SPO – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: That Old Watchman Again?

When Yue Qiang took out the tail that was as thick as an arm, everyone around him was stunned.

The people whispered among themselves, “This brightly colored tiger tail is so long and thick. It may really be the tail mentioned in the public bounty!”

Someone could not help but walk forward to ask, “If I may be so bold as to ask, where did this length of tiger tail come from?”

“It is cut off a tiger after I killed it inside a tiger’s den.” Yue Qiang typed leisurely, “Even with my strength, victory did not come without much risks. In the end, it is thanks to the unique poison of my Genesis Bane God Spear that I finally killed it after much difficulty.”

“Did you have another helper, young sir who has killed a tiger?”

Yue Qiang paused for a moment, and before he could reply a row of words suddenly appeared on the screen.

Yin whispered to you: “Don’t mention me.”

Like I need you to tell me that… While Yue Qiang thought, he typed and answered, “Helper? Of course there was a helper.”

When the person who asked the question heard that Yue Qiang had a helper, he instantly let out a sigh of relief. He obviously did not quite believe that a normal person like Yue Qiang could take out a wicked tiger with a notorious, long notorious reputation, “Where might this helper be right now?”

“There was a helper, but it was not my helper!” Yue Qiang purposely paused for a moment before saying, “What, you can’t be thinking that this delicate woman behind me is the helper, can you?”

Yue Qiang purposely kept his listeners on tenterhooks before finally saying, “The one who had a helper isn’t me. It was the tiger!”

“There was not only a male tiger inside the tiger den, but also a female tiger that was just as fierce!”

The surrounding crowd looked extremely surprised. Seeing that the mood was more or less set, he began typing slowly and describing the entire tiger hunting process in a most exaggerated fashion. The main point of the story was how ferocious the tigers were, and how effortless it was for him to take out both tigers during the process. At the end of the story, he did not forget to add, “My strength is what it is. The main reason I won is because of the powerful poison of my Genesis Bane God Spear.”

The whole storytelling was at least the length equivalent of an 800 words essay.

Seeing the surrounding masses’ surprised expression and Deng Yuan’s gloomy expression, he felt that his sales pitch was very successful.

“Therefore, please feel assured and buy my poison powder.”

Yue Qiang’s iron rod might look unremarkable, but it was in fact pretty peculiar in many ways. The layer of black charcoal on the iron rod could not be scraped clean no matter how hard one tries, and after the weapon had merged with the doctor Ming Que’s Goldmaker Pill this black color now had some gray to it. However, this characteristic still remained.

Very soon, he had sold plenty of poison powder and earned a couple hundreds of knife coins.

The people who bought the poison powder left in perfect contentment, and the surrounding crowd gradually dissipated over time.

Deng Yuan was still standing at a distance, and his face – so dirty that it was gray, undernourished and perverted-looking – had blushed into a dark red color. Suddenly, he walked over while holding a large amount of money,

“Young sir Yue, I, Deng Yuan am a man who can accept his defeat! However, I only have about 2000 knife coins with me right now, and I am unable to gather the full sum at the moment…”

“There is no need to act this way, brother Deng.”

Yue Qiang walked to his side, and seeing that there was no one around to hear them, typed to Deng Yuan and said, “I am ashamed. Although you and I are here both to earn dirty money, I do in fact feel pretty bad to rob your business like this. It is just that I am seriously in need of money right now, and if you look behind me you will notice that my girl did not even have clothes to wear. This is why I have no choice but to employ such an unwise plan. Please empathise with us.”

Deng Yuan was actually unable to react for a time when he heard Yue Qiang’s words. It was only after a while had passed when he finally said, “What I earn may be dirty money, but there is nothing more important to a merchant than a promise! Since I made a bet, then I must be held responsible for it! Please wait for a moment, my brother Deng Fang still has some knife coins with him…”

“No need, no need.” Yue Qiang took the 2000 knife coins off Deng Yuan’s hands without any hesitation before turning him down gracefully, “No one has an easy time in this trade. We shall part here then.”

