we not even considered acquaintances?” Su Luo seem to be infuriating him for her own enjoyment.

Nangong Liuyun’s rage burned up, his face became grim. His long and thin fingers pinched at her neck even though his smile was tender and soft as water (1). His single-minded devoted expression was simply touching. “Su Luo, do you believe that this king will put you to death?”

The man leaning over was like Satan and could make one’s heart full of fearful thoughts. However Su Luo knew she could not yield. Once she gives in, it would be like being submerged in an endless abyss. She would completely lose herself.

Su Luo stubbornly meet his eyes head on. The corner of her mouth rose and a vague flowery smiling countenance appeared. “Just because I refused you, was that the reason you want to put me to death? His highness the legendary Prince Jin still amounts to nothing more than this!”

“Luo Luo, you better not challenge the bottom line of this king’s patience.” Nangong Liuyun bent one knee, semi-kneeling leaning into her. Tenderness, dizziness, and puzzlement in a blink of an eyes, those emotions passed through the eyes fixed on her. “That kind of consequence is not something you will be able to bear.”

“Really? What type of consequences? I really would want to try it.” She confronted Nangong Liuyun’s tender and soft as water expression that concealed a vengeful blood-thirstiness. A touch of fear passed through Su Luo’s heart, nevertheless she unhesitantly counterattacked.

“Su Luo don’t tell me you don’t know. This king had already decided that Prince Jin’s wife and princess is you. I will never let you go.” As if Nangong Liuyun was making a vow, his beautiful eyes were tender and soft as water. A gorgeous smile on his face his voice was gentle and soft like a feather floating by. “Therefore don’t try to refuse or even flee, or you can only get hurt.”

“Haha, really funny.” Su Luo focused on his gaze, as if wanting to know how he will hurt her.

Nangong Liuyun’s authority had suffered a provocating blow, yet he laughed in a matchless gorgeous manner.

He was at the pinnacle of pure, sinister darkness, from the moment he meet her. He never intended to set her free. This was a type of obsession.

He had an obsession and the formidable capital to carry out his desires.

He even started to consider, if he should, in order to keep her by his side, break off her wings or join in helping her soar higher with her talent.

A choice, at this point, with no foreseeable outcome.

Right now, she could only see that his face and everything else was being turned upside down as quickly as lightning. He cruelly bit her lip!

This time’s Nangong Liuyun seem to be possessed by the soul of a devil, remote and wildly ruthless.

He fiercely dug open her teeth, and violently laid siege to the gap between her lips and teeth (2). Arousing the strong passions like those experienced during a perilous situation!

“Oh——”Su Luo had no time to react before being assaulted. Once she came to her senses, she discovered that he had a iron grip on the back of her head, and her entire body was covered by his. She couldn’t move the slightest bit.

This was too much! What gives him the right to do whatever he pleases with her? Obviously the one who abandoned her was him. Clearly he choose to believe his childhood sweetheart. Now what reason does he have to show off such love towards her and pressured her so she can’t reject it?

If Su Luo was a regular woman than fine, but she definitely wasn’t.

In her past life, she was a famous gold metal level assassin, she dealt with the underground dark world all year round. The words being wronged and bullied can not possibly exist when talking about her.



1) tender and soft as water: Chinese idiom for deeply attached to someone.

2) lips and teeth: Chinese idiom with figurative meaning of close partners or interdependent.

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39 Responses to DKC – Chapter 116

  1. AngelSanc26 says:

    Well, he is certainly trying to kiss her to death.

  2. Midori says:

    thank you—-!
    ooh, i like su luo being sarcastic and making nangong liuyun suffer! he deserves it! on hindsight, though, i realise he might have believed her, just that he didn’t want to fix the mess now? i don’t care though, in the end, he didn’t believe her, and i’m not forgiving him for that, nor will i forgive him for leaving her behind! he could have brought s luo with him!

    • Light says:

      …considering the fact that he was injured when rescuing JLF she almost certainly would’ve died if he brought her along. I think that he was in the wrong for his choice, but what he did was understandable from his pov

  3. hipployta says:

    I don’t think you can kiss her into submission…this dude is made of fail.

    She’s calling you on your BS but his obsession just sees her escaping

  4. Busy Bee says:

    The fact he wants to make her Princess Jin will cause her to have more enemies.

  5. NP-3228 says:

    i see a pattern… 3 chapters of him kissing her, 1 chapter him abstaining… then back to kissing…

  6. Manga Hunter says:

    Su Luo will not falter and I swear I felt like I was reading yandere chapter. Where is little Meng Meng when you need him? Protect your mommy already!

    • June says:

      I believe Meng Meng is being naughty in her space…so much spirit spring water 😉

    • ludagad says:

      That thought also crossed my mind. Can’t decide between yandere or haraguro. Will have to observe longer.

      • June says:

        haraguro? How is it different than yandere?

        • ludagad says:

          Well, although he has all the landmarks of a yandere (obsession, thinking of breaking her so she can’t escape, etc), his face doesn’t betray the psycho thoughts (for yanderes it’s a blank look, slightly widened eyes, maybe an insane grin, shade falling over half the face…). A haraguro character will keep a sweet and kindly visage as they abuse their victim. Just from the descriptions here, he gives me a haraguro feel. Like he’s too much in control of his face and emotional output. Even when he’s psychotic, he’d have a saintly smile on.

