Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 73

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Volume 1 Chapter 73: Opponent that Cannot be Beaten

The dead Undead Zephyr Bird revived… But this was not enough to make Ling Chen shocked. What made him almost lose control is that the Zephyr Bird after revival…

Is actually Celestial grade!!

The information of the [Revived Zephyr Bird] that appeared in his head and the powerful pressure from the newborn Zephyr Bird along with the scent of death that he could already clearly smell all told Ling Chen… This was all real.

In terms of appearance the newborn Zephyr Bird did not have any changes, but its colour is a bit different. The originally greyish-green colour covered by an aura of death has now become a pure green colour, it no longer had the colour of death. Right now it is hovering above Ling Chen, a pair of green eyes looking down upon him, looking with disdain at the human standing on the wood plank bridge. The Zephyr Bird right now indeed does have the qualifications to look down on this human.

No wonder all of the geniuses that came here before all died here. War God’s trial is actually this terrifying. Just simultaneously facing 3 Lord bosses is already hard enough, and a shaking wood plank bridge made this difficulty increase by dozens of fold. The main reason Ling Chen could eliminate the 3 Lords before is because he fortunately one-shotted the first undead page boy. The other key to victory is that his [Soul Sacrifice] made him possess terrifying attack strength under a LV10 state that regular LV40 players might not even be able to reach. Despite this, he was still surrounded by danger when facing the previous Undead Zephyr Bird.

Right now, in front of him is actually a LV15 Celestial beast!

Ling Chen’s feelings right now were even greater than when he faced his first Celestial beast the Greedy Giant Toad!

“That War God… Is it that he just purely doesn’t want people to pass this trial!!” Ling Chen grinded his teeth thinking. The primary condition to enter this trial is level below LV15… Beating a LV15 Celestial boss while LV15 or lower, even more terrible is that it is on a dangerous bridge… Even even more excessive is… This beast can also fly!!

Ling Chen really had a strong impulse to curse.

Even though his is filled with emotion, he still used the quickest speed to forcibly calm down. He then took out from his inventory the scan scroll that the guardian of the Hall of Heroic Souls gifted him and crushed it facing the Revived Zephyr Bird. (TL: In novels I always read that the way to use scrolls is to crush them, I don’t know if that’s actually right or if that’s just how they say using it.)

The Revived Zephyr Bird’s complete information immediately appeared in his head.

[Revived Zephyr Bird]: Type Beast, Grade: Celestial, Level: LV15, HP: 180000. One of War God’s pets that followed him in his life. Originally a regular bamboo bird, afterwards it gained powerful strength and intellect by the influence of War God’s power. Has an agile body, extremely high dodge ability and strong wind element control ability. After War God died, it followed War God’s will remaining in War God’s trial ground, becoming a trial beast.

Innate Attributes: Wind element resistance 60%, Immunity to poison, sleep, confusion, instant-death, very fast flying speed, extremely high dodge ability, recovers 100HP/s.

Attack Methods:

[Mid-Air Charge]: Suddenly charging down from high in the air with its body, using the momentum to cause a strong collision with the target. When it collides its body will bring up a strong gale making the targets in front in a large area lose balance and even be blown away. Before activating body will pause for a short moment and retreat. Frequency: High.

[Cold Wind Fang]: Flapping its two wings bringing up a violent wind that attacks all targets in a frontal area of 20 x 10. The swift wind blades are enough to easily cut apart the bodies of creatures. Seamless attack, before activating the two wings will continuously flap 3 times to gather wind element. Frequency: Average. (TL: I’m not sure of a good translation for the seamless attack, basically it means there are no gaps so if you get caught in it you can’t dodge, suggestions welcomed.)

[Frenzied Wind]: Rapidly circling in the air creating a massive wind vortex that engulfs the surrounding 30 meters around it. Can use the wind vortex to fling out all targets within range and can sweep all targets within range right beneath its body. No damage, after being swept 100% chance of falling into at least 5 seconds of [Dazed]. Frequency: Kinda Low.

[Piercing Cry]: Extends its neck and releases a long cry, using the sound of the extremely sharp chirp to stimulate the minds of all targets in a 30 meter radius around it. No damage, 100% chance of all targets to fall into at least 5 seconds of [Confusion]. Frequency: Low.

[Nightmare Whirlwind]: Wind elemental destruction skill, releases all of its wind elemental power, causing all of the wind element within a 50 meter radius of itself to become chaotic, bringing up countless disastrous wind blades cutting all targets within range. There is no space to dodge within the enveloped area. After releasing it dodge ability will drop to 0 for 10 minutes and cannot use wind element power within 30 seconds. Frequency: Immediately activates when HP is lower than 10%, can use once a day.

Weakness: Defense is lower, afraid of lightning attacks, cannot swim.

The stats of the revived Zephyr Bird made Ling Chen heavily swallow his spit. This Zephyr Bird’s level is 5 levels higher than the Greed Giant Toad’s, but its overall strength is many times greater than the Greedy Giant Toad’s. At least, the Greedy Giant Toad may have been strong, but besides its final destruction skill it had a set attack routine and attack spaces. But this Zephyr Bird, its [Cold Wind Fang] is a large area seamless attack. Enveloping the frontal 20 x 10 area with a flap of its wings. To escape this range before it can finish flapping its wings three time is unbelievably difficult… And on this soft bridge it is simply impossible. This is also just its skill listed at number 2, the following skills are even more scarier to the point that people are unable but to tremble in fear.

