SPO – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Selling Fake Meds

Of course, he wasn’t going to do whatever that you’re thinking when he grabbed the candlestick.

He was just making yet another gamble.

The initial plan was to steal the little box with the pill and escape. It was just that desire was the root of all evil that he thought of stealing the Ring of Earth. It was already scary enough that Zhao Yan had suddenly turned around on his bed, and it was even more unexpected that he was hugging a wakeful woman in his sleep.

Yue Qiang had relied on his excellent microing skills to buy himself a breather’s time. Then, with a clear head he made no attacking movements whatsoever. He did not have a sharp weapon in hand; there was no way he could’ve killed this woman without alerting Zhao Yan. In truth, his action of controlling the iron rod to tap the woman at her Qishe Point was already incredibly risky.

If she was to scream or attempt to wake Zhao Yan, Yue Qiang had absolutely no way of stopping her.

Therefore he could only think of a way to stop her from crying out in the first place.

And the way Yue Qiang used was to grab the candlestick and hold it beside his face, illuminating it. The rest, was left to god’s will.

The lighting inside the room was very dark, allowing only for blurry vision. With the candlestick’s weak lighting illuminating Yue Qiang’s face, the woman would be able to identify his facial features.

She saw Yue Qiang’s face, and so her second scream turned into a pant instead. That was not all. She even grabbed Zhao Yan’s other hand so that it would sink deeper inside her*.

Yue Qiang knew, that he had won the gamble.

He lightly put down the candlestick, lightly picked up the Ring of Earth, and lightly stepped away from the house. Yue Qiang no longer let out the slightest noise, but the woman’s panting behind him had grown slightly more intense instead.

Yue Qiang did not recognize this woman. However, he reckoned that she might very well recognize him.

He first betted on the possibility that this woman was not Zhao Yan’s original favorite concubine. Then, he betted again on the possibility that this woman was captured from the folks nearby by Zhao Yan for sexual relief purposes. Finally, he betted on the possibility that the woman would probably recognise him as a member of Yue Village and know that he was a native in this village. If his bets were correct, then this woman might very well help him.

Yue Qiang and the people of Yue Village were one people, whereas the Zhao Army were invaders. If this woman was forced, then she would definitely be unwilling to aid the invaders.

That probability that these guesses would all be correct was just too low, and yet Yue Qiang had no choice but to gamble because he had no other way to use.

The fact was, he did win the gamble.

The woman had not cried out in that situation, and the incredibly fearsome and courageous Zhao Yan had not woken up this entire time!

Yue Qiang seriously doubted if he actually had a Luck stat somewhere on himself, with extremely high numbers no less.

When he walked out of the front door, both his hands were drenched in cold sweat.

He grabbed the box with the pill in his hand, then kept the stolen Ring of Earth into his bag.

The trader Ai Qian was waiting for Yue Qiang outside the entrance. Seeing that he had safely exited and holding a small box in his hand, he immediately beamed with delight and reached out for the box.

Yue Qiang controlled his character to take a step backwards and lifted his blackish iron rod.

“Let’s have your quest reward first.”

Seeing Yue Qiang’s actions, the trader Ai Qian let out a smile, “You’re pretty cautious, aren’t you? It is hai shi (between 2100 to 2300) now, and still too early. When it is chou shi (between 0100 to 0300) yi ke (refer next paragraph), then I will lead you out of the camp. Now then, you can give me the item.”

Yue Qiang knew that by chou shi yi ke ke meant two thirty in the morning, but he still wasn’t moved and typed, “I”m talking about the other quest reward.”

“Alright alright. Really, I’m telling you, the condition to use the skill ‘Talk Nonsense’ is actually pretty strict…” Ai Qian muttered while receiving the iron rod and examined it closely.

There was no flash of golden light that turned iron scrap into a legendary item, but Ai Qian’s gaze did grow weirder and weirder. He continuously rubbed the iron rod with his hands, and before long his palms were filled black charcoal. Speaking of which, this was a curious matter, but from the moment he received this iron rod it had been dropping charcoal ashes non-stop, and even after using it for such a long time, it was still as ash-covered as ever.

Ai Qian tinkered with it for a long time, and the expression on his face appeared somewhat unreadable. After a long while, he returned the weapon to Yue Qiang and said, “I thought that I could increase the iron rod’s toughness and strength by a bit, but it appears that this is actually something quite rare.”

“You used your Keen Eye?”

“Hmm, but my Keen Eye skill level is not enough. I can only do this much.” Ai Qian said.

Yue Qiang hurriedly took the iron rod and checked its stats once more:

Item Name: An Iron Rod
Characteristic: Weapon
Quality: Green

Weapon Equippable Skill: Basic Jabbing Skill LVL 1

Basic Jabbing Skill LVL 1: After prolonged use, you have mastered the usage of this iron rod. When jabbing an enemy, deal damage equal to twice the amount of your Strength value. The cooldown of this skill is very short.

Tenacity (Passive): This is a tough weapon. Even under great pressure, it will only bent but not break.

?? : ??

?? : ??

Description: This is an iron rod used by the blacksmith Tan Xiong to poke at the furnace. It is blackish and covered in thick deposits of black charcoal.

Equippable Weapon Requirement: 13 Strength

A total of four skills were appraised, with two that were identifiable and two that were still in a hidden state. The weapon still did not have any attack power, but its potential growth didn’t look bad. That Tenacity skill especially looked of little to no value, but in this realistic game, there was no telling if it might actually be of great use.

“Your iron rod is extremely rare, and my Keen Eye actually did not help out too much at all. It simply worked as a kind of opportunity for your weapon to become more powerful. If you truly want to unleash its true strength, you will still have to use it more often.”

“However, it is still a weapon without attack power.” Yue Qiang sighed.

“Attack power? What’s an attack power?”

“Nothing.” Yue Qiang passed the pill in his hand to Ai Qian.

The pill’s name was a Sticky Pill, and he had checked its stats a long time ago. It gave Libido + 2, and minus two points from a random attribute. It was obviously nothing good, and yet Ai Qian had eaten it without the slightest hesitation the moment he received the item. Then, a swift transformation took over him. His originally handsome face had turned a little sallow. Right clicking the fellow, he discovered that his deducted attribute was Vitality.

Vitality: 7 (Overindulgent)

Libido: (You don’t need me to tell you this)

Poor guy.

The fellow cheered. He obviously felt the changes in his stats. He lifted his feet and raced straight into his own house; there were three beautiful women waiting for him inside, you know.

Yue Qiang followed him into his house with obvious disregard for civility.

“What did you come in for?”

Yue Qiang neither answered nor looked at the three beautiful women inside the house. He thrashed around his backpack for a while and took out three items. They were: blackish wok, blackish shovel and blackish brick.

“Help me appraise these three items as well.” Yue Qiang said.

“I charge a fee for any appraisals.” Ai Qian looked at the three women inside the house and appeared incredibly restless.

“I don’t have knife money, and I know even less about Progress Points. However, I have another one of that kind of pill.” Yue Qiang said while taking out yet another pill, “Wanna trade? It can increase your libido.”

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