SPO – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Street Stall, Notice Board

Yue Qiang only had one objective, and that was to earn some money. On one hand he wanted to buy clothes for Yin, and on the other there were many simple equipment in the market that could only be purchased with knife coins. While the effects of these equipment might be lacking, it was still a lot better than running around naked. The first thing he needed to do was to buy a simple armor for both him and Yin. That was why he thought to earn money.

By coincidence, he saw Deng Yuan’s way of business, and when an idea flashed across his mind, Yue Qiang decided that he would undercut Deng Yuan’s business for himself.

A careful selection process happened behind the chosen location of Deng Yuan’s stall. First, he needed to put some distance between his current and his previous location to avoid running into the same customers. Moreover, he needed to wait until all the circumstances felt right before restarting his business once more.

Just like before, he put up the white cloth with the words, ‘The Venomous Yuchang Blade That Surpasses Zhuan Zhu’s’, took out a huge fish bone, and even found a feebler old dog than the one before. However, when everything was set to commence, Yue Qiang appeared.

It must be said that Yue Qiang’s act of stealing one’s stall space was very provocative.

It was obvious he was undercutting his competitor.

When the surrounding crowd saw that two weapon selling stalls were laid out at this place, they slowly gathered over and began gesticulating at them.

“Hey there, old chap. Who do you think sells the better weapon between these two?”

“Ah, brother, your observation skill still needs a little bit of training. It is obvious that that blackish iron rod is far better than the other.” A scholarly looking person said while swaying his head back and forth.

“How can you be so sure?”

“You may listen closely to my words. To know if a seller’s goods are of quality, one must first observe their shop sign. Look, the sign of the left stall selling fish bone writes, ‘The Venomous Yuchang Blade That Surpasses Zhuan Zhu’. We will ignore how much truth lies behind this claim, and observe these words alone. Just based on the fact that the words are chicken scratch, the syntax is wrong, and the comparison is biased, I will give him a solid 0 star rating. Now we look again at the right stall selling an iron rod. He writes, ‘Genesis of Bane, God of Spears’. His syntax is fine, and his reconciliation is fair. The calligraphy of these six words are straight and parallel, mellow and full; thin but not flattering, strong but not stiff. I will go as far as to say that this is a rare top grade calligraphy. From these two advertising signs alone we can see clearly who is the better among the duo.”

The scholar gesticulated and commented at the two stalls with clear and logical arguments. Setting aside whether he was actually right or wrong, his performance was enough to attract a huge crowd of ignorant people to stand and watch.

Yue Qiang was pretty amused. Now he even had someone advertising for him for free.

Seeing that his insights were agreed upon by others, the scholar grew even prouder of himself.

“‘Buy not, before judging the seller’. This is the indisputable words of wisdom the sage of the ancient past have imparted us. Look, my friends. This fish bone seller at the left looks perverted, shifty, slumped and hunchbacked. It is obvious at first glance that he is no decent person. Moreover, he is even followed by an old dog that’s about to starve to death. The ancient sage once said, ‘what dog there is, what man there is’. You may imagine the moral standing of this fish bone seller just from this old dog’s appearance alone.”

“Now, let us look at this iron rod seller once more. His stature is lofty, and his appearance is powerful. He may be of average countenance, but he has a sweet and virtuous lady behind his back. The ancient sage once saw through the mystery known only to heaven and said before they levitated heavenwards, ‘A man’s worth can be measured by the beauty index of his woman’. Based on this alone, it can be proven that this iron rod seller is much more reliable than the fish bone seller.”

The surrounding crowd nodded their heads repeatedly. They all felt that this scholar’s words were rather sound.

One person asked, “If I may be so bold as to ask, the term ‘beauty index’ sounds rather profound. May I ask how it should be solved?”

Another person asked, “I wonder who is this ancient sage of such ability, speaking truths and gems at every turn? Can you enlighten us on this, scholar?”

Seeing that everyone was flattering him highly, the scholar put even greater effort into making a show of himself.

He took out a a bamboo slip from his lap and said, “Do you want to know how ‘beauty index’ is explained? Do you want to know what other words of blood, sweat and tears the ancient sage have to offer? Then hesitate not and buy my ‘Quotes of The Ancient Sage’ right away! This book is originally priced at 500 knife coins, but now it is only sold for 198! 198! 198 knife coins is not expensive at all, and if you don’t buy it, you’re a fool and a loser who can’t become a king or marry a bride! If you buy my ‘Quotes of The Ancient Sage’, then a meteoric rise to become scholar officials is no longer a dream!”

Ever since Yue Qiang set down his stall, he had been watching the scholar perform from the start to the end.

