Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 75

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Volume 1 Chapter 75: Sagittarius Orb (I)

The Zephyr Bird’s Frenzied Wind still did not kill Ling Chen, its mood became completely violent. After stopping its body that was bounced away by the Celestial Aqua Scale it suddenly let out an incredibly sharp cry…

When the sound of the cry rose up, the entire body of Ling Chen who was under the water suddenly jolted, his eardrums were also virtually about to burst. He was instantly alert and then he immediately stopped his swimming actions, preparing Mind Saber in his hands.


A long cry that created waves of ripples even in the depths of the water. Ling Chen’s body stiffened, he was instantly deprived of his awareness but then at the same time, Mind Saber in his hand flashed a white light for an instant, the confused feeling in Ling Chen’s head vanished entirely. He focused his mind, putting away Mind Saber and following the flow of the water continuing to swim forward. Before when he was facing the Greedy Giant Toad Mind Saber played a huge role, helping Ling Chen become immune to its large area confusion skill. The Zephyr Bird also has a large area skill that adds the “Confusion” status, it is still Mind Saber that helped him. Or else regardless if it’s the Greedy Giant Toad or the Zephyr Bird, if he is confused and cannot control his movement then during that period of confusion he will easily die.

His body stayed in the water the whole time and continued moving forward following the flow of the water. Xiao Hui also followed closely behind, his movements as free as walking on land. Every dozen seconds Ling Chen has to come out of the water to breath. And during this time is when the Zephyr Bird locks onto him again… But repeating it time after time the Zephyr Bird that cannot swim has been unable to do anything to Ling Chen the entire time. In-between it has also released many times Cold Wind Fang, Frenzied Wind and Piercing Cry but they’ve all been unable to take effect… This flowing stream in the chasm has become Ling Chen’s perfect protection shelter.

The Zephyr Bird is unable to harm him, and Ling Chen is likewise unable to escape from the claws of the Zephyr Bird that from the beginning to the end never gave up pursuing him, the anxiety in his heart also became increasingly greater. Because the Zephyr Bird has the time to waste but he does not… Everytime he comes out of the water to breath he has to take a yellow potion at the first instant to return his HP to max, just like that consuming them bottle after bottle. Before entering this trial he bought a total of 200 yellow potions. Under the pursuit of the Zephyr Bird, in just twenty over minutes he has already consumed almost 100 bottles. If he consumes all of his yellow potions, then… There really only is death this one path remaining. Even escaping from the Zephyr Bird’s claws will be impossible.

In addition, in this period of time he has been carried by the river a total distance of about 10 kilometers… But he gradually noticed that he’d already moved following the river for so long yet the surrounding scenery hasn’t changed much the entire time.

A thought slowly formed in his mind… Could it be that this scenery is actually an infinite loop? Or else how can I have still not reached the end or the edge in a trial map that shouldn’t be too big after being carried away for 10 kilometers!

If it’s really like this, then, the so called geographical turning point will not appear. If things continue like this then not too long later he will be wasted to death alive!

I can’t continue like this anymore!

Ling Chen continued to swim following the water but his gaze already no longer looked upward, instead searching around the surroundings looking for things that can help him.

Once again coming out of the water and taking big breaths. Without question when he returned his HP to max the Zephyr Bird’s green eyes had already tightly locked on to him, flying over to him in the sound of wind. Ling Chen exhaled, when he was just about to dive into the water again he suddenly saw that on the mountain wall a couple dozen meters in front, at the position near the surface of the water there reflected a shadow about the size of a human.

That is…

Ling Chen quickly sank into the water dodging the Zephyr Bird’s charge attack and then followed the river continuing to swim forward, but his gaze tightly focused on the direct of the shadow that he saw before.

Swimming closer and closer following the river, when he got close he finally confirmed that that is indeed a cave set in the mountain wall. Judging from the thickness of the shadow this cave should be relatively deep. Right away, he held his breath, rapidly swimming to the position close to that mountain wall. He then stepped on a protruding stone beneath the water and jumped up in the water.

This position is only a few dozen meters away from the Zephyr Bird. With the Zephyr Bird’s flying speed this is a particularly dangerous distance. Sure enough, when he jumped out in the water the Zephyr Bird’s aura had already locked onto him. It then brought up a wild windstorm flying towards him, the distance was shortened in the the blink of an eye.

Ling Chen who jumped up from the water tightly held onto a rock in front, he then applied force again and jumped, directly jumping out of the water and landing at the edge of the cave… Behind him the dangerous aura approached. He did not turn around, against the Zephyr Bird’s speed he also cannot dodge, directly using the Celestial Aqua Scale to block behind him.


The Zephyr Bird was bounced away by the Celestial Aqua Scale and Ling Chen was also bumped forward, his footsteps stumbling rushing into the dark cave.

After entering the cave Ling Chen let out a long sigh of relief because no matter if it’s the size or depth of this cave it was all what he hoped to see the most. A height and width of about 2 meters was entirely enough for him to enter and move, but the Zephyr Bird is unable to enter. Ling Chen rapidly walked into the interior of the cave. This cave should have been naturally formed, the interior shape is very uneven. After a dozen steps Ling Chen had already reached the end. This cave is not a straight line but instead has a slightly large curve… This also means that even if the Zephyr Bird releases Cold Wind Fang at the entrance, all he needs to do is hide in the position after the curve and he will not be hit.

