Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 95

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Volume 1 Chapter 95: Mysterious Red Sun Gold

From the actions of the Lucky Cat before, even a fool could see that it was trying to dig something up in a hurry. In fact it was about to finish, but instead it encountered Ling Chen. Even though it was dangerous, with the treasure at hand, it made it not want to leave so it spawned a strange treasure which was dealt with by Ling Chen in two hits. Thus the pan was basically just given to Ling Chen. Looking at the situation, the treasure it was a digging for before was still there as it didn’t take it away.

Even though it wasn’t timid, the Lucky Cat, with a body full of treasure did not run in the face of danger. What could it be?

Ling Chen quickly walked to the place where the Lucky Cat was. Soon, he was standing next to Xiao Hui. In the crack between the two rocks, there was an obviously newly dug up hole. Ling Chen peered into the hole. He saw something that shone with a reddish yellowish light.

Ling Chen crouched down and used his hand to brush away the layer of soft soil. After gently pushing it away, it was translucent. He revealed it from the Earth and picked up the red and yellow shining treasure in his hands.

Just then, the Lucky Cat only needed to dig a little bit more, then it could have been able to reach this precious rock.

“Mysterious Red Sun gold!!” Yi Que’s shout of surprise echoed in Ling Chen’s mind. The sound was filled with awe and incredulity.

[Mysterious Red Sun Gold]: A special metal that contains a very high density of power. Legends say that it was a stone given by God. Even with a very small piece, if all the power is drawn out of it, it will cause catastrophic destruction. There are only a few Mysterious Red Sun Golds in existence. They can be used as the main core of a pure offensive weapon or auxiliary core.

“What is the Mysterious Red Sun Gold?” Ling Chen asked.

“No wonder the fat cat was unwilling to leave… Its because there was a Mysterious Red Sun Gold hidden here. And here I was, thinking that 10,000 years ago, the Mysterious Red Sun Gold had completely been depleted on the Forgotten Continent.” Yi Que didn’t answer Ling Chen’s question directly. She slowly described with detail: “Mysterious Red Sun Gold is a type of metal that contains extreme power. Legends say, it was formed by the golden sun burning the body of God. Its an item coveted by Gods and demons alike. On the Forgotten Continent, there was a race born to forge and create. They were the “dwarfs”. The dwarfs hated crime and war. Forging was their life and soul. They have the world’s strongest forge so as a result, high level forging materials is what they desire the most. To get these high level forging materials, the dwarfs were willing to exchange anything. And Mysterious Red Sun Gold was sacred to the eyes of these dwarfs because with Mysterious Red Sun Gold, they were able to create a Heavens End… no…even Myserious God level weapons!”

Ling Chen: “!!!!” (Heavens End… Mysterious God!?)

“This rock can really make Heaven Grade or Mysterious God weapons?” Ling Chen asked in disbelief. Heaven End, they are players’ ultimate dream weapons. If you obtained even just one Heaven End equip, even if your other equips are standard, you’ll be able to horizontally walk through the playerbase. [TLN: I think this just means that you can easily beat anyone in the playerbase/walk right through them]  Heaven End equips breaks balancing with its existence. They are only available in the later stages of the game so only the top players have the potential to be eligible for one. While Mysterious God equips… these are for players to be hopeful but never to obtain. Mysterious God equips are a rarity in all of the Forgotten Continent. They are considered mere legends to the players so nobody expects to come into contact with one. As for the Saint Destroyers equips… those are just legends within legends.

If all the players were told right now that here was a metal that could make Heaven End and even Mysterious God weapons, the world’s players might go crazy.

Hehehe, Heaven End and Mysterious God equips forging is not that easy. Heaven End equips and Mysterious God equips have very demanding material requirements. The strain on the power core is extreme. To be qualified for Heaven End or Mysterious God’s power core or auxiliary core, you cant find many of them on the entire Forgotten Continent. Mysterious Red Sun Gold is something even Gods want. With the size of this Mysterious Red Sun Gold and its dense power, it is fully qualified to be a Heaven End or lower artifact’s power core. If you find the sufficient construction materials and can control their advanced blacksmithing, there’s a real possibility of producing a Heaven End equip, or a lower grade Mysterious God equip. I’m not lying. For normal things, the Lucky Cat wouldn’t waste its time on it… Young master, this time you got a really great deal.”


Ling Chen’s heart was racing. Heaven End equip. It exceeds even the Celestial equips existence. The two in his hands were celestial equips. They had strong attributes, but in the presence of a real Heaven End equip, their properties are dull in comparison. And with Mysterious God equip… they are of the same class of the  Gemini Orb and the Sagittarius Orb combined. The Gemini Orb and the Sagittarius Orb has great strength then one can only imagine how powerful Mysterious God equips are.


“With this piece of Mysterious Red Sun Gold and after finding the other high grade materials, can I give it to a foundry shop and let them create a Heaven End or Mysterious God equip?” Ling Chen asked with a whisper. If the two Celestial equips in his hands were changed with Heaven End equips, he didn’t know the extent of increase in strength.

