Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 60

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Volume 1 Chapter 60: The Shocked Class Trainers

Due to the massive number of players in the China region, Azure Dragon City’s class change hall is also particularly big. And at this time, this massive class change hall is extremely empty, deserted to the point that it’s a little unbearable to look at. A space as big as several soccer/football fields  only has that small handful of people… Ling Chen scanned the place with his eyes, in total there are 7 people… Just right the 7 class trainers corresponding to the 7 classes — warrior, shield guard, archer, elementalist, priest, assassin and summoner.

Closest to the hall entrance is the warrior class trainer, his age looks around 40-50 and his appearance does have a bit of a mentor’s look. When Ling Chen walked over he was in the middle of lying crookedly on the chair, in a listless, half-dead state. The corners of his lips… If there were no problems with Ling Chen’s eyes, seemed to be hanging a pile of saliva! His mouth is even quietly muttering: “Sigh, according to my incomplete calculations, those humans from another world need at least two more days to get here, allegedly the chicks from that world are each one more prettier than the other, their bodies are especially…  Hehe, at that time how should I use my status to tease with them… Although how can I spend these two boring days…”

Ling Chen: “…” (The hell!)

“Cough cough, hello teacher.” Ling Chen was unable to help but to speak out and interrupt this middle aged uncle’s fantasizing.

The half-asleep state warrior trainer only discovered that someone was already standing in front of him when Ling Chen spoke. He widened his eyes and then jumped up from the seat like his butt had been pricked by needles, his perverted expression immediately becoming solemn and serious. He used a lightning fast speed to wipe away the saliva at his lips, adjusting his expression and saying with an amiable face: “Hello young man, this is the class change hall for otherworld humans, non-alternate world humans are not suitable to be here… Hm? Wait a sec, isn’t this place restricted so that only alternate world humans can enter… Could it be… Holy shit, you are an alternate world human… also a so called ‘player’!?”

“Yes.” When Ling Chen responded the muscles on his face twitching. Is this a class trainer or an oscar actor, the speed and quality of his expression change is practically over god level. Although, he is a trainer, an expression of disdain can definitely not be shown. Good NPCs cannot be displeased.

A series of ripples appeared in the warrior trainer’s heart… Holy crap! There’s already a player arriving here so quickly! Arriving here two days earlier than we predicted! Those couple of old guys are right, in an alternate world with billions of people, how can there not be some anomalies… aka the so called geniuses! This person should be the first person to arrive here, the first amongst billions of people… If he isn’t a genius then who is! The first person to reach here came to me, he clearly wants to become a warrior! Oh man my little heart, how much face will I have when I tell people. Those old guy’s will probably be so jealous of me.

“Cough cough!” The warrior trainer slowly nodded his head towards Ling Chen, his face very serious: “Hello hero from another world, welcome to Azure Dragon City, may the Moon God bless you. You are the first player to arrive here, being able to arrive here so quickly really made me surprised. Looks like you must be a hero with incredibly high talent. Looking at your attire, right now you should be an apprentice warrior, right?”

“Yes.” Ling Chen briefly replied saying. Isn’t this bullshit, if I wasn’t an apprentice warrior why would I come to find you!

“Very good.” The warrior trainer continued to nod his head seriously: “Warriors are the most powerful profession on Forgotten continent, we warriors have the strongest close combat ability and relatively strong defense ability. On the battlefield, we are always the brave ones charging at the very front. Without us warriors, even the largest parties would be lackluster. Being able to be the first one to arrive here proves that you have strong talent and strength. Picking the warrior class also proves that you have good eyesight…

Ling Chen: “…” (The f*ck…)

“I can help you to become a true warrior. The elementary warrior class does not have any branches, they can freely use sabers, swords, spears, axes, halberds and other weapons of the sort. These weapons can all freely use all of the skills of elementary warriors. But I recommend you to pick one of the weapons to continue developing, because after the second class change of warriors different branches will appear based on the weapon used, so only becoming proficient with one type of weapon is the best choice and can also save large amounts of SP. Then, of the warrior’s weapons, sword/saber type weapons have the most balanced stats, spear/halberd type weapons have a large attack area, their attack strength is high but attack speed is low, axe/mace type weapons have the strongest attack and can also stun when attacking but after the use of a skill a longer opening will be revealed. So you have to think clearly about what weapon to pick. Then, do you want to become a true warrior right now?”

After finishing speaking the warrior trainer stared at Ling Chen with a solemn face, as if afraid that Ling Chen wouldn’t agree he also immediately added a line: “Because you are the first apprentice warrior to come here, after becoming an official warrior all the skills that you learn from me can all be free. I can also help you upgrade the proficiency skill of the weapon you pick to LV2.”