Should be very safe. Ling Chen relaxed, leaning on the damp stone wall in fatigue. Being in the water for almost half an hour and at the same time also constantly being in a state of high tension, this is a fairly large drain on his mind. The sound the the Zephyr Bird’s or nearby or faraway cries constantly travelled into his ears… The Zephyr Bird did not leave, but evidently it also knows that it cannot enter this cave. It can only helplessly circle around the cave.


Beside his feet came the sensation of soft rubbing. Ling Chen opened his eyes crouching down, his hand lightly placing on top of Xiao Hui’s head and helplessly saying: “Besides hiding here we probably don’t have any other methods.”

“Whimper…” Xiao Hui opened wide its round eyes, not knowing how to respond to its maser. Ling Chen was always being chased by the Zephyr Bird, and from beginning to end the Zephyr Bird treated it like it didn’t exist. It never launched any attacks at it. Its gift of not drawing aggro is not false.

Ling Chen silently stood in the deepest part of the cave, not having any actions the entire time. He was waiting… Waiting for the Zephyr Bird to leave on its own after its patience vanishes, even though he knows in his heart that this possibility is actually not very big.

There was no luck, 10 minutes… 20 minutes… After a half hour passed by Ling Chen could still feel the presence of the Zephyr Bird outside of the cave, or he could still hear the sound of its cries. Ling Chen helplessly looked at the time. It was already six in the morning. At this time in the hot summer the sky of the real world has already brightened, it has also almost reached the time for him to prepare breakfast for Ling Shuiruo.

After thinking things through he finally decided to temporarily leave.

“Hope I can freely log out in the map… I hope so.”

Silently saying to himself Ling Chen issued the command to log out.

“Ding… You are currently in ‘War God’s Trial Ground’, after logging out you will be directly sent out, cannot enter again, are you sure you want to leave?”

Ling Chen: “…”

Ling Chen was not surprised by this result. The guardian of the Hall of Heroic Souls also said that one person can only enter this map once. If he chooses to leave right now he will directly leave this place, unable to enter again. At the same time he will even lose all of the opportunities of the Hall of Heroic Souls. (TL: I have no clue what this means, could be my raw, could be something I’m not getting. I think he’s talking about the opportunity to enter the Hall again.)

But against the stubbornly chasing Zephyr Bird he also truly does not have any other choices. At least after logging out and being sent out what he loses is an opportunity and not his life… The result is a lot better compared to dying here.

Sure enough the trial that made six of Forgotten Continent’s peerless geniuses lose their lives is heinously difficult.

Yet, after being silent for a moment Ling Chen cancelled the command to log out. Lifting his gaze he simultaneously equipped Sand Blade and Soaring Cloud in his hands.

Messing around with this damned bird for so long but only able to return without any results. Before leaving… How can he not give it a big gift!!

His gaze becoming cold, Ling Chen directly charged straight out in the direction of the cave entrance and was then exposed in light. The instant that he appeared the Zephyr Bird circling in the sky discovered him. With a sharp cry it rushed straight at him in a roaring wind.

The wild wind brought up by Mid-Air Charge made Ling Chen almost unable to stand steadily, but he did not dodge. Instead he welcomed the Zephyr Bird’s body, slowly raising up his right arm!

“Moon Shadow!!”

Lunar Scourge’s light jumped up, dragging out the Zephyr Bird’s massive shadow and also freezing the Zephyr Bird that was nearly about to touch Ling Chen’s body right in front of him. Ling Chen took a step forward, “Fire of Rage” and “Soul Sacrifice” simultaneously activating, his dual weapons attacking in a flurry with Full Power Strike…

Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss.

Ling Chen: “…”

8 attacks, 0 hits, but this was also entirely within Ling Chen’s expectations. He took a step back, his eyes focusing and then throwing “Shooting Soaring Cloud” at the Zephyr Bird… Before leaving no matter what he needs to hurt it once!



The Zephyr Bird’s defense is indeed not very high, compared to the regular zephyr bird it is not that much stronger. The instant that Soaring Cloud pierced through its body it directly took away almost 1/40 of its HP. Soaring Cloud that was thrown out fell from the sky after all of its force dissipated, falling into the flowing water. At this moment the Zephyr Bird recovered from being frozen, but Ling Chen had also already rapidly returned within the cave, placing himself in the safest position. Even though a Shooting Soaring Cloud under his most extreme state dealt a decent amount of damage to the Zephyr Bird, but in a short period of time it will automatically recover all of its lost health making what Ling Chen did essentially useless.

“Xiao Hui, go retrieve Soaring Cloud!” Ling Chen yelled towards Xiao Hui.

Xiao Hui accepted the command, its body bringing up a grey shadow springing out of the cave and jumping into the water. It headed straight in the direction of Soaring Cloud and then held Soaring Cloud in its mouth… It was just about to return when suddenly the tip of the horn on its head started to flash a sometimes strong, sometimes weak grey light. Xiao Hui’s body immediately stopped there. Only after a few seconds did it turn around returning. When it turned around the glow on its horn disappeared.

Xiao Hui returned to the cave and placed Soaring Cloud in front of Ling Chen. Ling Chen was just about to praise it yet he saw Xiao Hui swiftly run away from in front of him and then jump out of the cave entrance into the water, rapidly rushing following the direction of the river.

“Xiao Hui, where are you going!!”

Ling Chen furrowed his eyebrows, risking the danger of being attacked by the Zephyr Bird and charging outside of the cave. Yet he discovered that Xiao Hui was already dozens of meters away and then it plunged into the water disappearing from sight. The instant before it disappeared, Ling Chen seemed to have saw a ray of grey coloured light.

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