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Chapter 36: Crap, There’s Another Person Beneath The Blanket!

Yue Qiang could not shake the feeling that this quarter pump chump Ai Qian had appeared too unexpectedly, and while he was speaking, it was as if he had placed a trap just waiting for him to fall in. But even with such a premonition, he still wanted to give it a try. He had his own ideas as well.

Since the village elder had given him this quest, it meant that they should have the ability to help him escape from this place. It’s just that there was just this something that was missing in between escaping from this place and running with his tail behind his legs to the School of Mo’s Great Camp and call for help.

And that thing, was called value.

Yue Qiang did not know how powerful the School of Mo’s Great Camp was, but he had personally experienced Zhao Army’s strength already. A sergeant alone could chase him throughout the whole mountain, and he could not measure at all their general Zhao Yan’s true strength. He did not know what kind of place the School of Mo’s Great Camp was, but if they were to come over to help strike at the Zhao Army – even if they did win – it would not be without a price.

And what did he have that was worth the School of Mo’s Great Camp to make such a sacrifice? The village elder’s letter? This thing would probably not be useful in a situation like this. That was why Yue Qiang had thought of that other item.

The Ring of Earth!

When Ai Qian had requested him to help steal something for him, this crazy idea suddenly appeared in Yue Qiang’s mind.

He would steal the Ring of Earth as well while he was stealing that pill!

This was the only treasure described by the village elder Chen Zi Han that was valuable enough as a chance to exchange help from the other party!

The main reason Zhao Yan’s army had attacked Yue Village was for the Ring of Earth, so the protection around this item must be very tight – it might even be kept right beside Zhao Yan. Originally, there was not the slightest bit of chance that he could steal it, but because of Ai Qian’s sudden appearance, he was now given such an opportunity.

Even if the risks were high, he must grab hold onto this opportunity!

Yue Qiang pushed the door and entered the house.

He first clicked the X key to crouch down, then used the cursor to click at the bottommost area of the door. He dragged the cursor upward a small distance before finally pushing his way in.

This was the experience he acquired running in and out often from his rented house: if he pushed the door directly, it would give out a ‘creak’ noise and very easily alert the person inside it. By controlling his cursor to lift the door a little before pushing it forwards, he might be able to eliminate this noise (T/N: … why is there a need for you to sneak into your own house/room in the first place, Yue Qiang?).

This little bit of control from Yue Qiang was a complete blind act. He had just subconsciously did it feeling that, since the game was so realistic, the method to eliminate the creaking noise of a wooden door – something that would only happen in real life – would be reflected inside the game as well.

And he guessed correctly.

There really was not a bit of noise when he opened the door.

He controlled his character and took very, very slow steps into the house.

He was very familiar with the village elder Chen Zi Han’s house. The bed was at his opposite, and the desk was at the right.

The person on the bed was sleeping with his back facing towards him. Although he couldn’t see the face, but from the person’s stalwart stature it was obvious that he was Zhao Yan. There was a huge sword on the writing desk. It was the same huge sword that was swung at him during the day. The blade of the sword was shining; not only was it unnaturally sharp, it was obvious that it might be enchanted with some good effects or magic as well. Right beside the huge sword was the box Ai Qian had mentioned about.

Yue Qiang slowly walked forwards and lightly grabbed the box in his hands.

The whole stealing process had been incredibly easy without the slightest bit of incident whatsoever. Yue Qiang knew that the quest was completed, and all he needed to do now was to obediently return to Ai Qian. He would acquire a more convenient method to complete his main quest, with an extra opportunity to get his weapon appraised as well. He had already profited much from this endeavour.

However, he did not retreat. Instead, he shifted a few slow steps forwards.

A ring the size of a normal bracelet was revealed beneath Zhao Yan’s pillow. This ring was filthy with rusty stains all over it. It looked incredibly dirty and perfectly ordinary.

However, when Yue Qiang saw this ring his eyes gradually narrowed into slits.

Zhao Yan’s sheets were very clean, but this ring was very dirty. However, this very dirty ring did not dirty the very clean sheets.

This wasn’t the game artist being lazy or a pixel error. What appeared to be an inconspicuous detail had actually affirmed the suspicion in Yue Qiang’s heart even further.

This was definitely the Ring of Earth! Even though he had not seen it with his own eyes before, but if it was just a common item, then who would put it beside their pillow?