      • rhendril says:

        That’s not haraguro. Haraguro is someone who acts nice but is secretly devious, manipulative, and cunning. Someone like Nangong Liuyuang certainly doesn’t match the description seeing how all his attempts at courting her ends up being sexual harassment/forced kissing. It’s pretty monotonous as far as his ingenuity goes.

        Yandere, which fits this situation a bit more, is just someone who is crazy and obsessive and obviously off his rockers. I hope he doesn’t pull a Yuno Gasai or rape on us :/

        So far, as far as male lead goes, he’s really terrible. I don’t really see how Su Luo is getting seduced by him right now since he’s clearly a wannabe rapist and wife abuser.

  7. Yuuko-kun says:

    Wheres Meng Meng? lol I miss the lil guy. Anyways C’mon Nangong Liuyun, can’t you do something else other than kissing?!

    • Kakko says:

      He should have hug her from behind gently instead of forced kisses… girls love that stuff…

      • greedxviii says:

        Not when they’re mad at you for leaving them in a tree so you could go help some other girl, who then sent people to kill you, and then when she mentions it you don’t believe her.

        She’s like 300% justified in being angry with him.

  8. ludagad says:

    Ugh, he’s not very good at using his words, and apparently his actions are limited to kissing only. Does he even know how to show sincerity… Su Luo’s weak to cuteness (Meng Meng), so he shouldn’t be showing off his strength here. Not to mention to appease a dominating person like her, he should show some meekness and evoke pity. Guess he’s just not suited for it. I can only see them clashing in the future -_-;. That’s why being with someone of a similar character can be difficult. Guess I should prepare myself for the drama.
    Is it time for Meng Meng to shine yet? Go save your mama, nibble on NL.

  9. Kakko says:

    Tsk, Su Luo, drop that ultra heavy cauldron on him already… or put him into your space where you ARE the boss! Or have meng meng to gnawed him.

  10. Asu says:

    They are not very good at using words to convey their feelings XD

  11. AO says:

    Well things just got real didn’t it? Hmmmm first time really seeing a yandere BF here. Thank you for the chapter!!!

  12. Arua says:

    “Su Luo don’t tell me you don’t know. This king had already decided that Prince Jin’s wife and princess is you. I will never let you go.”

    Ooooooooh, NL is going the Qi er Lun route. I totally expected to read something like “he hit her pressure points” somewhere in this arc. Talk about BS romance.

    I don’t understand what’s the hype about these things.
    “She doesn’t love me, let’s assault her, she’ll fall in love that way eventually”.
    Even for an imaginary story and for people’s fantasies, apart from hate with stockholm syndrom mixed in, I don’t see how someone can expect any kind of other feelings to sprout from those f. actions.

    • ludagad says:

      Haha, oh, those pressure points. I was rolling my eyes so much at those parts, imagining turning a robot on and off. How convenient for the author. At the end, I think even she wanted to get it over with and start a new story. Felt rushed and unsatisfying.

      • libraryrocker says:

        I am so glad that story it over, it filled me with rage (>.<)

        This one is better!

        • Syaza says:

          I agree with you about IPASH.. Glad it end.. though it left many bitter taste.. I think NL should learn to act a little bit cuter like Xuan Yuan Che from DOP… His action is just too frustrating in my opinion?

  13. Ricecal says:

    Meng meng! save your mommy from NL!
    Thank you very much.

  14. Kaiser says:

    Hahaha. SL is a tough smart girl. Even we read about her feelings and scares, she is totally free to send the boy apart. To throw the cauldron? Forget it, she won’t.
    This NL will has what he deserves for. Also, Meng Meng is a baby like sensing what’s happening outside and would arose whenever she could be hurt by magic or delicacies, not human complexion.

  15. hipployta says:

    Upon further consideration I can kind of see why he is going all sexual harassing and desperate on her. From his viewpoint he was doing everything to progress them and move forward. He had an interest in her even when she thought she didn’t have power and once he confirmed she did he made arrangements to get her access to it.

    The problem is that on some level he still thinks she’s just like everyone else and will fall at his feet. While he WOULD just kill and maim other people he wouldn’t do that to her (probably) so he feels frustrated at her denials. Immature brat.

    From her side he left her some rude twit and she almost got killed by a freak storm. Then that same twit proceeded to try to kill her multiple times via her maids because of her obsession with NL. He even asked her who else tried to kill her when he ASKED the twit to look for her and though she appears battered he didn’t believe her words.

    NL was injured and thought she had died and when he finds her alive she is being cold and rejecting him so he is on an emotional up and down. SOOOO being the extremely poor communicator he is instead of trying to work out their issues he is forcing himself on her physically because that’s the only way he can overpower her and how he deals with everyone else. Again…immature brat.

    Since SL is NOT from that world and was an adult her reactions to all of this is as you can expect.

    • ludagad says:

      Man I love reading long analyses. *claps* Reading the comments while waiting for a new update hehe. No one’s said ‘no’ to NL in his life apparently. He doesn’t know how to cope. I can totally see his thought process as what you write. Su Luo has 4000 chapters to mellow him out haha, there’s my hope.

  16. chronos5884 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  17. Icarus says:

    If this ever happened in rl, he would have already been sentenced to sexual assault hundred of times. I was just really disappointed in him and I prefer the dragon king more, even though I know that that ship will never sail….

  18. Aki says:

    This is a terrible human being with no good points at all! Who made him an ML? ???

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