Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 77

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Volume 1 Chapter 77: Killing the Zephyr Bird

“Xiao Hui, go retrieve Soaring Cloud!”

Of course he can’t take the risk of being killed by the Zephyr Bird to personally go pick up the thrown out Soaring Cloud, but he has Xiao Hui. Under his mental command Xiao Hui ran straight towards Soaring Cloud’s position. Regardless if it’s on land or in the water Xiao Hui is always as fast like a grey shadow. Moments later it had already sucked Soaring Cloud in its mouth and brought it back. Xiao Hui’s body size is very small, its four limbs added together aren’t even as long as Soaring Cloud. But the suction of its mouth is very strong. Even the corpses of a large pile of creatures can be sucked into its mouth and devoured in a short period of time, not to mention a light weapon.

Holding Soaring Cloud in his hand again, Ling Chen stuck to the wall, quietly waiting for his skills to cooldown. And now… The appearance of the Sagittarius Orb has made him no longer have any thoughts of logging out again.

After 60 seconds Moon Shadow’s cooldown time reset. Ling Chen swiftly charge out from the cave and then attracted over the Zephyr Bird. He raised his right arm again using Lunar Scourge’s Moon Shadow to freeze the Zephyr Bird’s body a couple meters in front of him, and then rushed forward continuously slashing down ten Full Power Strikes.

-428, -420, -842, -419, -425, -430, -419, -418, -838, -422.

Without Soul Sacrifice his attack ability evidently cannot compare to his ultimate state. But the stacked attack strength of dual weapons adding that the Zephyr Bird’s defense is very low, ten Full Powered Strikes also eliminated over 5000 of the Zephyr Bird’s HP. After ten attacks Ling Chen lifted his legs and ran. The Zephyr Bird that had recovered its freedom could only once again miss its attack, releasing an angered bird cry but unable to do anything.

A massive body will indeed give people a sort of pressure on one’s aura and vision, but sometimes it is definitely not a good thing.

Another 60 seconds, Moon Shadow’s cooldown time once again refreshed, he repeated the process, rushing out of the cave and drawing over the Zephyr Bird… And then another ten Full Power Strikes taking away around 5000 of its HP, afterwards beating a hasty retreat.

It’s a good thing that the Zephyr Bird is just a low-intelligence bird. If it was a human with mature intelligence then they would definitely be fuming with anger… But then again, if the Zephyr Bird had high enough intelligence then it also wouldn’t be so easily controlled by Ling Chen in the palm of his hand.

200 seconds passed by, Soul Sacrifice’s cooldown time also refreshed. The following round of attacks will be attacks under his ultimate state. He rushed out of the cave, staring at the approaching Zephyr Bird… Before the Zephyr Bird’s approach brought a sense of danger. Now watching it flying over Ling Chen felt like it was in a rush to come die.

“Moon Shadow!” In the light of Lunar Scourge the Zephyr Bird was completely frozen.

“Fire of Rage!”

“Soul Sacrifice!”

Ling Chen rushed forward, his gaze first stopping on its HP for an instant and then afterwards was a flurry of wild attacks.

The Zephyr Bird’s HP — 153 802/180 000! In these 200 seconds, it recovered 20 000 HP. But in these 200 seconds, the damage Ling Chen dealt towards it was over 45 000! Its HP recovery speed simply could not compare to its rate of loss.

-2360, -4722, -2338, -4782, -2339, -2380, -2369, -2459… The last attack, Shooting Soaring Cloud!


An incomparable storm of attacks, the Zephyr Bird’s HP dropped another 30 thousand over points… Its health bar was instantly cleared by a whole ⅓.

After attacking Ling Chen returned into the cave at the first moment. In a bit Xiao Hui retrieved the thrown out Soaring Cloud… Afterwards, were the same repeated actions. When Moon Shadow’s cooldown time refreshes, he will rush out of the cave and draw over the Zephyr Bird following with a rain of Full Power Strikes. After two rounds of attacks is the extreme attack under his Soul Sacrifice state. The last attack is the currently most lethal Shooting Soaring Cloud. Just like that looping over again and again. The entire process was easy and relaxing, there was practically no danger to speak of.

One Sagittarius Orb made the initially hopeless battle turn into being controlled by Ling Chen. The originally undefeatable Celestial Beast is also not that scary anymore, instead being played in the palm of his hand… This is the strength of Mysterious God orbs.

But, a Celestial Beast is after all still a Celestial Beast. Even if it’s this kind of shameless attack style, eliminating it still isn’t something that can be done in a short period of time. In this repeated  loop, the Zephyr Bird’s HP slowly dropped… Finally, at the 18th round, following Ling Chen’s fourth round of Full Power Strikes, the Zephyr Bird’s HP dropped below 19 000.

18 652/180 000!


Yet at this time Ling Chen who could originally continue attacking stopped attacking and prematurely returned within the cave, glancing at Soul Sacrifice that still had just exactly 60 seconds left to cooldown… The Zephyr Bird still has an unactivated wind destruction skill “Nightmare Whirlwind”. This destruction skill can induce the chaos of the wind element in a large area around the surroundings… Including the space that he is in. If he lets the Zephyr Bird activate this skill then even if he hides in the cave he will still be affected, thus falling one step short of success.

