SPO – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – What Is The Enemy?
Yue Qiang did not know what Progress Points were used for. His own 97 Progress Points had come out of nowhere, which was why he didn’t mind it even after giving out 50 Progress Points. As the saying goes, easy come easy go, and since he was set on collecting info about the game, he didn’t think that trading the Progress Points for a strange book was a bad deal.

However, when he saw the number 0.3, he thought that there was a likelihood that he was duped.

These three enemies weren’t easy to deal with. Even though he lost almost no HP at all, his Stamina was completely depleted and he had to rely on his microing skills to at the end to finish the job. But after cleaning up a wave like this, he had earned less than half a Progress Point only? Really?

While pondering, Yue Qiang saw yet another two Zhao Soldiers at the edge of his screen running towards him. They wore the same panicked looks, but the degree of panic seemed far worse than the three escaping fellows from before.

Yue Qiang was currently standing at the center of three dead Zhao Soldier bodies, and appeared to be incredibly gaudy. The two Zhao Soldiers didn’t really seem to notice Yue Qiang and kept running – fleeing – without pause.

Yue Qiang hovered his cursor onto one of the Zhao Soldier’s heads to check their stats. This action would raw their attention, but he did it anyway since the two enemies were so terrified that running was the only thing left in their minds.

Character Name: Extremely Panicked Zhao Soldier
Class: Soldier

There were many rows of attributes and skill descriptions just like what he had seen before. What’s different was that they had a new debuff called ‘Extreme Panic’.

Extreme Panic: This person is suffering from extreme panic, and their mind is extremely fragile.

The three dead Zhao Soldiers from before had also appeared to be very panicky, but these two new enemies seemed to be completely scared out of their wits.

Warily, Yue Qiang looked towards the duo’s backs, and just like before he discovered nothing whatsoever. He took a few steps forward, planning to kill one soldier and leave the other alive so he could utilize the dialogue system and question about the situation.

Both waves of enemies had appeared consecutively in the same panicked state. Something was obviously amiss.

He walked towards the front while holding a ‘Break Fist – Killing Style, One’ in readiness. His Stamina had recovered a little during this short period of time, and it was just enough for him to unleash the skill one time. He was just going to do just that when a strange noise resounded from his speaker.

The noise was very low-pitched, but it lasted a very long time.

He could distinguish that the source of the noise was incredibly far away, and yet he didn’t know how the noise had come to be.

It was a little like the boom of a thunder, and a little like the boom of a drum, and yet it wasn’t completely identical to either of his guesses either. In short, it was a very, very low-pitched kind of noise.

This wasn’t that the noise was so low-pitched that it could not be heard, but rather it was a frequency so low that it caused a person to feel impossibly irritated. It was like a tickler that tickled the sole of one’s feet until their very heart felt ticklish, anxious, and then irritation. The only noise Yue Qiang knew that could cause someone to feel as irritated as sitting of a carpet of needles was the ear-splitting noise of friction (T/N: something like the sound of fingernail scraping across a chalkboard), but he never thought that such a deep and low-pitched noise could also cause the same extremely uncomfortable reaction.

As this particular noise resounded, the two Zhao Soldiers suffered a massive shock as if they had seen the very end of the world. Their faces instantly turned pale white, and every muscle in their faces began to twist and tremble.

The noise continue to spread outward, causing the two Zhao Soldiers to grow even more terrified. They both pressed their hands on their heart and rolled continuously on the ground, crushing many shrubs along the way. Then, the duo actually starting foaming at the mouth, and after a wave of intense seizure later, their legs straightened and they both died in unison!

They had actually died of fright!

Yue Qiang did not dare to act rashly now. He carefully swiveled his perspective and observed his surroundings carefully. At the same time, he controlled his character to hide behind a big tree.

He had very bad premonition about this.

According to his earlier calculations, this place was not too far from the Mo Family’s Great Camp. He should have entered their sphere of influence already. If things went smoothly, then then he might run into a disciple from the Mo Family’s Great Camp and be able to submit the village elder Chen Zi Han’s letter to them later. Regardless of whether the Mo Family’s Great Camp were willing to send reinforcements to Yue Village, it could be said that he had completed the quest, not to mention that he still had the stolen Ring of Earth that could increase the quest’s chances of success.

Yue Qiang had also thought of another possibility. Judging from the word fragments of the dead Zhao Soldiers, it was possible that the Zhao Army had launched an attack against the village and the Mo Family’s Great Camp at once. This meant that the battle might already be over, and that one of the two sides had obtain victory when he arrived at the camp later.

Since the ones who were running away were Zhao State soldiers, did that mean that the people of the Mo Family’s Great Camp had obtained victory?

But if that was the case, then why did he not see anyone from the Mo Family’s Great Camp who were pressing home the attack? Also, how could one explain that noise that had scared a well-trained Zhao Soldier to death?

The situation before him had already exceeded Yue Qiang’s imagination.

He hid himself behind the big tree and observed closely the direction where the terrifying noise came from. He dared not move a muscle.

Before long, there was yet another person who had fled over from that direction.

This person was garbed in a combat leather armor that only a Zhao State junior officer was qualified to wear. He held a Zhao Army’s Standard Halberd in his hand. Yue Qiang remembered clearly that he was chased all over the place when he first fought this level of mob, and in the end he had only defeated it with the help of the village’s giant crossbow. Although he was much more powerful than he was before, he would still have to exert some effort to defeat the enemy single handedly.

However, the Zhao Sergeant he encountered right now was heavily injured. There was a massive wound ranging from his chest to his lower abdomen. It was as long as an average human’s forearm, and as deep as a finger. The sergeant pressed his hands against the massive wound, but he could not keep the blood from spilling through his hands no matter what. As Yue Qiang watched the sergeant running towards his direction, his enemy’s long health bar shrank swiftly in an obvious rate.

Even though he had suffered such grievous injuries, the sergeant’s running speed was still very quick. Suddenly, he tripped over something on the ground and fell head first towards the front. Then he rolled several times on the ground before finally crashing to a stop face-up beside Yue Qiang.

The sergeant had fallen to his death.

He had very few HP left in the first place, and although the trip had only taken only single digits of his health bar, it was enough to kill him straight away.

Of course, the true cause of his death wasn’t the trip, but that massive wound of his.

Yue Qiang squatted at the side and gained a clear view of that wound.

It wasn’t a single wound at all!

There were four wounds in total!

Four straight lines had penetrated the Zhao Soldier from his chest to his lower abdomen in a merciless fashion. His flesh had been completely torn open. His muscles weren’t the only thing that was ripped apart; the four lines had even cut his ribs into several pieces! Mutilated flesh and blood lined the path of the four straight wounds, and fresh blood had drenched the man’s clothes completely. It had only looked like a single, massive wound when seen from afar.

Yue Qiang knew the strength of this Zhao Sergeant. With his current abilities, even if the Zhao Sergeant had stood at the same spot without moving, he still would not be able to deal such terrifying damage.

Just how powerful was the person who had dealt this damage?

Or should he say, was it even a person who had dealt this damage?

Yue Qiang recalled the low-pitched, terrifying noise from before once more. Suddenly, an assumption popped into his mind when he combined the thought to the four terrifying straight lines. What if the thing that had dealt this damage wasn’t a human at all?

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