At the beginning, Yue Qiang could almost believe that the scholar was a helper that he hired after hearing him talk so many good things about him. But in the end, he was yet another person out to market his product. That being said, this script and method… he can’t help but feel that the style was similar to ‘Jiangnan Leather Factory’s Boss and His Sister-In-Law’.

Seeing that this scholar was harmless, and his own curiosity was at its peak, Yue Qiang hovered over his cursor and clicked the man’s avatar to check his stats.

Character Name: Hui Shi

Class: Scholar

Stats: (Stats are hidden and can no longer be seen)


?? : ??

Duel of Words Against the Group of Learned LVL 1: A silver tongue with a strong grasp of knowledge, capable of quoting classics and articulate eloquently with no effort at all. Stats required to read book type items is decreased.

Heart of Name and Reality LVL 1:

Memory Unlock Rate: 2%

On the other side, the local trader Deng Yuan was in a rather awkward situation.

This was the place he had chosen for himself, but he was first taken advantage of by Yue Qiang, then had his popularity completed robbed away by a scholar. When he saw the current situation, he hastily shouted in a loud voice, still using the same promotion script as before.

However, the professional marketing script that was still very useful just now had lost its effectiveness. No one in the crowd were even looking at him. A small minority of the crowd were curious about the scholar’s ‘Quotes of The Ancient Sage’, and the large majority were attracted by Yue Qiang’s Genesis Bane God Spear a.k.a blackish iron rod.

“If I may be so bold as to ask, where have you gotten this spear?”

Yue Qiang said, “A blacksmith in a small village gifted it to me.”

“This blacksmith must be a mastersmith who has retired himself from the world. Young sir is truly fortunate.”

Another person asked, “Since your God Spear is called the ‘Genesis of Bane’, then it must be extremely poisonous. Is it possible to ask for an immediate demonstration?”

Yue Qiang agreed on the spot and scraped some dull and gray, black-and-white mix of dust from the iron rod. Then, he grabbed the old dog at the back and fed the dust down its throat. Before long, the old dog perished on the spot. (Deng Yuan: That’s my dog!)

The surrounding crowd clicked their tongues in wonder.

“There is indeed truth behind the one that dares calls itself the genesis of bane. This toxicity is oh-so-acute.”

“It looks ordinary, but it hides its secrets inside. This is truly a great weapon.”

Another person asked Yue Qiang, “May I know how much your Genesis Bane God Spear will fetch?”

Yue Qiang typed unhurriedly, “The poison dust is for sale. The spear, isn’t.”

Hearing how imposing Yue Qiang’s words were, the surrounding crowd immediately discussed among themselves spiritedly once more.

Deng Yuan’s face was blue with anger when he noticed that all of the crowd’s attention were sucked away elsewhere. Even more infuriating was that the dog he prepared for his own demonstration was snatched away by Yue Qiang as well. He no longer shouted, and instead took out a public notice from his lap and roared once at Yue Qiang, “Hey iron rod seller! Do you dare accept this public notice?”

Public notice?

Deng Yuan continued, “I’ll stop my business today, but would you dare agree to a gamble and see who can finish the quest listed on this public notice first? If you managed to finish the quest first, then not only would I pack and quit right away, I will gift you with 2000 extra knife coins as compensation. But if I finished the quest first by luck then, huhu, I’d like to see if you can leave this market alive!”

When Yue Qiang heard this, he clicked open the public notice curiously. The public notice was actually a quest.

Quest Title: Tiger Hunting.

Quest Background: It is said that there is a ferocious tiger doing evil in the mountains a few dozen of miles away and has heard countless villagers and hunters. Braves are hereby called to hunt down this ferocious tiger. If the hunt is a success, then a thousand knife coins and a piece of equipment will be rewarded.

The man waited until Yue Qiang was finished reading the public notice before saying, “So? Do you dare make a gamble with me? I’d like to see if your iron rod is better, or my Venomous Yuchang Blade is fiercer!”

Yue Qiang grew amused when saw the contents of this public notice. If this wasn’t what you call jumping into the line of fire, then what was? He purposely paused and put on a hesitant look before typing, “This isn’t fair, is it? If you lose, you only lose 2000 knife coins. If I lose, I have to lose my own life. Unless, you add another 2000 knife coins…”

“Why not!” Deng Yuan roared.

The man hardly finished speaking before Yue Qiang snatched over the public notice* and accepted the quest at top speed.

*although the author didn’t write it, Yue Qiang probably returned the public notice to the guy after reading it.

System Message: You have accepted the quest: Tiger Hunting.

System Message: You have completed the quest: Tiger Hunting.

The feeling of accepting and finishing a quest instantly was the best.

He took out the tiger’s tail about the size of an arm from his backpack and said, “Tiger, you say? It just so happened I killed something like that along the way.”

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