Once he finished typing, he took Yin with him, turned around and left just like that, leaving behind Deng Yuan with a complicated look on his face.

There was a reason behind Yue Qiang’s refusal of the additional 2000 knife coins. The main reason he did it was to show the other party goodwill. While his actions might not necessarily bring forth immediate benefits, it could turn out to be something during future activities. As the saying goes, don’t burn your bridges since you’ll never know when you’ll need them, and in this infinitely realistic world, there was no harm in being as careful as possible.

Moreover, he was no longer lacking in money right now. He had won 2000 knife coins from the bet, earned almost 1000 from selling the poison powder, and a 1000 knife coin quest reward which he didn’t know where to conclude and receive just yet. No matter how he looked at it, he was now a well off person with 4000 knife coins with him, so he might as well earn 2000 knife coins less in exchange for a favor.

While pulling Yin with him, Yue Qiang hurriedly walked towards the front. He was very interested in that eloquent scholar earlier since he had the ‘Memory Unlock Rate’ that he was curious about.

While following behind Yue Qiang, Yin suddenly said, “Do you know what you did was very immoral?”


“I am talking about the way you treated Deng Yuan just now.” Yin explained, “What you did was like… you went on a road to rob someone, and not only you robbed every coin off his body, you wanted to rob his underwear as well. Then, when the victim had taken off his underwear and handed it to you, you said, ‘I am a robber with standards, so put your underwear back on and leave’… Do you really think the victim is going to feel grateful to you for doing this? That Deng Yuan guy’s feelings are probably what I just described.”

“It’s still better than running around bare-assed without an underwear, right?” Yue Qiang said.

The duo continued to chase after the scholar.

It was at this moment a small commotion happened on the streets. A number of soldiers clad in armor were searching everywhere for a beautiful woman. Their uniforms were indistinct, and it was impossible to make out the soldiers’ nationality. Whenever they saw a young woman, they would approach them and examine them closely, hence causing quite a bit of confusion on the streets.

Yue Qiang turned around and stared at Yin’s beautiful face for a long while. Then, he wiped a handful of black charcoal from his clothes and wiped it on her face and stuffed all of her long hair into the oversized uniform. Finally, he grabbed a dirty rag off the streets and wrapped it around Yin’s head. After a series of messy cover ups, the girl’s beauty was finally not as obvious as it was before.

“Lower your head when you walk.”

Yin lowered her head and asked softly, “Where are we heading now?”

“Let’s chat with that old man at the market entrance. He may be just a watchman, but he is pretty unusual. I’m sure that you’ve sensed it as well. Also, Deng Fang said that he can appraise the treasure in my possession, so we definitely have to visit that old man at least once.” Yue Qiang said.

“Do we go now?”

“We’re not in that much of a hurry. Now that I am rich, let’s buy some clothes and equipment and get ourselves ready first. Of course, the most urgent thing right now is to catch up to that scholar.” Yue Qiang walked swiftly while typing, “I can see other people’s stats, and although the system seems to be gradually blocking off this function, I can still see quite a bit of things. That scholar, you, and the other person I met earlier all had stat ‘Memory Unlock Rate’. It is not easy to run into someone with this stat, so we must meet him and ask him about it. Moreover, don’t you think the way he speaks is a little… incompatible with this game?”

The duo spoke as they walked, and they soon caught up to that scholar. Yue Qiang patted his shoulder once, and the scholar turned around to find that it was Yue Qiang. He greeted him, “So it is the young sir Yue who had killed the tiger. What enlightenment has you come to shed, young sir?”

Yue Qiang pressed the backspace button. He suddenly wasn’t sure what to say.

He couldn’t ask directly if the scholar had lost his memory, could he?

After thinking for a moment, he ultimately decided to ask the less significant questions first, “The reason I stopped you, brother, is to check something with you briefly. Do you know where I can receive the reward for this tiger killing public notice?”

“Ah, so you want to receive a reward. You should seek out the old man at the market entrance.”

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