Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 62

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Volume 1 Chapter 62: Hall of Heroic Spirits (I)

The first person in 10000 years?

Towards this reality, Ling Chen was curious but not shocked.

He knows very clearly how powerful his spiritual strength is. That is a level that unlimitedly surpasses regular beings… His spiritual ability was also tempered through countless times of mental torture for an unknown period of time that humans are unable to bear. How can it be compared to and imagined by regular life forms.

His indifference made the 7 class trainers all quite surprised. In their knowledge, hearing that they are the first person in 10000 years regular people should all be jumping with excitement. The warrior trainer continued saying: “Well, looks like you also know that you possess powerful spiritual ability… No, being able to unlock [Soul Sacrifice] your spiritual ability is more than just strong, it’s practically already monstrous to the point that it’s hard to describe. People that don’t know what [Soul Sacrifice] means is one thing, if this matter is discovered by those of power who know of [Soul Sacrifice], they will behave as excited and shocked as us. Forgotten Continent has hundreds of millions of humans, but in all these years humans that have been able to reach Mysterious God level strength are incredibly few. Just like right now, there are only three people on Forgotten Continent that have the power of Mysterious God. And people that have been able to reach Saint Destroyer, throughout all of history there has never been a single person… Although this number has to exclude the ‘Moon God Clan’ those ‘gods’ that have surpassed the level of ‘human’, along with 10000 years ago that ‘Shura’ that made even the heavens and earth tremble.

Shura… They also know of Shura.

Wait… They said that the last person to unlock [Soul Sacrifice] was 10000 years ago. Could it be, that person is…

“And the last person to unlock [Soul Sacrifice], is humanity’s number 1 master from 10000 years ago, ‘Red Flame Sword King’, who is also the Shura that I just mentioned.”

Ling Chen: “…”

“You don’t need to know what Shura means. Because this name should not appear again in the future, you knowing the origin of this name will only pointlessly increase fear. You only need to know that he was Forgotten Continent’s number 1 human master at the time. He was initially a human, but after become a Shura he was no longer a human, because Shura is a level that surpasses humans… A terrifying being that surpasses even the level of ‘gods’ and ‘devils’. This kind of being is not tolerated by the world, once he appears he will suffer heaven’s wrath. His result is also complete annihilation, disappearing without even leaving an ash. And he, is 10000 years ago that person who unlocked [Soul Sacrifice]. Me telling you this stuff is to let you know that the reason humans are unable to reach Saint Destroyer, and even have an incredibly hard time reaching Mysterious God, is not because the lifespan of humans is too short and are unable to climb to the top, but because the limit of the spiritual strength that humans possess makes humans unable to break through to the limit that their spirits can bear. The bodies and intrinsic of the Moon God clan are exactly the same as humans, but the reason they they are ‘gods’ is simply because they have one thing different from humans. That is that they are gifted with massive spiritual force! Under massive  spiritual force, the speed that their strength increases and the limits that they can reach cannot be matched by humans. And you… that you can unlock [Soul Sacrifice] proves that you are like Red Flame Sword King, a terrifying anomaly amongst humans. The limit that you can reach will surpass the area of normal humans. In other words, if you are willing to work hard, one day you might be able to reach a height that surpasses Mysterious God!!”

The other class trainers all followed nodding their heads. This is also why they were so worked up wanting Ling Chen to change to the class that they possess, even not hesitating to go against the rules, using any means possible. Everything was like how the warrior trainer said, if he works hard enough and then has enough good luck, he might be able to become the first person to reach Saint Destroyer besides Red Flame Sword King that descended into the “Shura’s path”! Just thinking that this kind of person is the class that they belong to and that it was also them that personally changed his class, this is undoubtedly an unbelievable honour.

“Wait a sec, old man warrior, you saying all this crap, are you thinking…”

The warrior trainer’s eyes flashed, gradually saying: “You old fools were only busy fighting over this genius, have you guys forgotten… a person possessing such terrifying talent yet changing into a regular class, isn’t that too much injustice towards his talent!”

The other 6 class trainers were all instantly silent, and then all revealing an ashamed expression: “Okay, you’re right, we were too worked up, it’s virtually a waste if he changes to a regular class.”

The warrior trainer nodded his head, his eyes staring straight at Ling Chen whose expression was a bit stunned, saying: “After a bit, come with me to a place… a place call The Hall of Heroic Spirits.”

“Like I thought, there is indeed no one else that is more qualified than him to enter The Hall of Heroic Souls.” The shield guard trainer followed saying.

Hall of Heroic Souls? Newly arriving at Azure Dragon City Ling Chen naturally would not know what kind of place this is. But, from the conversation of these class trainers he understood… These 7 class trainers no longer planned to change his class to one of the 7 main professions. Instead they want him to change to a — Hidden profession!!