Yi Que laughed, her voice sounding slow and lazy: “That is impossible. Because humans are incapable of producing Mysterious God level goods. With human ability and forging capabilities, forging a Heaven End equip is already the best they can do. While people who actually have the ability to forge Heaven End equips are rare, they may not necessarily exist on the Forgotten Continent yet… and even if they did, the success rate is very very low, and once the forging fails, all the materials will be consumed.”

Ling Chen: “…”

“On the Forgotten Continent, most of the Mysterious God equips don’t come by forging, but rather by Gods, Demons or the Strongest Spirits Beast using their own great strength. They can use various ways to make them but the process is extremely long and difficult and they are a very small part of the equips that naturally transforms over countless years. The rest are all from the hand of Dwarfs. Dwarfs are the only race that can forge Mysterious God class equips.


“But, because its like this, at one time, almost everyone wanted to enslave the Dwarfs to make them build the most advanced equipment for their race. In the fight for the Dwarfs, they were brutally murdered, until they completely disappeared on the Forgotten Continent. It could be that the last of the Dwarfs are completely hidden, never exposed to the sun or moon, but its also possible that they were completely annihilated. Who knows.”


Yi Que has existed for tens of thousands of years thus she knows lots of things that are not known to the residents of Forgotten Continent. Ling Chen fully understood Yi Que’s sad words. Even if he has this piece of Mysterious Red Sun Gold, unless he could find an advanced blacksmith that could forge Heaven End equips on Forgotten Continent, it would just be for displaying. And even if he found one, he still had to deal with a high failure rate unless he can find a dwarf that may or may not exist from the legends.

Now it seems too much to think about. Because…

Touching the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, it felt like it was burning hot.

Ling Chen touched it a few more times, but didn’t pick it up, because…

he didn’t learn the art of mining!


The higher level the ore, the higher level mining is required to access it. Ling Chen is a professional fighting-focused player. He did not take a single moment to practicing mining… Not even talking about practice, he didn’t even learn mining in school. Taking 100 steps back, even if he learnt it with the lowest mining level, it would be impossible to obtain the sacred ore that is the Mysterious Red Sun Gold of the Dwarfs that Yi Que talked about.


“Young mater, cant you take it out? Although the surface of the Mysterious Red Sun Gold is hot, it wont really hurt you. Young master doesn’t need to worry.”  seeing how Ling Chen kept feeling around it and how he just couldn’t get it out, Yi Que said.


“I didnt study mining.” Ling Chen sheepishly said.


Yi Que: “…”


Ling Chen hands were continuously digging but the soft soil next to it returned onto it, covering the Mysterious Red Sun Gold’s light. He then stood up and helplessly said: “I can only ask for a high level mining NPC to come get it… Say, if i just left it here, after we leave will the Lucky Cat come back here and take it away?”


Yi Que voice rang out: “The timidness is that fat cat’s biggest weakness, so where its found, even if there’s a treasure, it wont go back there for a few years.”


“Thats good then. ”


For now that’s it then. This place is close to the Ghastly Grounds. There are no animals and basically no one nearby Even if someone came here, they won’t just start searching in the rocks and so, this piece of Mysterious Red Sun gold will probably still be here for countless years, going unnoticed. Overall, as long as the Lucky Cat doesn’t come back, the Mysterious Red Sun Gold should be safe. With the possibility to produce Heaven End and even Mysterious God equips with this metal, no matter who sees it, it would be an irresistible temptation. Ling Chen was no exception. After finishing today’s scouting, the first thing he would do is to find a way to get to this piece of Mysterious Red Sun Gold.




His brain filled with the sound of Yi Que’s breath. It seemed to be a yawn. then, with her soft and lazy voice: “I have been awake only for a little but now I’m sleepy again. Young master, I need to go sleep now, otherwise even the spirit body will be damaged. The undead gas is thick here. The air is filled with the smell of death. Young master needs to be careful… Oh yeah, I need to tell young master one last thing. If you want to catch the Lucky Cat, possess its body before it realizes…but, the Lucky Cat is a spirit of Heaven and Earth, so effects such as dizziness, freeze, petrify and sleep [TLN: basically CC statuses] that limit action will be completely ineffective. Even the Extreme Water Dragon couldn’t freeze it. As long as it finds out [TLN: Meaning the cat senses the person nearby], nobody can stop its escape. So young master, you are the world’s most likely person to catch the Lucky Cat.”


“Huh?” Ling Chen was startled, then suddenly understanding: “You mean… Lunar Scourge?”


“Young master is smart. Lunar Scourge’s suppress ability is one that no creature under the Heaven can resist. Even the Lucky Cat cant. But, young master right now even with the suppress ability still cant catch it, because the Lucky Cat will never allow anything within 50 metres of it. Young master’s largest suppress range is only 13 metres. The range of suppression will increase with the young master’s level and will improve accordingly. When young master is level 50 and above and sees the Lucky Cat again, then it really will be possible to catch it.”

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