At the same time, the Zephyr Bird’s description and innate attributes highlighted that its dodge ability is extremely high… As a Lord grade, the Undead Zephyr Bird’s dodge ability already made 7-8 of Ling Chen’s attack hit an average of just once. With the current Celestial Grade, Ling Chen had reason to believe that the hit rate of his attack towards it is 0! But if it was just this then it wouldn’t be completely hopeless because he has the absolute hit skill “Shooting Soaring Cloud”! Under his best state this attack can also heavily damage it, but… This Zephyr Bird also has an innate attribute of automatically recovering 100 HP per second!!

Under the effect of Soul Sacrifice and Fire of Rage, if Shooting Soaring Cloud very luckily triggers critical and pierce, it can deal around 10 thousand damage. Compared to this damage, the damage dealt by Shooting Soaring Cloud not under the effect of Soul Sacrifice is basically negligible. Souls Sacrifice’s cooldown time is 200 seconds… But 200 seconds, is enough for the Zephyr Bird to recover 20 thousand points of HP!

Even under the most idealistic, most perfect condition, all damage dealt towards the Zephyr Bird is simply inferior to its automatic recovery.

After looking at the Zephyr Bird’s complete stats, Ling Chen only used 3 seconds and gained a conclusion: His chances of beating it are… 0!

Following the appearance of the revived Zephyr Bird in the air, the surrounding air-flow all became disorderly. Ling Chen took a very deep breath, his two hands tightly grasped together… Above is a Celestial beast, below is the chasm with the rushing river water. This is the War God’s trial, the trial that once made 6 geniuses lose their lives… The hopeless trial that makes people unable to see any hope!

Xiao Hui quickly ran towards Ling Chen’s side, its head lifting up high and releasing whimpering sounds from its mouth. Clearly, it sensed its masters situation and mood, knowing that against this powerful green bird, its master simply cannot win.


The Zephyr Bird’s silence did not last for too long. It finally let out a long cry, its body slightly retreating and then suddenly charging towards Ling Chen. Where it went its body brought up a mass of rapid violent wind.

Before the Zephyr Bird even reached him that rapid wind made Ling Chen’s face faintly hurt. Following the approach of the Zephyr Bird, the wind also became increasingly stronger. His body could no longer keep control, stumbling backwards and then being directly lifted up by the wind and being uncontrollably blown away… Flying all the way out of the bridges area…


Of course Ling Chen would not have the ability to fly. His body that was blown away could not be controlled, only able to helplessly float away. The Zephyr Bird’s mid-air charge also shot over like a green arrow, ramming straight towards his body… A LV15 Celestial, one-shotting him is simply easy as pie!

This kind of ramming speed, even if his body was under his control it would still be very hard to dodge, not to mention in the air. Ling Chen widened his eyes and then abruptly extended his arm, placing in front the [Celestial Aqua Scale] the guardian of the Hall of Heroic Souls gave him… Even if he cannot win, he is absolutely not willing to easily die under its claws. This Celestial Aqua Scale than can withstand 5 melee attacks is the only thing that can save him right now.


The Zephyr Bird’s body rammed into the Celestial Aqua Scale, yet it released the sound of metal hitting metal. Under the massive force of impact Ling Chen immediately hurtled downwards, but there was no damage number that floated up from his body. And the Zephyr Bird, it was also bounced faraway by the rebound of the Celestial Aqua Scale. For a short period of time it won’t be able to attack Ling Chen a second time.

“Woof!!” Xiao Hui that was still standing on the bridge let out a whimper, watching its master who was falling down the chasm it also jumped down following its master without any fear.

Beside his ears was the sound of the howling wind that passed by him. Ling Chen knows that he is currently falling, falling into the abyss of death. Entering Mystic Moon for only a couple of days, he’d already encountered 2 Celestial beasts. The first Greedy Giant Toad was finally defeated by him after dancing around the edge of death countless times. But this time, against the Zephyr Bird, against its extremely high dodge ability and HP recovery ability, he simply couldn’t find any possibility and hope of defeating it.

This trial, am I going to be like all of the people that entered here before and end in failure?

Maybe that person was right, me choosing this trial really was biting off more than I can chew.

Following his falling down, the sound of rushing water became closer and closer. He difficulty turned his head looking downward, what he saw was the already afoot flowing sleep. (TL: I have no clue what he means by flowing sleep. Could be that the flowing river water will cause him to fall asleep (death) or my raw is wrong.)



Falling down from such a high place, if he had hit the solid ground Ling Chen would certainly have died. But because it was water, even though he still lost over half of his health the instant that he hit the surface, fortunately he did not die. After Ling Chen’s body sank below the water about 10 meters due to inertia, he finally retrieved control over his body. At the first moment he took a yellow potion restoring his HP to max, he then quickly turned around making himself float on the surface of the water. At the same time another “Plop” sound travelled over to his ears. It was Xiao Hui that landed beside him and then swam over with a “Fwoosh”. (TL: Yes, in reality he would have been turned into a pancake, but such is the way of fiction.)

Xiao Hui can freely move in water, its speed is not that slightest bit slower compared to on land.

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