Hidden professions, these are touched upon in every virtual game world, at the same time it is also what all players dream of. The reason the hidden professions are called hidden, is because this type of class is listed outside of the 7 main classes. Nobody knows where these classes are or how to change to them. Hidden classes are not necessarily stronger than regular classes, but they all have their own special features and are all very rare. To change to a hidden profession requires enough luck and opportunity, of course you also need powerful strength. Usually hidden professions are all gained through some hidden quests of hell-like difficulty. Those few hidden classes hidden within the virtual game world are practically the dreams of all players that they desperately search for… But in previous virtual game worlds, there are only those handful of people out of China’s hundreds of millions of players that could change to a hidden profession. And these people are either the Heaven Ranking and Earth Ranking experts with powerful strength, or big shots in powerful guilds with vast resources.

And right now, these class trainers clearly want to change his profession to a hidden profession different from the 7 main regular classes!

Saying that he wasn’t excited would be a lie… In previous virtual game worlds, Ling Chen also tried to search for those legendary hidden classes but always ended up empty-handed. If hidden classes were so easy to find how could they deserve to be called hidden classes. The value of hidden professions is not just because of their huge potential, but even more because they are incredibly rare.

“What kind of place is The Hall of Heroic Souls?” Ling Chen asked.

“1900 years ago, a peerless master appeared on Forgotten Continent, he is the human whose strength has been recognized to be the closest to Saint Destroyer in human history (PS: Shura is automatically excluded out of humans). He was called ‘War God’ by the people at that time, he was obsessed with martial arts and loved to fight, he travelled throughout the entire world never meeting a worthy opponent. Even right now, as long as they are a martial artist nobody does not know the name of ‘War God’. And after him there has also been not been another person qualified to be crowned with the name ‘War God’. But even if he is War God, he also has the time where his lifespan ends. 1000 years ago, his life was about to end, but he was unwilling for his power to disappear with his body. And so he built “The Hall of Heroic Souls’ in his hometown Azure Dragon City and left his power within it. If someone is able to pass the trials that he left behind, that person will be able to obtain the recognition of the power that he left behind, thus obtaining the inheritance of  ‘War God’. After ‘War God’’s death, the name of “The Hall of Heroic Spirits’ also travelled across the world. From then on,, many peerless masters followed ‘War God’’s steps when their lives were about to end, leaving their last remnants of power within The Hall of Heroic Spirits. Whoever is able to pass their trials will be able to obtain the inheritance of the respective power, thereby changing to the respective powerful profession.”

The assassin trainer picked up from the warrior trainer saying: “The Hall of Heroic Souls can be said to be Azure Dragon City’s most sacred place. There is not a single martial artist on Forgotten Continent that does not know its name. Every year there are an innumerable number of martial artists wanting to enter The Hall of Heroic Souls longing to attain the inheritance of the masters’ power. But, The Hall of Heroic Souls is not a place that you can enter just because you want to. To enter The Hall of Heroic Souls you need to satisfy at least 3 conditions — One, you must not have a sinful heart, this is a must: Two, your level has to be lower than LV15. Because if your level is too high and the strength of your own class matures, even if you are recognized after adding the new profession its strength will be weakened due to the rejection of the initial class: Number three, you need to have high enough talent, or else even if you entered it would be a pure waste of time. In addition, according to the rules of The Hall of Heroic Spirits, one person only has one chance in their lifetime to accept The Hall of Heroic Spirits’ trials. After one chance, regardless if you succeed or not you will not be allowed to enter again. Do you understand?”

Ling Chen nodded his head.

Listening to these trainers, within that “Hall of Heroic Spirits” there are many inheritances of strength left behind by peerless masters of their time. In other words, inside there are many powers that can help people to change to a hidden profession… That is to say, there are many hidden professions within!!

If this place is discovered by other players, they’ll all charge over like crazy.

Seemingly seeing through Ling Chen’s thoughts, the warrior trainer said: “The Hall of Heroic Spirits is a sacred place, it is absolutely not a place that a person can enter because they want to. It’s not that you otherworld humans have not been given the qualification to enter, it’s just that the only way to enter is to have extremely high talent and be chosen by us, thereby being brought into the Hall of Heroic Souls. Allegedly, there will be a couple hundred million of you guys entering Forgotten Continent, but I believe that those that will have the qualifications to enter will not surpass 1 in 50 million. In other words, even if you guys all arrive, people that will have the qualifications to be recognized by us and enter within will not surpass 10 people. You need to know, the power level of Forgotten Continent’s humans greatly surpasses you players. But in the 1000 years after the Hall of Heroic Souls was established, there have only been a total of 9 people that have obtained one of the inheritances within. In other words it averages every 100 years for just one person to succeed, and these 9 people later all became masters whose names shook the world.”

“Explaining this much you should also understand now. Right now let me take you to the Hall of Heroic Souls. Not speaking of [Soul Sacrifice], being the first to arrive here amongst hundreds of millions of players, with just this one point you have the qualifications to enter the Hall of Heroic Souls, follow me.”

Finishing speaking, the warrior trainer did not delay anymore, beckoning towards Ling Chen and then moving his feet walking towards the direction of the hall entrance. Theoretically there will not be players coming to change class in these two days, so he didn’t need to worry about the problem of “leaving his post”.

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