SPO – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: 0.3

According to Chen Zi Han’s explanations, the Mo Family’s Great Camp was at a faraway place to the north of the village. After he went out of the village, he continued to walk northwards over a very, very long distance. The sky was now grey bright. He had used an entire night to cover only more than half of the whole journey. He calculated inside his heart. He should be close to the Mo Family’s Great Camp now.

Along the way, he did not see any living being. Not only did he not meet any Zhao Soldiers, even the usual wild animals who were active at night were all completely gone.

It was only until now that he saw three common Zhao Soldiers running towards his way.

These three enemies were obviously not from Yue Village because their direction wasn’t right. When he thought of the last words of the enemies he eliminated before, he thought that Yue State might have sent two separate units to assault the village and Mo Family’s Great Camp. They might have sent even more than that.

These three soldiers did not have full HP, and they also appeared to be extremely frightened. They did not look like they were patrolling at leisure at all. With two at the front and one at the back, the trio was running really quickly towards the underbrush Yue Qiang was hiding in.

It was only when the distance was closed that Yue Qiang was able to see clearer that the three soldiers weren’t harmed whatsoever. It was just that their uniforms were extremely disheveled and there were a lot of dry grass on them. There were also scratch wounds that were caused by tree branches. Their imperfect HP were due to these little wounds scratched by the tree branches.

The three Zhao Soldiers seemed to be escaping in panic from something behind them. They looked battered and exhausted; in great contrast of the well-disciplined impression they had left Yue Qiang earlier. Yue Qiang felt that it was a little strange and did not rush out immediately. Instead, he did his best to widen his vision and look towards the distance.

He didn’t spot anything out of the ordinary.

Forget it, let’s deal with these three enemies first.

Yue Qiang waited very patiently for his chance. Among these three Zhao soldiers, the first two got closer and closer towards him. He did nothing even when they had ran up till the underbrush he was hiding in, and ran past him.

His aim was to divide and conquer them respectively. Obviously, catching that lone guy at the back was easier than facing the duo upfront.

Crouching carefully inside the underbrush, he fired a long prepared ‘Break Fist – Killng Style, One’ he had long prepared at the third Zhao Soldier when he passed by. He had been accumulating this technique for some time now and he was full of energy. He struck out decisively at the pointer when the Fuxi Hexagram was triggered.

– 108!

He hit his enemy and shaved away more than half of his enemy’s HP. The surprise attack was a success!

At the same time, his skill had gone into cooldown. Yue Qiang equipped his weapon, the blackish iron rod in a very short time and began using his newly learned skill ‘Basic Jabbing Skill LVL 1’ expectantly.

He hadn’t learned this new skill on his own, but through the appraisal of his weapon. The power of this skill was average, but it had a very interesting description. The system had given out the explanation that this skill’s cooldown cycle was ‘very short’.

Yue Qiang corrected his aim with the mouse and threw out his skill with the tap of a hotkey.

At the same time, his in-game character made a jabbing motion from an extremely tricky angle. Yue Qiang’s control on the aim of his weapon was rough at best, but as if his Basic Jabbing Skill had a life of its own, it automatically jabbed at the spot he had just smashed his fist into.

– 15! [Ignore Defense]

Yue Qiang stared at that – 15 number and went blank for an instant. Then he looked at the cooldown indicator of his skill.

The cooldown cycle was actually done already. It didn’t even take half a second.

What a powerful skill. He calculated in his mind, and threw out yet another Basic Jabbing Skill. Another – 15 had appeared without exception.

I jab, I jab, I jab jab jab…

In less than four to five seconds, the unfortunate enemy had already fallen to his attacks. His ‘Killing Style, One’ had just finished its cooldown cycle just now.

This Basic Jabbing Skill is really powerful,
Yue Qiang thought. If he did it the old way, he would have to perform a series of extremely complicated micro movements to inflict a wound: he would need to control his character’s movements, posture, sidesteps and mouse aim all at the same time, and more importantly put all of his focus and concentration into the task. Even at the peak of his control, there was no guarantee that he would actually hit, and it was incredibly tiring.

Meanwhile, this ‘Basic Jabbing Skill’ had no such flaws whatsoever. He had unleashed his skill over five to six times, and he was able to inflict a wound almost every attack. The only thing to regret about was that its stamina usage was a bit high; about 10 points for every attack. The amount of stamina he exhausted after 5 jabs was about the same as 1 ‘Killing Style, One’.

In terms of pure damage value, this skill appeared to be incomparable to the fist style. However, Yue Qiang had played games for a long time, and he knew about the practical value of this skill.

Basic Jabbing Skill LVL 1 had high hit rate and constant damage output, and the most important thing was that it had a short cooldown. If he gradually increased his Strength in the future, and if his iron rod could level up to the point where he had a tiny bit of attack power, then the practical value of this skill would multiply several fold.

The appraisal of this weapon was not a loss.

Yue Qiang kicked the Zhao Soldier’s corpse to a side and gripped his iron rod firmly. He came face to face with the two Zhao Soldiers who had just recovered themselves.

He was very confident with himself.

He was no longer that him who just entered the game and got owned hard by an Injured Zhao Soldier. He now had both weapon and skill, and even if he faced three enemies at once he had the confidence that he could take them all out easily.

Yue Qiang had used his swiftest methods to take out the Zhao Soldier. Other than eliminating the enemy forces swiftly, the other reason he did it was to test out his Rage Gauge.

Every time he jabbed once he would acquire 5 Rage Points. He had jabbed many times in succession, unleashed a ‘Break Fist – Killing Style, One’ and even suffered an attack just now. His Rage points had already reached 40 points and above.

This Basic Jabbing Skill was actually a way to accumulate Rage swiftly as well.

Yue Qiang had not yet learned a skill that could be unleashed through Rage, but Rage had another usage in this game, and that was to inject it into a skill and increase its power.

He put the iron rod back into his backpack and took step after step towards the two Zhao Soldiers.

The soldier who was closer to him let out a weird ‘Wah!’ shout and pounced towards him. At the same time, he heaved the halberd he had lifted downwards.

Yue Qiang was long prepared for the attack. In an instant, he activated ‘Run LVL 2’ and dodged out of the way easily before arriving at the enemy’s back. Then he tapped the hot key for ‘Break Fist – Killing Style, One’ that had just finished its cooldown cycle at the other Zhao Soldier at the back, looking still somewhat in a daze.

While he was controlling all this at the same time, he had also injected all 40 and more points of Rage into this skill.

Let me see the effects of Rage then.

He fired out a ‘Killing Style, One’.

– 147!

The struck Zhao Soldier immediately dropped from full HP to a sliver of health!

By rough estimation, every point of Rage could increase about 1% of the skill’s power. This level of increase was a little scary alright.

Yue Qiang easily took out the second enemy, before turning around and went full melee on the last Zhao Soldier. It wasn’t that he wanted to toy the enemy like a cat on mouse or show off his microing skills, but because he… ran out of stamina.

The skills that he had learned were pretty powerful, but they also depleted stamina really quickly. Two Killing Style, One plus five or six jabs was enough to completely deplete his stamina. He had no choice but to display his microing skills against the last enemy, and after using a bit of time, he finally took out all three of them.

As usual, he looted the bodies. Other than a little combat experience, Knife Coins and three weapons that he could not equip, there was also something new.

He had heard about this thing from Ai Qian several times, but he never managed to figure it out.

System Message: You have acquired Progress Points. The number is 0.3 point.

Yue Qiang stared stupidly at the number 0.3.

Why is it so little?

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