There’s even incentives! This for Ling Chen of course couldn’t be better, he nodded his head saying: “Thank you teacher, please make me a true warrior.”

“Very good.” The warrior trainer nodded his head in satisfaction: “May the Moon God bless you, you are about to become a mighty warrior. Then allow me to first see your trainee skills. If when you have any skills that can reach max level, your corresponding official warrior skill will directly upgrade to LV2. Come, show me your skills.”

When any trainee skill is able to reach max level, the corresponding official warrior skill will directly upgrade to LV2? Ling Chen Chen first paused for a moment and then immediately understood… Right now he has 3 trainee skills. Single target [Full Power Strike], AOE [Crescent Slash], and a buff skill that increases attack strength [Fire of Rage]. In other words, whichever of these 3 skills is able to reach max level, the corresponding single target, aoe and buff skill of the official class will directly reach LV2!

Without hesitating Ling Chen immediately called out his skill page and displayed all of the skills in front of the warrior trainer.

The warrior trainer’s gaze fell upon Ling Chen’s skill page. Just taking a glance his face already revealed an expression of shock: “You actually unlocked Fire of Rage’s skill… This only unlocks after the apprentice warrior’s two basic skills both reach max level, not bad not bad, you truly are a genius… Wait!! You you you you you… Your Fire of Rage is actually already max level too!!”

“All of your trainee skills are actually max level!!” The warrior trainer’s eyes widened, his gaze returned to Ling Chen’s face with a “Fwoosh”, his expression excited and thrilled like seeing a naked beauty: “Genius… Genius!! You alternate world humans have only arrived at this world for not even 5 days… Not even 5 day’s time. Not only have you unlocked Fire of Rage, all of your trainee skill’s actually all reached max level! Young hero… You can be said to be the most amazing genius that I have ever seen. I believe that in the future you will become a great warrior! I… I’ve decided, after you change classes I will use all of my strength to directly upgrade all of your official warrior skills yo LV3. You are a true genius, maybe in the future you will be the pride of Forgotten continent’s warriors! You have the qualifications to gain this kind of honor!!”

Ling Chen: “…”

After being excited, the warrior trainer returned his gaze back to Ling Chen’s skill page, confirming again that the trainee skills that he saw had all reached max level. When he accidently continued looking downwards, his entire body suddenly shook, his body leaning forward, his eyes nearly popping out.

“H…Heaven Wind Technique… Item Manipulation Technique… Th th th th th this…” The dignified image that the warrior trainer originally held up completely disappeared, swallowing a mouthful of saliva and even starting to stammer while speaking: “Aren’t these… ancient battle techniques that are said to have disappeared 10000 years ago!!!”

The warrior trainer blankly stared at the two ancient battle techniques that only existed in legends and were only known by very few people, unable to believe in his eyes. After the names are effect descriptions, this is not just having the same names, their effects are also the exact same as in the legends! Only after a long time did he return to his senses, shifting his gaze in shock and wanting to ask Ling Chen where he gained these two ancient battle techniques. But when he turned his head, his gaze once again accidently fell upon Ling Chen’s final skill [Soul Sacrifice].

Instantly the entire body of this middle aged uncle trembled as if being stuck by lightning, completely freezing there. The expression on his face was exaggerated to the point that it could not be described, that wide open mouth made Ling Chen believe that shoving in a buck-toothed rabbit wasn’t even a problem.

“That, mister teacher, is there a problem?” The warrior trainer maintained his dumbfounded action for a whole 5 seconds and still did not return to his senses, like he had suddenly been petrified. Ling Chen was forced to speak out, tentatively asking.

Under Ling Chen’s voice the warrior trainer’s entire body shook, only then returning to his senses. His eyes continuously looked at [Soul Sacrifice], verifying again and again that there was not a problem with his eyes, and then abruptly turning around yelling out loud: “You bunch of old dogs… Hurry up and get over her, get over here immediately!!”

The other 6 class trainers who were originally also idling about and half-asleep all had the daylights scared out of them from this thunderous roar, two of them even fell from their chairs.

“Damn you, did you get raped or what!”

“F*ck! Shut up! I was in the middle of dating a pretty chick in my dream, she was scared away by your voice!”

“What the hell are you yelling about! If it’s not something that I’m interested in, I’m going to rip you apart!!”

Six similarly aged older people walked over cursing, that line up and image made Ling Chen not know what to think — Is this exactly a group of class trainers or a group of street thugs.

The warrior trainer did not speak, extending his hand and pointing at [Soul Sacrifice] on Ling Chen’s skill page, the gaze of the six class trainers simultaneously fell upon it.

Immediately, the world fell silent.

Ling Chen looked at the 6 pairs of eyes and mouths that had opened wide in an instant, if their heights were lower their jaws would be able to directly hit the ground.

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