Yue Qiang’s feelings were a little excited.

The stealing of the Ring of Earth was the additional reason he had agreed to steal for Ai Qian, or should he said that this was the true reason he had entered this house.

It’s just that things appeared to be a little difficult at the moment.

The table was quite far away from the bed Zhao Yan was sleeping in. He had confidence not to be discovered from this distance, but he couldn’t be sure if he was any closer. In film and television works, an expert at Zhao Yan’s level all had a very mystical sixth sense that allowed them to sense anything unusual near them. If the sleeping Zhao Yan was awakened from his bed, then the only ending that awaited him was an instantaneous death.

Yue Qiang decided to give it a try. He was a player who walked on tight ropes for many years after all. He was very familiar with this kind of thrill.

He had arrived beside the bed. The main view of his screen had been locked onto Ring of Earth all this time. The line of sight was incredibly close, and Zhao Yan’s stalwart body was displayed at the edge of the screen. Yue Qiang knew that, his monitor was the equivalent of his game character’s eyes, and he heard that experts would react when they were stared at by someone else’s eyes! Yue Qiang had deduced everything inside the game as if it was the real world, so he was being very cautious.

Right now, he had arrived beside the bed, and his hands were not more than one meter away from the ring. However, it was at this moment Zhao Yan had turned around in his sleep!

He had switched from facing Yue Qiang with his back, to sleeping face up to the ceiling.

Thank goodness that his eyes were closed.

Yue Qiang felt cold sweat appearing in his palm. Even his mouse was a little wet already. After seeing that Zhao Yan’s eyes had remained closed, he let out a breath inside his heart, controlled his character and got ready to take the Ring of Earth.

While he was performing this action, the perspective of his screen shook once mildly. Yue Qiang casted a glance with the corner of his eyes and saw something terrible –

There were actually two people on Zhao Yan’s bed!

There was yet a naked woman right beneath his blanket! Both of his hands were put on the top and bottom of the woman’s body in the posture of a sideway hug. Since Zhao Yan’s body was stalwart and he was lying sideways earlier, therefore he had completely covered up the woman’s delicate body just now. Now that he was lying flat on his back, the woman’s body was exposed to the open.

This woman obviously had a hard time earlier, so she was awake and her eyes were open.

Therefore, the current situation was that Yue Qiang and the woman were staring at each other with the stalwart Zhao Yan in between them, and Yue Qiang’s hand was less than a foot away from the Ring of Earth.

In real life, Yue Qiang sucked in a deep breath.

This was absolutely thrilling alright.

If this woman cried out then Zhan Yan would awaken and he would die.

Yue Qiang was desperate at this point. The Run LVL 2 he had prepared all this time was instantly activated, giving his character much movement speed and agility. Pressing the few hotkeys that controlled his weapon, he steadily and swiftly controlled the aim of his iron rod and clicked once accurately with his cursor.

He perfectly unleashed his skill through the set of flowing micro.

The blackish iron rod tapped at the woman’s Qishe Point* just right.

(*The superior border of the clavicle between the sternal and clavicular heads of the sternocleidomastoideus muscle.)

When Yue Qiang had activated his Run LVL 2, his movements were both very swift and accurate. As for the Qishe Point, it was something he learned back when playing a single player game called ‘The True Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber’ (T/N: The ‘True’ here is basically like the ‘Shin’ Sangokumusou 6 in Dynasty Warrior series). Pressing this point could help treat hiccups and stretch the vocal cords, causing anyone’s speech to turn into a stretch of air. The Qishe Point was roughly at the point above two collarbones, or the depression right beneath one’s neck.

Yue Qiang had controlled the iron rod and tapped accurately at this point of the woman’s body.

Almost at the same time, one of the hands Zhao Yan had put on her body kneaded once. It appeared to an unconscious motion in his sleep.

And so the woman let out a pant instead.

This had saved Yue Qiang’s life! This was because the woman would pant once when the iron rod had tapped on her Qishe Point, and when Zhao Yan’s hand had kneaded at a certain part of the woman’s body, she would… also pant once…

Thig bought Yue Qiang some time. It was also just a pant’s time.

After this pant’s time, the woman was still going to scream! He was still going to be discovered!

Therefore Yue Qiang had no choice but to gamble once more.

He controlled his character, moved half a step to the side, and lifted the candlestick.

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