And this ultimate skill’s triggering condition is when its HP is below 10%. So when the Zephyr Bird’s HP just barely reached 10% he stopped attacking, waiting the the next round to finish it in one go.

60 seconds passed by very quickly, Moon Shadow’s and Soul Sacrifice’s cooldown times refreshed at the same time. Ling Chen rushed out of the cave, his gaze locking onto the Zephyr Bird at the first instant and also locking onto its current health value…

25 252/ 180 000!

The remaining HP was entirely enough for him to clear it under his ultimate attack state.

Focusing his gaze on the Zephyr Bird Ling Chen lifted up Sand Blade and Soaring Cloud… Come down, and then, everything can end!

As if hearing the calling in his heart, the Zephyr Bird still mechanically charged over after seeing Ling Chen appear even though every time it flew down it would be frozen and then suffer a round of violent attacks. This is the difference between low-intelligence creatures and high-intelligence creatures. This is also the primary reason why creatures of the same level are always stronger than humans, but humans are always able to beat them. (TL: I don’t think this has anything to do with intelligence anymore, this bird just has no survival instinct.)

Lunar Scourge’s strange light flashed up and once again instantly froze the Zephyr Bird’s body. Ling Chen lifted up Sand Blade and Soaring Cloud, charging over in a straight line….

-4718, -2356, -4720, –2348, –2395, -4782, -2339, -2380…

The scene, froze on the spear in Ling Chen’s hand. That instant that he used the same movement to cut into the Zephyr Bird’s body. This is the fourth round of Ling Chen’s Full Power Strikes. And before him, the Zephyr Bird’s health bar had already become empty, being completely emptied by Ling Chen’s attacks…

The Zephyr Bird’s shadow disappeared, it’s body also regained freedom, but it was already unable to move again. The instant that Moon Shadow’s effect vanished, it spread its wings releasing its last cry of sorrow. The green glow on its body dissipated and its body also weakly fell forward in the scattered wind element, dropping in the front of Ling Chen.

“Ding… You have successfully killed LV15 Celestial BOSS ‘Revived Zephyr Bird’, Fame+1500, SP+1500.”

“Ding… Congratulations you have levelled up, now LV11, gained 5 AP.”

This powerful Celestial beast that forced Ling Chen into desperate situations numerous times, that even made Ling Chen decide to give up finally died. The colossal experience of a Celestial beast made Ling Chen gain a level even under the effect of “Heaven’s Jealousy”. His experience rose all the way to 40% of LV11. The experience given by Celestial Beasts is huge. At the early stage of the game single-handedly killing a Celestial beast can directly increase one level or even more. But, how many people are there in the world who can actually solo a Celestial BOSS at the early stage of the game? Even if it’s Ling Chen, if it weren’t for the protection of the Celestial Aqua Scale, the protection of the chasm water… Along with the mountain cave and Sagittarius Orb that later appeared as if it were fate. Don’t mention defeating the Zephyr Bird, he probably would have already died under its claws.

The stuffiness built up in his chest all rushed out as if having found an outlet of release. Ling Cheng watched the Zephyr Bird fall over, his vision appeared a moment of haziness… Entering the game for a short few days another Celestial Beast that player’s are unable to beat fell at his hands, all of this was really a bit too dream-like.

Encountering the Zephyr Bird, what he bore was incomparably huge pressure and one after another dangerous walks around the edges of death. But now he has killed it… He admits that him being able to kill the Zephyr Bird is absolutely not because his strength was stronger than its, but more like the protection of fate. If not for the sudden appearance of the Sagittarius Orb he would have already chosen to log out right now. If not for Xiao Hui, there would not have been the appearance of the Sagittarius Orb. And if not for the guardian of the Hall of Heroic Souls giving him a “Spirit Shield Orb”, Xiao Hui would also not have been born. If not for him finding the mountain wall cave, he would have already died in the water of the chasm, everything afterwards would not have happened… But then again, being able to use all kinds of items and abilities he possessed and even the surrounding environment to the greatest degree, the most appropriately, in and of itself is a powerful ability.

“Xiao Hui, this is all your credit!” Ling Chen patted Xiao Hui’s head, praising him from the bottom of his heart. Today is the first day of birth for Xiao Hui. Right now it has only been not even an hour’s time since Xiao Hui was born. And this small period of time made Ling Chen clearly understand how powerful of a partner he’d gained. Even though it does not have any attack ability, but the help that it provides Ling Chen is even greater than that of 10 attack type pets.

The Zephyr Bird was soloed by Ling Chen at a difference of an entire 5 levels. Without any doubt when it died it was accompanied by an extremely flamboyant big explosion. Gold coins, potions and all kinds of items littered the ground. Ling Chen moved forward, picking up all of his rewards and then excitedly taking inventory item after item… Is there anything more exciting than checking the rewards dropped by a defeated Celestial boss? Eliminating this powerful opponent after nearly dying… What kind of big rewards will there be?

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